Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day 2011, otherwise known as the day the Marxists began to lose

Happy May Day, Everyone!

Once a beautiful Spring ritual, until co-opted by the Marxists.

Woke up this morning and realized that my son, who is on a work internship, is in Beijing, China .... on May Day. So, he'll have a front row seat to enjoy all the Kommie Kraziness.

Back here in "these United States", Patriots can celebrate May Day as the day that the Marxists within the US began to lose. And lose big.

Witness the White House Correspondent's Dinner (aka "Nerd Prom") last night. A large portion of the night was taken to bashing those who stand in opposition to Obama and, more importantly, his policies: Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan and most notably, Donald Trump.

Besides paying close attention to the body language (and seeing a very bitter, angry man), I am, unlike most conservatives, heartened and amused.


Easy - you don't lower yourself with such gratuitous bashing for something that's "silly". You don't shine a spotlight on a person/issue that is "beneath you".

Obama and his handlers revealed last night what they fear - the unmasking of the "real" Obama -- and who they fear. I found it interesting that they didn't take a few cheap shots at Palin.

Even trying to joke about the "Long Form Birth Certificate" can not hide the fact that the cloak of mythical invincibility is being rendered.

The media acolytes let slip an uncomfortable truth about the "brand" of Obama: maintaining the carefully woven myth is essential to the Marxists who surround him retaining power.

In an article where the San Francisco Chronicle calls out the Obama WH for dissembling about the banishment of one of their reporters from the press pool, this little tidbit reveals much more than the author intended:

"I get that all powerful people and institutions want to control their image and their message. That's part of their job, to create a mythology that allows them to continue being powerful."

Really? That concept could be straight from the Kim Jung Il school of journalism. Who's the editor? Baghdad Bob?

It's a "mythology" that allows those in power to continue?

Silly conservatives. All this time, you thought it was things like, performance, a proven track record, integrity.

Nope. Just weave a "myth".

Hope! Change!

So, now you can see why "the Donald" is so dangerous. Especially if he continues to press for school records and more documentation. It chips away slowly at the "myth" and the air of invincibility.

So .... go for it, Donald!

Morning Smile: SF Chronicle to WH - "YOU LIE!" -

WH You Lie!

The second heartwarming May Day news was this great article on the privatization of Chile's retirement accounts.

Chile has made great strides in reducing the actual poverty of people through investing in them short-term to give them the skills they need to thrive (and not live in generational government welfare schemes), a steady growth in per capita income and GDP, as well as more individual empowerment, such as the privatization of their former government-run "social security" system. The people of Chile also recognize that English is the lingua franca of commerce, and seek to be uniformly English-speaking within a generation (take note, Atzlan advocates).

The reforms in Chile have been wildly popular, contrary to those on the left in the US who cry "it can't be done".

So while the Lefties mock Paul Ryan for advocating for real financial reform and a change in attitude towards the role of government, and bash Donald Trump for daring to want to look behind the curtain, their howls and outrage affirm that it is

Marxists who are the ones afraid of "change".

So, get a cup of coffee or a tall glass of sweet tea, read, savor, and be heartened.

Chile Soc Sec Reform


Anonymous said...

Obama 2012 campaign slogan. "Change you can step in, Hope you avoid it."

LibertyAtStake said...

My suggestion for Barry's 2012 slogan: "Change and Hope - Same as Last Time, Just Different This Time!"

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"