Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ICEBERG WARNING !! 4th Generation Warfare Brought Home

A brief overview of the Iceberg Doctrine - 4th Generation Warfare brought home
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Americans of all stripes need to understand the conceptual model of the Iceberg, and how it applies in general to insurgency and specifically the current situation we all find ourselves in. 

The Iceberg is not another acronym, it is a visual model with many layers. All the layers are not sequential (i.e., A before B, and so on), they are CONCURRENT (all can be ongoing at the same time, to varying degrees). 

Conflict in this 4th Generation Warfare (4GW) paradigm is not uniform, neat and homogeneous. It is a widely varied fruit cake of timeless unpleasantness. It is an unpleasantness that has been a long time coming and will get paid with interest.

Once you read the overall structure of the 4th Generation war state we are in as a nation, it is time well spent to read the collected writings of Bill Lind and Col T.X. Hammes for further edification and self-education (links at end of article).

What creates the foundation to allow 4th Generation Warfare to manifest itself lies just beneath the surface of the veneer of civility and comity in most Western nations.  What is unacknowledged in the consciousness of the individual can kill you.

The first step that forms the broad base of the hull rendering behemoth is that enemy forces infiltrate government and security forces

One is castigated for questioning the motives and patriotism of people who fit in a preferred personnel category. One can only skate so perilously close to the edge on that before you become unemployed. However, one must seriously ponder the fact that if a muslim is serious, they are not apostates. Therefore, to be a non-apostate muslim, one's allegiance is to Islam, not to a corrupt, inbred and enfeebled secular political structure. This point is important to note, as Saudi Arabia just had elections that included women for the first time. This was nothing more than soothing taqiyya eyewash for the West, as if somehow it makes up for the beheadings of criminals, oppression of homosexuals and ongoing human slavery and trading. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia is seen by purists as apostate for its mere existence. Hence the large 30+ muslim nation coalition against terror announced yesterday. This is a war of shadow and deflection, not substance.

A step above that is for the infiltrated government arm to monitor and sanction the population. What is it exactly that is entailed with the NDAA? The NSA? The regional and state fusion centers? Consider “stingrays” and“dirtbox” technology, because it certainly considers you. Have nothing to hide? It does not matter anymore, as parallel construction is a well established and entrenched “thing”. As parallel construction obscures how information is obtained, how far of a slide is it to utter fabrication, especially when one considers that technology like "stingray" devices can not only exfiltrate data, they can embed metadata on the unsuspecting target's phone.  It is an important question that impacts all Americans.

The next layer up is for the increasingly compromised government to provide selective, collective benefits. Collective benefits are things such as "group rights". Group rights are predicated on assigned out-group guilt. It matters not that “your people” emigrated to America in the 20th Century, you are still considered by all and sundry to be beneficiaries of the trans Atlantic slave trade. Take a look at any job application. Look at your own personnel records. You have been assigned a category and an ethnicity. If America is an egalitarian nation, why do this at all? It signals that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

To provide the resources needed for the previous mechanisms and activities, the state tentacles will seek to identify, then extract and reallocate resources in increasing amounts. Examples of this are the inexorably rising property tax bills.

Take a look at how much of your property tax goes to support the local school district (in many areas, the set-aside to the schools is 70% or more of a property owner's tax bill and is the largest employer in the area - "who" gets those coveted jobs, and why?) and given that, ask yourself "why" does America fall below so many other third world and other small nations in achieving quantifiable educational excellence? Why would Route 66, from the beltway on the Virginia side into D.C. become a paid toll road (projected for 2017 to be $5 a trip) ... with no similar fee structure in neighboring Maryland?

As the host organism at a minimum senses that something is amiss or even comes to conscious understanding, it becomes imperative for The Powers That Be (TPTB) to move to the next level,  regulate social interaction in all matters, great and small. This brings a new light to the mandatory EEO classes and installation of a “political officer (diversity, equal opportunity, etc)” i.e. “Kommisar” at the unit level and in all corporate HR departments. Keep in mind, it is NEVER in their organizational interest to find “nothing”.  "Nothing found" just means they did not look hard enough and does not justify funding their sinecure (see “parallel construction”, or “making shit up”).

For a side discussion on the mental gymnastics of cultural and social oppression... how TPTB compels the weak and spineless to love their oppression, look no further than the concept of “kafkatrapping”. See the work at http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=2122 , all the heavy lifting has been done there to flesh out this concept, which is 

“One very notable pathology is a form of argument that, reduced to essence, runs like this:

Your refusal to acknowledge that you are guilty of {sin, racism, sexism, homophobia, oppression…}  

confirms that you are guilty of  {sin, racism, sexism, homophobia, oppression…}.”.

If you would like a literary reference as to the function of the Kafkatrap, read

At this point in the playbook, as America rises towards the waterline of the Iceberg model, citizens of any cognition will begin to see the dappled reality of what lurks above them, looming over their future and the futures of their children and families.

The now acknowledged TPTB will at this stage propagate insurgent messages. This is the point where the whole insurgent model “breaks squelch” and the real sportiness begins. What before was merely a change in distant cities and happens to the “other guy”, comes home and becomes local. The stranger at the gate is no longer knocking, no longer moving on. If your child is in a public school, or even a private school, take a look at the assignments handed out. Visit the location. See who is in the Administrative section, who the Principal is, who is the Guidance Counselor. These are important observations to make. Is any group over-represented given the local population? Hmmm... I wonder why that is.

