Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Corporate Media – Swirling Down the Drain into the Cesspool of Irrelevance…

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The Corporate Media - Swirling Down the Drain into the Cesspool of Irrelevancy

It has become well established that the Corporate Media, as it exists today, no longer focuses on objective "reporting", but serves solely as a high priced conduit for editorializing a particular point of view or Agenda.  Even the "News" pages are mere fig leaves for proselytizing the mantra that is au courant.

A recent example of this egregious behavior is in the rush by the Progressive Left to politicize the shooting in Aurora, CO as the work of the "Tea Party".

Disingenuously,   Brian Ross of ABC News "reported" (/sarc/) that the alleged shooter was a "Tea Party" member, and nationally "outed" on live camera a local resident and Tea Party activist. Except that Brian Ross was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  And if he knew - he didn't care - he rushed to live camera to breathlessly report what was an acute error.  And hopefully - a very expensive one for ABC News.
  Graphic: h/t UnAmusement Park blog

There is no "correction", no "mea culpa" that can help you recover from that.

Once again, the Corporate Media was unmasked as not a "News" agency, but as a Propaganda Outlet.

Want to know why Newsweek was sold for a $1?  Why Microsoft disentangled itself from the failing MSNBC franchise?  Why the head of the flailing CNN stepped down?  Why do many local convenience stores no longer even stock the "newspapers"?