Thursday, September 18, 2008

The culture of mean

From all outward appearances, Barack Obama has had a charmed life, as has his wife, Michelle.
By her own accounts, Michelle grew up in a loving, secure home. Her brother is a well-regarded basketball coach for a university team (no small accomplishment, and to be successful, one must be a "team player"). Michelle graduated from two Ivy League schools, and has secured the American dream....a job that pays well above the norms, even in her chosen field; a stable and loving marriage (by her assertions); a mansion in the "right" neighborhood; two beautiful children who attend the "right" tony private school; and ample comfort, including a local designer to prepare her wardrobe.

So why is Michelle Obama so angry and jealous? What does she not have that would cause these outbursts on the campaign trail?

For Michelle, the sky is always falling. Disaster waits around every corner. America is a failure and a racist country. The Obamas deserve more. The Obamas deserve the White House. Not because of their accomplishments, their verifiable record of service for the betterment of their communities, but because, "it's time".

Well, we'll see if the majority of voters buy into their divide-and-conquer, doom-and-gloom pitch. I hope not.

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Belle Hertanez said...

She's jealous because the media doesn't talk about her hair as much as Sarah Palin's. Tee Hee Hee.