Friday, July 8, 2011

The Time of Choosing is Here

As the long hot summer of tornadoes and floods marches on without acknowledgement, let alone an effective or timely response from the Obama Administration, weary Americans continue to be battered and buffeted by the turbulence created not only by Mother Nature, but from the policies and lack of real leadership from those in residence at 1600.

Instead of confronting head-on the challenges of governance, the crew of "czars and change agents" chooses to continually punt, deflect and as a last resort, demonize anyone who attempts to bring forth solutions to the very real problems facing our Nation that are pragmatic and courageous.

Not reporting on problems does not make them go away.
Not addressing problems does not make them go away.
Hurling ad hominem slurs at anyone who points this out does not make them go away.

The problems are still there, and the issues are increasing in intensity. The longer we wait, the more painful the proscription for relief.

Obama does like his "driving" analogies, doesn't he?

Rather than recognize that the road to socialized Big Government always leads to no other destination but a dark valley of idled machinery, crushed and trampled innovation, and a school system that values indoctrination and obeisance to the "party line" over developing the skills of creativity and critical thinking, Obama chooses to not slow down, let alone brake or turn the car around. Full speed ahead! Constitution and liberty be damned! Marx and Mao weren't "wrong", they were just "misunderstood" seems to be the prevalant thinking of the Obama team.

Contrary to the assertions of the Obama stenographers, true unemployment isn't "surprisingly" hovering around 9 %, it really is around 22% on average, if you include those who have given up looking for work and/or have exhausted their unemployment benefits and can not find any meaningful work to speak of.

Likewise, families all across America reject the pronouncements from the press pool, because they can see for themselves the impact of stagflation - rising prices coupled with depressed wages in a stalled private sector - with each trip to the grocery store. The Obama Administration thinks itself clever by removing energy costs from the "consumer market basket" to hide the reality, but each trip to the grocery store still buys less, and filling up the tank is now double what it was on Inauguration Day. No amount of massaged statistics or "spin" can hide those truths.

John Williams does a very good job of analyzing and reporting on what's really happening:


Refute what the Beltway Bandits have to say - the Republicans do have a strong bench with the Nov 2010 addition of Tea Party favorites in Washington, which is why the corporate media is quick to criticize and dissemble, rather than address the substance of their proposals.

Paul Ryan came to Blair House last summer armed with a cogent analysis of the health care crisis, and a pathway to strengthening access to health care choices. Such "grunt work" is not "sexy" nor is it ever really appreciated. Did the Obama team genuinely "consult" and "listen"? No - they dismissed their Republican colleagues in the minority with a haughty,

"I Won".

Allen West has not been shy about pointing out the fallacies of our engagement in the Middle East and central Asia. He should know - having experienced first hand the full impact of dithering and mixed signals as the "pointy tip of the spear" in Iraq. The Democratic response? Thoughtful discussion? Considered respect? No - they unleash their attack dogs from the fringes of polite society to mock him as an "Uncle Tom".

Sarah Palin, although no longer a sitting Governor nor a declared candidate - accurately articulates that the federal energy policy is inextricably linked with national security. Rather than put the needs of the Nation first, Obama inexplicably releases oil from the Strategic Reserves - in an effort to temporarily goose his flagging popularity - a decision that is not only thoughtless, it is reckless.

Freshly arrived Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte have not just sounded the alarm about spending and the debt ceiling, they are trying to hold the Democrats accountable for refusing to even propose a budget - for months on end - and continually punting and delaying with "Continuing Resolutions" which do nothing but idle the engine of the economy because of the uncertainty it engenders. The Democrats' refusal to table a budget is a most serious abdication of responsibility if there ever was one - but the media remains silent and provides cover for their cowardice.

Into this maelstrom steps the newest candidate for the Republican nomination - the winner of which will challenge Obama in the 2012 election - Representative Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan.

Some people would question why a sitting Congressman would willingly subject his family to the venom and bile from the Left any serious candidate and threat to the Obama mythology can expect, when he could just as easily remain comfortably cruising along advocating for his constitutents and doing what he does best - parsing complex problems and formulating realistic and achievable solutions.

