Sunday, December 6, 2015

Go Pro or No? A Theory on the Release Date for the San Bernardino Footage

-the following is a guest column-

There has been a lot of chatter surrounding the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino with respect to the theory that the terrorists were wearing Go Pro cameras with the intent to film the attack.  It has been reported that packaging for Go Pro cameras was found in the rented SUV.

If the two dead Muslim terrorists had filmed with a GoPro setup (witnesses stated they saw GoPro on them during the attack) where is the footage? What will it be used for, and how?

There are a number of theories circulating about the potential GoPro footage. One theory is that after fleeing the scene, the two handed off the cameras to a co-conspirator.  

Another theory is of course that the domestic security apparatus was able to secure the GoPro cameras and footage - and which point, the video will never see the light of day.

Suppose theory A is correct - the two room temperature Islamic terrorists DID hand it off, and to someone NOT compromised and that law enforcement did not intercept the footage. What then?

The footage, if it exists, loses impact by the day. It must be timely and relevant to the season. For instance, it will not have nearly the impact if it is released during “March madness” or next Labor Day weekend. Time is of the essence. If it exists, it will bubble up soon.

"Soon" does not mean today, tomorrow or next week, even. The time needed to exfiltrate any remaining cell members (anecdotal evidence suggests at least a half dozen seen associated with these two) and sanitize anything they touched, locations met at, equipment used will be a factor. They will take time to professionally edit and produce a polished product. They have quite a portfolio already, expect no less with the San Bernardino footage, if it exists.

Some bloggers and commenters ponder its use as propaganda "OR" recruitment. The two are not mutually exclusive, the coming propaganda video will function as BOTH. The audience is not that discriminating. Dead Infidels slain by believers lauded as Shahid can be exploited to achieve either aim. Many commenters are aware that Jihadists like to link their propaganda videos to dates that are seen as either a date that would humiliate their "enemies" or are significant in the Muslim world.

How will this be timed? Many speculated that releasing it to link it to POTUS's "terrorism" prime time speech the evening of December 6th would have been powerful, but that did not happen. 

Why not? There are several reasons. They may still be processing the video, maybe the Clausewitzian "Fog of War" has slowed their roll a tad. What might be the next most likely opportunity for them to launch this, should it exist, and exploit it for maximum impact and value? I'd wager that it has to emerge prior this Christmas (2015). So, 19 days left. What date in that remaining time frame would be most effective? 

Well... there are several.  My analysis points to a release date to coincide with
Milad (or Mawlid) un Nabi, aka the birthday of Muhammed.

It seems there is some controversy over who celebrates this or not, but Muslim terrorists have a long and sordid history of attaching acts to specific dates that have totemic value to the most devoted.

Mawlid is an official holiday in many Islamic countries, but is not recognized in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom or the United States, which is why many Americans remain unaware of this significant date in the Muslim calendar.

Mawlid was already celebrated once this year, but because of the difference between the Muslim calendar and the Gregorian calendar, Mawlid will be celebrated again in December.

The date for Mawlid set by the Sunni-aligned Fiqh Council of North America is December 23rd, and will start at sundown on Tuesday December 22nd.

However, there are conflicts within the Muslim world on which is the "correct" date to recognize Mawlid, so any date between sundown Sunday December 20th to the close of December 24th could fit the definition of "Mawlid" depending on which sect releases the video.

I hope, dear Readers, that my analysis is wrong - but in the meantime, keep your own personal situational awareness set to "HIGH". 

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Anonymous said...

So, the GoPro packaging was in the Mom's car.

If a person is stopped and frisked, and the Police find a felony amount of drugs or illegal weapons on a person... that person is going to the stony lonesome.

If a family member of a terrorist has material evidence in an object under her control (i.e., "car")... they stay footloose and fancy free, apparently.

Anonymous said...

As of 15 December, the only person taken in by authorities is the goofball neighbor/in-law. Note well that coverage of any of the family members has dropped to ZERO. Either authorities are letting them skitter to their rat holes to see where that leads (should they have done anything to assist the K Visa Killer and her Beau), or they truly are disinterested in the follow up on this.