Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Corruption and Cronyism on Full Display

Kudos to Judicial Watch for doing the Yeoman's work on this.

While the Corporate Media (we're looking at YOU, GE, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Wa Post...)
continues to facilitate the examination of now Private-Citizen Palin's e-mails, the Obama Administration continues to take Cronyism and Corruption to new and vertigo-inducing heights:

Obama Corruption

Gee, it's not like the Obama DoJ has ever been (justifiably) accused of corruption/favoritism/contempt of Congress..... nah.

Hey Congress! The Breaking News in Gunwalker Hearings is a good start, but don't you think a little more vigorous "Oversight" on behalf of "We The People" would be helpful (and appreciated) ?

Nah. Nothing to see here folks, no quid-pro-quo, what are you thinking?

Move along, please .....

PS: Judicial Watch is a good group -- non-partisan and dedicated in their quest. However, they live and breathe by donations so they can do the work required to keep "them" honest.

If you have a moment, think about clicking and throwing them a few $$$.

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Anonymous said...
Looks like a high profile Mexican Atty was murdered by the weapons thoughtfully provided by the Dept of IN-Justice... the body count will keep ticking higher and higher on this scandal. I am wondering when the "mistakes were made" speech comes out.