Those who are fortunate enough to know Thaddeus McCotter will you tell you it's because he could no longer sit on the sidelines and be silent watching people lose hope and faith as their pleas to their government go unanswered; as our international alliances become more frayed, and Israel is left vulnerable and undefended; and as this Administration continues its apology tour and prostrates itself before China and Saudia Arabia.

Another blogger pointed out that "Thaddeus" means "heart" in Aramaic. That, I concur, is an appropriate name for the low-key but brainy scholar-philosopher from Detroit. "Thaddeus" does have heart - a heart filled with genuine caring for the plight of working Americans, but also the "heart" to run the distance in this bruising marathon to hold not only Obama, but other milquetoast RINOs to account as well.

Thaddeus Means "Heart"

McCotter 2012

McCotter 2012 on Facebook

Greg Gutfield writes in the forward to Thaddeus' new book, "Seize Freedom!" that Thaddeus is

"an authentic, old-school conservative - meaning, he doesn't mind if you think he's the bad guy; he embraces it. Being a true conservative - which I define as putting the individual before the government, and having a kick-ass military - is what I like about T-Mac."

Andrew Breitbart, no stranger to the feeding frenzy of the Left, simply states:

"Thaddeus McCotter is the only elected official smart enough and hip enough to beat the Left at its own game, and the Left damn well knows it".

Seize Freedom!

"Thaddeus" also has a warm and engaging personality, reaching across the aisle to his colleagues to form a rock n roll band, "The Second Amendments" which entertained our troops and helped raise money at FarmAid, and as well helped establish the collegial and bipartisan Congressional Baseball League, where members can get together and build a rapport and relationship outside of the glare of C-SPAN and Caucus Whips.

Between the cerebral policy analysis, sardonic yet gentle self-deprecating humor, respect for moderate and reasonable people on both sides of the aisle, and the ability to jam with the best rock n rollers out there, even the Studmuffin had to admit,

"With Thaddeus, we may actually have a chance to make America whole again".

There are many good people stepping up to the plate to challenge Obama and the grinding machinery known as "the Beltway". They deserve our support and an honest and independent review of their ideas and their vision for America.

Let's not be deterred by extraneous bickering, or get caught up in the "gotcha" games of the corporate media - let's listen directly to all of the Republican candidates unfiltered and unanalyzed by the media "experts". We must - the very soul of the Republic is at stake.

The Time of Choosing is Here.
Pick a side, choose your weapon, and be prepared to fight.

Fix Bayonets.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why the Little Schoolhouse on the Hill disappeared

I have had the opportunity to hear Charlotte Iserbyt before. She is a genuine heroine and a true Patriot.

I am not generally a fan of Alex Jones, but I thank him for interviewing and preserving what Charlotte has to say.

Parents and those who care about our children need to listen to what Charlotte Iserbyt and John Taylor Gatto have to say about what is really happening in today's public schools:

(The Alex Jones Interview of Charlotte Iserbyt is uploaded to You Tube in 5 parts, each part is approximately 15 minutes long. In my opinion, it is time well spent, and should be a WAKE UP CALL for those who still are asleep)

Deliberate Miseducation of America

Charlotte Iserbyt makes her book available for free download:

Deliberate Dumbing Down

John Taylor Gatto was Teacher of the Year for both New York City and New York State.
His website can be found at:

John Taylor Gatto

The documents that both of these Whistleblowers cite are readily available for
anyone who cares, to read for themselves and make their own determinations.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Corruption and Cronyism on Full Display

Kudos to Judicial Watch for doing the Yeoman's work on this.

While the Corporate Media (we're looking at YOU, GE, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Wa Post...)
continues to facilitate the examination of now Private-Citizen Palin's e-mails, the Obama Administration continues to take Cronyism and Corruption to new and vertigo-inducing heights:

Obama Corruption

Gee, it's not like the Obama DoJ has ever been (justifiably) accused of corruption/favoritism/contempt of Congress..... nah.

Hey Congress! The Breaking News in Gunwalker Hearings is a good start, but don't you think a little more vigorous "Oversight" on behalf of "We The People" would be helpful (and appreciated) ?

