Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prepper Roundup: A Review of Posts of Interest to those Getting Ready For "Whatever"

We will be out of pocket today, so here is a reprise of some of our most recent posts that would be of interest to those in the Prepping Community:

Home Defense - A different view: Pest Control
Outlining how pest control management and planning is a significant consideration for SHTF prepping with respect to health.  Especially timely given the recent concerns over the Zika virus invading the southern US this year.

Creative Home Security Ideas
Suggestions to start you off on a journey of creatively repurposing things easily found at your local big box store or online to passively up your home security defenses. 

Starting a SHTF Prepping Garden? A Guide to Hidden Dangers
Starting a garden and learning what to grow in your soil and geographic conditions is an important skill that takes time and patience.  The time to learn is "now", before it becomes necessary!  This introductory post talks about some of the health hazards that most people don't consider when planning their SHTF garden. 

Doomsday ... or something else?
Reminder from a military officer on "Lessons Learned" in places where the SHTF, on the benefits of remaining low-key.  Some good suggestions on stealth vehicle plus-ups.

SHTF Book Review -- A book to avoid
An honest critique of a popular SHTF e-book, and an explanation of why some of the "advice" isn't good advice at all.

As always, we appreciate your visit and support.  Buying any of the books we have reviewed or completing other shopping through our Amazon portal is greatly appreciated and helps us continue our mission to educate and inform.

Have a wonderful weekend!  We'll be back tomorrow with a longer Team Skiff read.

Friday, February 5, 2016

An introduction to Steganography

Answers to Reader Questions: Steganography
"Can you explain steganography in an way that makes sense to someone who doesn't understand cryptography?" 

Well, we'll do our best!

Steganography is one "old school" method of transmitting messages. It means “hidden writing”. Steganography in the digital age involves hiding a message within the data of a picture or other file. Consider if you will the 256 color palette (for simplicity's sake). If each pixel is definable as one of those colors, one can alter the color of individual pixels to “write” a message. The intended reader needs a means then of comparing an incoming picture (for sake of argument, let's say of a cat) to an original. The difference is the message.

"Are You?" ... A Message from the daughters of LaVoy Finicum

h/t WSRA Blog.

~ A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR NEW READERS & SUPPORTERS !! ~ In One Month, We've Hit A 250,000 Milestone !


THANK YOU .... after dusting off the cobwebs, kicking the tires, and awakening the Blog from "sleep mode" in one month, thanks to your support and sharing, we've hit 250,000 new viewers!!  

What a great way to start the New Year !! 

Uncomfortable Truth-Telling in "Tet Take Two" - the Left singularity approacheth - PZ's commentary

*WARNING* ~The following commentary is penned by StopShouting Blog contributor, Partyzantzki, retired Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and USMC field grade Intelligence Officer (0202).  The commentary contains graphic images that may be disturbing to many people, and is NOT suitable for viewing by children~

Note from the Editor, YTZ4Mee: This is a long (3000 word) essay and well notated and deeply researched. Grab a cup of coffee and bookmark this page if needed. Please take the time to read it thoroughly and carefully, including the embedded links to more information.  Think hard about what is being communicated to you.  Read Matt Bracken's essay and John Robb's excellent work in addition to PZ's analysis and comments. If you find the information valuable - even if frightening - PLEASE pass along and share.  Normally, I would break this essay into three installments, but it should be apparent to all that the Islamists are emboldened and stepping up their game and I felt the urgency to publish in full, now.  Time is running out.  Share, Educate and Act.  Thank you!

Uncomfortable Truth-Telling in "Tet Take Two" 
The Left singularity approacheth

Having good cause to re-read this excellent essay after an excellent lunch, I would like to take the opportunity to do all that I can to urge Readers across the land and Europa to READ IT,  and read all of it.  Get your friends to read it.

Why?  The odds of not insignificant portions of this going live this year are likely.

NYE 2016 Cologne, Germany... "someone" was doing the mass raping...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

If You Plan to face Tomorrow .... Do It Soon

Demographics, Oil, Competition for scarce resources and an Unwelcome Surprise for the Developed World?

Demographics is an interesting discipline.  This article with animation shows what the world will gradually look like through 2060.

While most of us grew up in a world where China and India were the massive hordes, take a look at Nigeria in the animated graph.  It is fairly exploding in humanity.  This begs the question of how will Nigeria take care of them all?  That is an interesting question indeed.

Nigeria is a Yugoslavia in the waiting.  Understanding that linguistic groups are an analogue for tribe, the fault lines are clearly drawn.  This is not helped by a north/south division between Islamists and Christians, another layer to this horrific mess.

Paris evicts Roma from slums along railway right of ways

Tensions increased in Paris between socialists who support the squatters and demand full rights, citizenship and privileges for those who live in the camps, and the French Railway corporation, SNCF, which secured another order from the French courts allowing it to dismantle slums which had become public health and safety risks.

Ethnic Muslim seeks to normalize rape culture in USA - Organizing Rape-Planning Meetups

RooshV - WannaBe Rape King

Daryush Valizadeh, aka "RooshV", an American of Iranian ethnicity and founder of the notorious "neomasculine pickup" site (for losers)
has organized a series of "meetups" around the country, where men can discuss how to organize to make rape on "private property" legal.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library: Phantom Soldier- The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower

For those of you who have been with us a while, you will recognize the theme of 4th Generation Warfare as a common refrain.  What I have for you today is a look at H. John Poole's work, "Phantom Soldier- The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower".  It is published by Posterity Press and is copyright 2001.  I am reviewing a first printing of the work here.