The Stranger within my gates,
  He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control--
  What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
   Shall repossess his blood.
 -The Stranger, Kipling
Covert support operations for the rising tide of insurgent activity become necessary for the movement to not only live but advance. Much like a shark, it must keep moving forward to live. Like a tumor at other times of counterpressure, it can wait out generations until conditions are ripe again. But, once in motion, it MUST. KEEP. MOVING. That is, moving ever forward until compelled to stop.

Covert support operations are effectively of the logistics and legislative variety. Legislation to provide the fig leaf of “legitimacy” to various actions, and letting contracts for support operations such as seen with UPS flying unvetted Syrian refugees” straight into America. This pattern was seen with the flood of minors swamping the border with Mexico. It was as if some entity rang a colossal dinner bell, and Americans were deaf to the tone... but the teeming masses heard the clarion call and became the latest iteration of the “Free Shit Army” (FSA). Oddly enough in a coincidence of history, the Free Syrian Army carries the same acronym. Many things may be said of TPTB, but let it not be said they do not have a certain sense of humor about them.

Covert support operations involve multiple modes of wealth transfer to the favored "in-groups" and non-citizens, such as lax enforcement of EBT/TANF, government funded medical insurance fraud, free phones, utility subsidies, tuition waivers, selective checking of documentation, enforced "non-enforcement" of various sections of law as part of the whole cornucopia that postmodern America doles out to selected in-groups.

Across the range of insurgent operations, it is imperative for TPTB to maintain command & control (C2) of the enterprise. This C2 is managed at a distance for the most part by NGOs, “non-profits” and the host of fellow travelers that cling to the predator colossus like lampreys. This level of coordination is made at cucumber sandwich and brie lunches, through layers of trusted intermediaries (aka, “fixers”) which provide "deniability".

Which brings us to the present day. America, France, Britain all see the terror attacks and rising tide of serious crime. Scandinavia is past the point of recognition and is culturally shaking with adrenaline on what to do. What I am stating here plainly is that the terror attacks of San Bernardino, Paris and other locations are none other than the conduct of ambushes and raids upon the host organism by “the other” and are 4th Generation Warfare brought home.

It is important here to make a distinction. It is key to acknowledge that many, MANY muslims have been killed by military action. The drone program and the “disposition matrix”, staffed out of the White House are sufficient to make that case in spades. That is violence visited upon innocent people by a government. 

What we see in San Bernardino, Paris et. al. is violence delivered unto regular people by other people. There is an important difference there. State level actor against non-state (ISIS is not really recognized or stable, so it is a “non-state entity”), versus non-state against non-state entity. The distinction is clear, but keep in mind that we are all considered combatants in the second example. The choice you have to make is to recognize this salient point, or not. Ignoring this will not change reality. Ignoring this and doing all the things good liberals do to express Virtue Signalling (see San Bernardino victim list) is not like wiping the blood of a freshly killed sheep on your threshold as laid out in the Bible.

The last step and the apex of the iceberg is overt armed operations. Overt armed operations - when they happen - you will certainly know it. Features that support the institution of overt armed operations are the ceding of sections of cities to sharia law, for example. It will be heralded by armed groups, exhibiting freedom of movement. It will be widespread ideologically, disseminated through popular venues such as music, art and the academy. Home invasions by groups of armed thugs fit in this category. It does not matter for the insurgency if they are caught, or not. It is ongoing.

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Anonymous said...

America has generally poor performance in 4th Gen wars. Consider that line infantry, the troops that are the "boots on the ground", are not pure infantry or light infantry. By the very nature of the equipment they wear (45 pounds of armor, etc), they are heavy infantry. That this weight is then carried over battlefields with heavy, armored vehicles makes them by definition HEAVY MOTORIZED INFANTRY.

4th gen war is not defeated by heavy motorized infantry. It is not a failure of the infantry, as they are working it as hard as they humanly can... it is a policy failure and the lack of a cohesive, articulable end state (needed to generate a rational strategy) that is the problem.

It is generally good policy and statesmanship to be slow to go TO war, but once engaged, to engage in it without mercy, without cessation until the enemy (as defined within the STRATEGY & POLICY) is compelled to seek peace. Either that, or they find out what "Carthago delenda est" means in its realpolitik, Machiavellian application in the physical world.

Anonymous said...


Hmmm.... 100k Syrian "refugees" injected into America over the past few years.

Pew Research says all will be fine... (READ IT AND STEEL YOURSELF FOR WHAT IS COMING)

Pamela Gellar gets it right...

Now, ask yourself... if Sharia is antithetical to western civilization (YEs, no question there), what does it mean if 1,000,000,000 Muslims want Sharia Law? Do you think once they get to America they will somehow change their minds? Remember, being Muslim and NOT supporting/advocating/pushing Sharia is apostasy.

Read the Koran and see what apostates get.

At this point in time, you can't realistically claim to not know.

Jeremiah Wrong said...

My plan is to deputize all rednecks & other red-blooded Americans.

Operation Blunt Force Trauma 2016

Anonymous said...


This article presents the anguish of progressive academics upon discovering the scientific linkage between rising crime rates in previously safe areas and Section 8.

This is one of the tools of dispossession and democide in America today. It is what makes people uneasy even in quiet suburbs and what is driving so much of the discontent with the Uniparty and its ongoing 4GW lawfare pogrom against productive Americans.

The truth hurts, but like a 12 step program, the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Bill Lind is not a LtCol. He has never been in the military. Research him and you will see.

Stop shouting... said...

Anonymous @4:56 - Good catch! Thank you & corrected. The original piece had a link to a doctrinal pub written by a Marine LtCol but we decided to edit it out for brevity. Sometimes when you look at a piece too long, you miss obvious errors.
Thanks for stopping by!