Nah. Nothing to see here folks, no quid-pro-quo, what are you thinking?

Move along, please .....

PS: Judicial Watch is a good group -- non-partisan and dedicated in their quest. However, they live and breathe by donations so they can do the work required to keep "them" honest.

If you have a moment, think about clicking and throwing them a few $$$.

Donate to Judicial Watch

Friday, June 10, 2011

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Establishment Blues"

Greetings dear Readers,

Well. Since we got past all that drama of the VLWC (TM) and the "Blogger Take-down", all appears to be back to normal in our little corner of ex-urbia.

The Studmuffin and I are busy preparing for our upcoming journey to visit NOS in Beijing, before the weather becomes insufferable for my delicate Hesperian (read: damp. fog. chilled) sensibilities. I will post about my experiences and impressions when I return. In the meantime, if you have questions about China, or ideas for a blog post that would interest you about our impending travel, please e-mail me at:
stopshoutingblog {at} gmail {dot} com and I will do my best to answer your inquiries and requests.

In the meantime, do take the time to read this powerful post by Walter Russell Mead, titled "Establishment Blues". Sometimes, another scribe says something so erudite, so powerful, and so timely, that it would be foolish to attempt to duplicate it. It's long, but well worth it.

Establishment Blues

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day 2011, otherwise known as the day the Marxists began to lose

Happy May Day, Everyone!

Once a beautiful Spring ritual, until co-opted by the Marxists.

Woke up this morning and realized that my son, who is on a work internship, is in Beijing, China .... on May Day. So, he'll have a front row seat to enjoy all the Kommie Kraziness.

Back here in "these United States", Patriots can celebrate May Day as the day that the Marxists within the US began to lose. And lose big.

Witness the White House Correspondent's Dinner (aka "Nerd Prom") last night. A large portion of the night was taken to bashing those who stand in opposition to Obama and, more importantly, his policies: Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan and most notably, Donald Trump.

Besides paying close attention to the body language (and seeing a very bitter, angry man), I am, unlike most conservatives, heartened and amused.


Easy - you don't lower yourself with such gratuitous bashing for something that's "silly". You don't shine a spotlight on a person/issue that is "beneath you".

Obama and his handlers revealed last night what they fear - the unmasking of the "real" Obama -- and who they fear. I found it interesting that they didn't take a few cheap shots at Palin.

Even trying to joke about the "Long Form Birth Certificate" can not hide the fact that the cloak of mythical invincibility is being rendered.

The media acolytes let slip an uncomfortable truth about the "brand" of Obama: maintaining the carefully woven myth is essential to the Marxists who surround him retaining power.

In an article where the San Francisco Chronicle calls out the Obama WH for dissembling about the banishment of one of their reporters from the press pool, this little tidbit reveals much more than the author intended:

"I get that all powerful people and institutions want to control their image and their message. That's part of their job, to create a mythology that allows them to continue being powerful."

Really? That concept could be straight from the Kim Jung Il school of journalism. Who's the editor? Baghdad Bob?

It's a "mythology" that allows those in power to continue?

Silly conservatives. All this time, you thought it was things like, performance, a proven track record, integrity.

Nope. Just weave a "myth".

Hope! Change!

So, now you can see why "the Donald" is so dangerous. Especially if he continues to press for school records and more documentation. It chips away slowly at the "myth" and the air of invincibility.

So .... go for it, Donald!

Morning Smile: SF Chronicle to WH - "YOU LIE!" -

WH You Lie!

The second heartwarming May Day news was this great article on the privatization of Chile's retirement accounts.

Chile has made great strides in reducing the actual poverty of people through investing in them short-term to give them the skills they need to thrive (and not live in generational government welfare schemes), a steady growth in per capita income and GDP, as well as more individual empowerment, such as the privatization of their former government-run "social security" system. The people of Chile also recognize that English is the lingua franca of commerce, and seek to be uniformly English-speaking within a generation (take note, Atzlan advocates).

The reforms in Chile have been wildly popular, contrary to those on the left in the US who cry "it can't be done".

