Saturday, June 3, 2017

Uncomfortable Truth-Telling in "Tet Take Two" - the Left singularity approacheth - PZ's commentary

*Note:  This is a repost of an article published in 2016.

*WARNING* ~ The following commentary of Matt Bracken's predictive essay is penned by StopShouting Blog contributor Partyzantzki, retired Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and USMC field grade Intelligence Officer (0202).  The commentary contains graphic images that may be disturbing to many people, and is NOT suitable for viewing by children~

Note from the Editor, YTZ4Mee: This is a long (3000 word) essay and well notated and deeply researched. Grab a cup of coffee and bookmark this page if needed. Please take the time to read it thoroughly and carefully, including the embedded links to more information.  Think hard about what is being communicated to you.  Read Matt Bracken's essay and John Robb's excellent work in addition to PZ's analysis and comments. If you find the information valuable - even if frightening - PLEASE pass along and share.  Normally, I would break this essay into three installments, but it should be apparent to all that the Islamists are emboldened and stepping up their game and I felt the urgency to publish in full, now.  Time is running out.  Share, Educate and Act.  Thank you!

Uncomfortable Truth-Telling in "Tet Take Two" 
The Left singularity approacheth

Having good cause to re-read this excellent essay after an excellent lunch, I would like to take the opportunity to do all that I can to urge Readers across the land and Europa to READ IT,  and read all of it.  Get your friends to read it.

Why?  The odds of not insignificant portions of this going live this year are likely.

NYE 2016 Cologne, Germany... "someone" was doing the mass raping...

Friday, June 2, 2017

4th Gen Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite: Understanding What it means for YOU Part I of III

4th Generation Warfare and the reluctant Suburbanite
What it means for you and yours
A Three Part Series - Part I of III
By Partyzantski 
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By this point in time, readers of blogs and posts like this can be assumed to have a degree of familiarity with at least the term “4th Generation War” (hereafter denoted “4GW”). Readers with no military experience, freeze dried Lance Corporals (hello, 4th Marine Division ... there, I said it. If the dunce cap fits, wear it) and all degrees in between should take heed and understand this. It is not theoretical, it is not merely something in a term paper or academic article. 4GW is here, it is local, and it impacts YOU. And your family.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Team Skiff" Sunday Read: Review of the Final Report on Combat Terrorists and Foreign Fighter Travel Task Force

Repost - In light of the attack at OSU today, people should be mindful that the Obama Administration has been well aware of the danger that the Somali muslim resettled population poses to Americans and has consistently lied about it.
We appreciate feedback, questions and concerns from our Readers.  The following article is in response to questions posed to us by Readers wondering if the recent government report had any actionable recommendations. More detailed information is provided by the embedded links 

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A Team Skiff Executive Summary:

Final Report of the Task Force on 
Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel, Sept 2015
US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee

Readers should consider reading it themselves so that there is no ambiguity in what is said by whom. The document may be downloaded for your convenience at

As this document is 66 pages long, it may take some time to discover the lines of argument and the data on which this was based. For your convenience, the Committee provided a summary and a pocket card (!) of the document. That a committee report can be distilled down to a pocket card is rather a new one on me, but this method ensures that harried folks will just cut to the designated chase conclusions and mouth the talking points without much critical thought.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Revenge of the Teabaggers

The February 16th, 2017 impromptu press conference hosted by President Donald Trump was an epic for the history books recitation of populist politicians.

The immediate howls of outrage from the corporate press was entertaining to the many who had long grown tired of themselves being bashed by the press.

Let's have a brief recap on whether or not the corporate media does in fact peddle "fakes news", or even "very fake news" and whether or not the corporate media deserves the self-appointed honorific of "prestigious" media.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SHTF Tuesday Self-Education Series Book Review: From the Library: The Last Hundred Yards

This book review is for Americans interested in the tactical operations of small units.  The scope of this work, while mostly geared for Platoon sized elements, encompasses techniques that span from individual skills to concepts that are best employed at the Battalion or Regiment (or whatever your affiliated branch or persuasion's equivalent is).

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trojan Horse Politics and Bitter Clingers

We urge you to download and save this video if you have the capability to do so and to share it with anyone you care about. The reason many people don't know about what is really happening in Europe is that videos like this are censored, taken down from social sharing media, and there has been a deliberate media blackout about the reality of life on the ground for the native born population of Europe.  Those who speak out are threatened and "anti-blasphemy" laws are being codified into law, which makes it a crime to criticize Islam or the prophet Mohammed.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Enemies Within

A video by long time activist Trevor Loudon about the domestic enemies targeting the Trump Administration with the goal of subverting the will of the majority of American people, the American way of life and individual liberty to be replaced by collectivist tyranny and socialism (with them in charge, of course).

h/t Western Rifle Shooters and Matt Bracken.

Knowledge is Power. Understand that the push back and subversion from these groups will only escalate in the days ahead, because Obama and the cabal that surrounded him were fellow travelers and like-minded activists and ideologues.

Push back twice as hard.  Capitulation is not an option.

A special thank-you to all our recent donors.  Even though we've had to step away from posting for a bit, you continued support and kind words of encouragement are deeply appreciated.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Schoolhouse: Understanding Islam and Why it is a threat to Western Civilization

Islam is an ideology that has spread virulently throughout the world because it uses deception to gain a foothold in non-islamic countries.  Once Islam reach a tipping point in numbers, they employ threats, escalating to actual violence and then total oppression to maintain their power, control and dominance.

Islam was invented and then spread by Mohammed, who was initially welcomed as a "Refugee" in the city of Medina, who then turned on his host community.

This video interview of Usama Dakdok is a great primer for those who remain naive about the true nature of Islam and the long-term goals.  Our military FAO's who have studied Islamic culture, the Koran and hadiths have told us the exact.same.thing.

The time to wake up is past.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Book Reviews - An Ongoing List of Previously Published SHTF Self-Education Reviews

Ongoing list, with Amazon purchase links, of Tuesday Book Reviews by Partyzantski previously published:

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5 stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition: A Two Front Assault on America

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter turmoil, a repost seems appropriate.
Originally published June 21, 2016.

PZ Comments: The history of urban guerrilla conflict informs understanding of contemporary American political discourse and protest, which is exclusively done in urban areas as seen on your nightly news.  Our founder and intrepid staff writer/researcher YTZ unearthed a RAND report by terrorism and security expert Brian Michael Jenkins from the dusty recesses of 1971 to highlight elements of this dynamic.