Saturday, September 12, 2015

5 Things to Know about Baltimore, Freddie Gray, Foco Theory and Contemporary American Urban Unrest

As the seasons change, the same old human drama continues to play out in Baltimore. The dialectic of: generate a problem, propose the solution, and implement the final solution continues apace. Inquiring minds will want to know: what is the intersection of some guerrilla warfare theorists and modern American urban (i.e. “black” or “minority”) unrest? How does this impact the Reader and inform as to the shape of things to come?

"Refugee" Gate-Keeper: Has Greece's Alignment Choice Been Made?

The visuals of military-age male "refugees" originating from the mideast now flooding into Fortress Europe are impossible to ignore, no matter what your news source.  As alluded to in the post "Five Myths About Greece" , a dramatic realignment of allegiances that has been percolating for quite some time is now taking place within Fortress Europe.

The Greek islands have been a waypoint/staging area for the muslim "refugee" deluge for months now, but this recently "made visible" crisis (cui bono?) was previously overshadowed by the EU/IMF/Greek Default drama breathlessly and endlessly reported upon by the corporate chorus media as a deliberate misdirection for the uninformed and easily distracted.