So while the Lefties mock Paul Ryan for advocating for real financial reform and a change in attitude towards the role of government, and bash Donald Trump for daring to want to look behind the curtain, their howls and outrage affirm that it is

Marxists who are the ones afraid of "change".

So, get a cup of coffee or a tall glass of sweet tea, read, savor, and be heartened.

Chile Soc Sec Reform

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The "Post-it" Note campaign is going viral!

Part of the charade employed by the existing Regime is to continue to make people believe that they are alone in their dissent and/or dissatisfaction with the ruling class. They need to isolate you and make you feel YOU are the outlier. A recent example is the derision lobbed at those who questioned Obama's background and credentials.

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Monday, April 25, 2011


Looking for "A Few Good Men?"
They apparently don't exist in Dearborn, MI.

Via Hotair's "The Green Room".

I don't know what to say. It is beyond belief.

I can just see Newsweek's "triumphant" cover page, declaring:


Threat of Muslim Violence Was THE issue

Weep for what was the Republic.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ann Barnhardt is a devout Catholic and committed Christian.

The idea that citizens of the West must be COWED by fear into submission to what Muslims "want" is offensive is the idea that ANYONE needs to moderate their speech.

I will NOT be a Dhimmi. I will not submit.

People who know me, know my position.
I, personally, DO NOT accept Islam as "Religion".
It is a political totalitarian orthodoxy, which uses "religion" as a fig leaf.

"Islam" came into existence approximately 600 years after the Crucifixion of Christ, and is a POLITICAL anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, ANTI-FREE WILL ORTHODOXY of OPPRESSION and TYRANNY.


Ann has had enough. Her rebuttal to Sen Grahamnesty:

Rebuttal To Grahamnesty Part 1

Ann then burns the Koran (after reading quotes with bacon book marks):

Koran Burning with Bacon Part 2




Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freedom ...

Reviving Dr. Friedman's video series, "Free to Choose" from the 1980's along with other good gems.

Free To Choose

"Education is too important to be left to the Government"


Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Appeal for Kindness and Empathy ....

At a little over 10 am on clear, sunny day, the 8th of January, 2011, at a suburban strip plaza in Tucson, AZ, a deranged and unstable individual opened fire at Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords and other bystanders, killing six and seriously wounded at least twelve others, including Rep Giffords, who, at the time of this writing, continues to cling to life.

The weapon deployed in this tragic and senseless act was allegedly a semi-automatic Glock 9 pistol. A gun.

Let me be clear.

It wasn't a gun that killed and maimed in the scene of horror.

It wasn't "rhetoric" or caustic blog postings, or political commentary for dramatic effect on video that compelled the perpetrator to act.

It was Jared Lee Loughner.

Deranged people fueled with an inner darkness only sometimes hinted at have been driven to acts of senseless and incomprehensible violence since the beginning of time.

They have used knives, machetes, ropes, garottes, swords, guns and any other tool of destruction that a heart stripped of humanity and filled only by a cold void can conjure.

They have been driven by any number of motivators only revealed in retrospect.

It is time to step back from the casting of aspersions and the imputing of malevolent intent to rivals.

It is time to express our sorrow and offer words of soothing and empathy to the families of the victims, and to offer our prayers for the healing of the injured, and to offer solace to those who had to witness such tragedy unfold.

It is a time to also open our hearts to the parents of this troubled young man.

It is a time for all of us to be bigger people and to mourn as one. Instead of this event diminishing and dividing us, we need to come together.

The sad marker of the events of January 8th should not be poisoned discourse.

One of the victims was a beautiful nine year old little girl, Christine Taylor Green, who was born on Sept 11, 2001.

9-11 was also a day of profound, heart-rending tragedy, but also a day when the entire nation, indeed, the entire world, stood as one to condemn evil and senseless violence.

It would be truly sorrowful if the closing of the chapter in the book of life on Earth of Christine Taylor Green, one of the "50 Faces of Hope", post 9-11, also marked the day that extinguished the flame of civility and empathy and the ability to rise above partisanship to join together as one to comfort and console.