Monday, December 7, 2015

Arithmetic on the Frontier ... A Retrospective on 14 years of War

-Penned by Guest Columnist Partyzanski, a veteran SASO Trainer and former forward deployed embedded OIF military advisor-

A brief thought on the past 14 years of war...

The 9/11 attacks left the POTUS in the position of having to do "something", anything, to maintain public confidence. There are a number of motivations in that - not all pure - but that is for a different day.

Consider if you will the publicly stated reasons for the wars and then mull over the conduct of those wars. Counter Insurgency, Support and Stability Operations, Human Terrain contractors... every rotation seems to have brought a new buzz word or fad that careers were built upon. Ask yourself this... who won? Did WE win? Win what, exactly? What policy objectives were achieved? More importantly, which (if any) policy objectives have endured?

Iraq, once the towel was thrown in, became a seething cauldron that gave birth to ISIS. Afghanistan has consistently raised their annual output of opium produced. A Brietbart article details how the production of opium has increased 35 FOLD during the war. The mind boggles at such a figure. The United States has had DEA agents active there, Department of Agriculture and all manner of support for the Afghanis, yet opium production goes up 35 fold. This is an industrial magnitude that exceeds in some ways America's industrial awakening post Pearl harbor.

I ask the reader again to consider the stated goals of the wars and where we are at today. The original goals of the war as stated by the Bush administration can be read at We are about 6,500 combat deaths as of this writing, probably 10x that in seriously wounded service members. Given that human cost, what do we have to show for it?

Considering these points, one is drawn back to poetry by an old dead white guy, Rudyard Kipling. “Arithmetic on the Frontier” is a fatalistic poem about the futility of fighting in Afghanistan, but it seems to apply universally when any nation state fights dispersed subnational entities.

With home-bred hordes the hillsides teem.

The troopships bring us one by one,
At vast expense of time and steam,
To slay Afridis where they run.
The "captives of our bow and spear"
Are cheap, alas! as we are dear.

America ran into the same situation in Vietnam. In fighting what was then billed by Washington as a Communist expansion, Americans experienced the futility of a mismatch between technology and the will to resist of a Nationalist movement. HồChí Minh echoed the timeless words of Kipling when he stated, “You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first.” 


America is now wrapped up in a war against an intractable 1,400 year old tireless enemy in the form of Islamic Terrorism determined to establish a global Caliphate and suppress and enslave non-muslim populations. It has been at war with Western Civilization since our inception

We as a nation fought Al Qaeda, in addition to all manner of variously other flagged organizations. Thoughtful Americans will consider the history of at least the past 14 years and recognize that, contrary to what Washington D.C. proclaims, there IS a problem with Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorists. That problem has not been contained overseas. It is not an issue of some soft headed, impressionable youth misinterpreting an old text.

That Washington D.C. is injecting hordes (by hordes, I mean to the order of hundred thousands) of un-vetted, un-vaccinated, un-assimilable people, mostly military age males into America is insane. It is like a junkie knowingly shooting up with dirty needles into an infected spike hole, and not caring. 

Washington D.C. elites do not care for working class Americans, they find them an inconvenience. They are importing this mess to not just inconvenience Americans, they are bringing them here to, as one well-known public figure said, “get in their faces”. The new arrivals will be in more than our faces.

As this madness continues, Washington D.C. is busy kneecapping America.  Those who glide from conference to conference and publish theoretical White Paper after White Paper appear to have listened to Rudyard Kipling, and decided indeed that 

On this day in 1941 an ever aggressive foe decided to strike decisively at the heart of the US military.  Although they may have caught Americans by surprise, once that die was cast, America responded with a focused intensity to obliterate the aggressor.

Washington elites may have gambled that Americans will meekly continue to be used and abused for ulterior motives on a global chessboard, but Americans are built of sterner stuff and I my estimation will bet against the house in 2016 and Win.

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