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M1911 Pistol Review

The M1911 in context, CMP sales soon!

The M1911 pistol holds a special place in American lore. From earliest days, through the Civil War, the Colt M1873 peacemaker, to the turn of the Century and the rise of an Empire with the M1911... pistols have been there. Perhaps the most iconic American pistol of all time is the M1911 service pistol by John Browning. The U.S. Government bought somewhere around 2.7 million of them between 1911 and 1986. They were built by many contractors, all for use in combat. The wartime design was slightly modified in 1926 into the M1911A1 to accommodate smaller hands and make it easier to operate. These bore a Parkerized finish, instead of the bluing of the earlier 1911 along with different grip materials.

While an eminently practical, durable and long lived design, many in the civilian sector have taken the M1911 down evolutionary paths probably not foreseen by JohnBrowning, or any of the mass contract builders. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in the case of the M1911 it has spawned cottage industries and an enduring fan base that is the very definition of “avid”. An example from many firms producing their vision of the M1911, ParaOrdnance builds a line for all occasions. You can see what genres and user requirements can be serviced at http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/3faafba9#/3faafba9/24 . The M1911 has such a devoted following, people will build them at home from 80% kits like this one offered at Ares Armor. The level of individual customization available is breathtaking. From design tweaks to “drop in parts”, the M1911 has it all.

 The proper way to strip, lube and reassemble a M1911 pistol video from http://gunblast.com/ :

Of note to a nation surging with gun sales, year on year for the past decade, the long anticipated release of Government M1911s is nigh with the passage of the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). I refer you to CMP directly for your inquiries as to when they will be available. Americans will be able to buy pieces of American military history, from the era denoting the height of American military power and influence through this program. A wide variety of resources and Complete Gun Owners Guide
are already available.
So deeply is the M1911 ingrained in the American psyche, 3D printing plans have spontaneously arisen in both non-firing plastic and fully operational metal options.

Solid Concepts 3D Fully Operational Metal M1911
M1911 trivia (hey, it might be the final question that will win it for your team on Pub night ...) 

It is the official "state firearm" of Utah, where John Browning was born and spent his formative years.

No discussion about M1911 would be complete without a chat about personal safety and proper firearms handling training.  Jeff Cooper was and remains one of America's preeminent firearms theorists and instructors.

I ask readers to go to the comments section and briefly describe their favorite M1911/A1 model and modifications. I will address the Glock family in a forthcoming overview. I have used both, and like them both... it would like being forced to admit to all your children who was the favorite. In the end, it is all about what people find most enjoyable/affordable to shoot. Both would find a welcome home in my arms locker.

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m Clare said...

Ive been a fan for 40 years including military pistol teams and carry. I conceal carry a S/A with light functionality tuning and good springs. Never saw a need for more...or less. Be safe and alert. Out.