Thursday, June 23, 2016

Repost: WARNING: The "No BUY" List travels a well trodden road to Tyranny

Repost of original article published Dec 12, 2015 as the Democrats are holding their "No Bill No Break" occupation of Congress to demand a "No Fly No Buy" List as the first stage to complete gun control
- The following is provided by a Guest Columnist -

The Governor of Connecticut has stolen a march on the coming White House "Executive Actions" regarding firearms.

In a news conference announcing his intent to enact a state wide  "gun ban" for anyone on the secretive and inaccurate federal  "No Fly List", in effect creating a parallel unvetted state "No Buy List", Conneticut Governor Malloy appeared to be seeking to politically get ahead of "proposed" White House Executive Action in a similar fashion to his crass exploitation of the Newtown shooting which allowed him to justify his prior but incomplete gun control efforts.

Trench Warfare, circa 1915: How everything old could be renewed again

This post is made to specifically refer you to another site where I think you will find your tastes for the obscure, the rare, the fascinating and intricate sated at  The host and blogger at that fascinating site posted something that may very well come back into vogue - Trench Warfare.

This is merely the cover - go HERE for the real story and the 60 pages of meticulous notes

THROWBACK THURSDAY ~ SHTF Self-Education Series - From the Library: "Special Forces - Guerrilla Warfare Manual"

THROWBACK THURSDAY:  This was the first book review published in December, 2015.  

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Here at, you have come to expect writing on some difficult topics and some professional insights that you might not otherwise find elsewhere.  In response to Reader requests, we will start to review and summarize some of the literature from our own library that may offer some guidance to the average citizen.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Reviews - An Ongoing List of Previously Published SHTF Self-Education Reviews

Ongoing list, with Amazon purchase links, of Tuesday Book Reviews by Partyzantski previously published:

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"Swedish Problem" is Here: Media Lies by Omission: Muslims Gang Rape 39 year old woman in upscale DC exurb; crickets in major media

Note to Readers:  This post was originally published in December 2015. It is reposted today in response to the news that the media has covered up the alleged sexual assault of a 5 year old girl in Idaho by minor age Middle Eastern/African migrants.

The Swedish problem is here.

The following story unfortunately is a sad and growing problem across the Western world, one that is going to be replicated in every town and city across the US unless citizens begin to vocally, forcefully and equivocally say NO.

The Swedish Rape Epidemic is being imported to America

Security Rules for your Home: The Citizen's Guide

It is clear from the news and casual observation that the American population is under siege from a variety of 2 legged pathogens.  Criminality is rising to levels not seen in decades as the social rot and decay of a faltering post-industrial, post-hegemony America comes to collect the bill.

Wednesday Shared Wisdom: Matt Bracken & Thomas Chittum outline Civil War Two

Matt Bracken, published author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic series,
published an essay back in 2010 detailing the "CW2 Cube - mapping the meta terrain" with a visual model to understanding the fault lines of civil unrest.

You can read Bracken's essay, originally published at Western Rifle Shooters Association HERE.

Matt has recently been interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show outlining some of his predictions about the potential upcoming civil unrest.

Another prescient view of a potential internal American Civil War was published by Thomas Chittum in 1997. Resident co-blogger and cynicat Partyzantski reviewed Civil War Two and chimed in with his contemporary observations.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: Tuesday Book Review from the Library - "Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics"

What I have for you today dear Readers is a most unusual and irreverent book by Geoff Demarest. It is not a novel, it is not “entertrainment” in the Max Velocity way, it is not a traditional academic paper or policy paper... it is sui generis.

It is about 520-ish pages comprised of 144 individual sections, all focused upon some aspect of insurgency, what insurgents do and what anti insurgent forces should consider. It is not a book that is written to be devoured at one sitting, it is a non stop buffet of thought provoking discussion

Amazon Purchase Link To: Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics

5 stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition: A Two Front Assault on America

PZ Comments: The history of urban guerrilla conflict informs understanding of contemporary American political discourse and protest, which is exclusively done in urban areas as seen on your nightly news.  Our founder and intrepid staff writer/researcher YTZ unearthed a RAND report by terrorism and security expert Brian Michael Jenkins from the dusty recesses of 1971 to highlight elements of this dynamic.