Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and News about the New Year and New Ventures

Merry Christmas to all of our Readers!  It has been an interesting journey re-igniting the blog, and your support, good wishes, comments and ideas have all been very much appreciated and digested.

Going forward into 2016, we will continue to migrate the Stop Shouting Blog from its existing blogger platform over to the Wordpress platform.  Some of the most popular posts we will migrate and mirror over there; otherwise, this blog will stay up as an archive.

In addition to moving and setting up shop in a new home, we will also finally be activating a new blog that I've had parked in neutral for quite some time now, stashing articles on various topics relating to some of the wavetops listed below and haven't hit the "activate" button on: The Rebel's Garden

I had started the blog initially in response to news articles popping up on how homeowners were being singled out and cited for things such as having a small vegetable garden, collecting rain water on their own property, etc.  It became clear that the time had come to re-invent the prior era premise of "Victory Gardens" and that the very act of having even just a symbolic food source that you controlled on your own was in and of itself an act of Rebellion.  I also started stashing random thoughts and posts that arose from comments stemming from "Ten Rules for Liberty Guerillas" and other posts expressing the frustration and desire to get off the Progressive/Common Core/Globalist runaway bullet train.

Hence, "the Rebel's Garden" - reclaiming our culture and reasserting values, one small act of Rebellion at a time. Oh, and also the traditional type of gardening too. ;-)

Stop Shouting with continue with political and cultural commentary as seen in a conservative military community viewpoint, but the intent of the Rebel's Garden going forward will be to focus on:

The Benedict Option - practical and small ways to practice the Benedict Option in daily life choices, and what the Benedict Option means for effecting grassroots political change.  It has just recently been brought to my attention by DH that what I've been practicing for the past 12 years is known in the Dissident Right as the "Benedict Option".  As you can see, I need to get out more.  It should make for some spirited discussions.

Developing Thrifty Habits - learning how to repurpose, reuse, repair, sustain, share

One of the challenges our family is going to try and do this year is to not buy anything new from January 1st up to December 21st, 2016.  There are exceptions and it won't be perfect and there are bound to be setbacks (more will be explained at The Rebel's Garden), but it should be highly entertaining and introspective. DH is also going to do a weekly post tentatively called "C'mere son..." about all the things a young man should know.  Like minor home or car repairs and chivalry and being a "man" in the traditional Western sense that he would share with his young chargers while in the military. Things that most young people today don't know because shop and home ec and civics classes have been steamrolled out of existence.  I'll be mirroring something similar tentatively called the "Happy Housewife", which for people who know me IRL will cause them to laugh out loud.  Let me just say, Martha Stewart doesn't live - or garden - at my house.  But I do make most of our meals from scratch, and make most of my own housecleaning products, etc.  Some of those tips will come from the learning curve experienced moving from a large, cosmopolitan city to a small, remote and rural community and raising a young family with limited resources.

Organization/DeCluttering - cleaning house, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We'll be kicking off the New Year with an Organization/Decluttering Plan with some commentary on the emotional cement shoes that co-exists with clutter and a hyperconsumption/consumer lifestyle.

Small Scale Gardening - this will be focused towards people who have to "shelter in place" and how can you maximize what you have? - even if it's just an apartment balcony.  These features will NOT apply to someone who is retreating to a bug out property or already has a huge and thriving garden. The focus will be on small steps, sharing of successes and failures, and acknowledging that the simple act of even having one tomato plant or a windowsill herb garden is an act of Rebellion  ;-) and a personal statement about moving towards individual change.  I hope that experienced gardeners will weigh in, as I am known locally for my "black thumb".

TEOTWAWKI/SHTF Pantry - ideas for organizing, stocking, prioritizing, saving money and building a menu around your TEOTWAWKI pantry.

 As some Readers may know, we've been "shopping" at our TEOTWAWKI pantry since January, 2014 which is when my DH began the transition process of leaving active duty.  I've blogged in other places about menu planning and using our preps, so that will be something I'll be doing in more depth over at The Rebel's Garden.  For those who asked, we're currently using stuff sourced and stashed around 2011-2012 and have successfully expended anything that was sourced and stored prior. As we are planning a major move to a new homestead in 2016, our plan was to exhaust the pantry rather than have to move it. (Because it was huge.  And heavy.)  We've already started a "from scratch" pantry at the new location, and stuff currently in house needs to be rotated through and consumed. I'll be discussing the mix of things I had in our pantry (air dried, freeze dried, MREs, canned goods, home pressure canned, homemade freezer meals etc), "why" I chose that mix and how to do it yourself if you wish, including sharing some of my most dramatic disasters, so you don't repeat the mistakes!

Safety and Security - in addition to occasional articles about safety and security, we'll also be discussing ways to develop alternative networks and side incomes to help develop some diversity in how you acquire what you need to thrive, and how you "pay" for those items.  I have some Guest Bloggers who have some great ideas that I think will make for some interesting discussion jumping off points.  Safety and Security encompasses financial and resource security, which many people do not pay enough attention to, IMO. (just sayin').

Homeschooling/Supplemental Teaching at Home - self-explanatory.  This is a Windmill I rail at frequently.  Taking ownership for the education and rearing of your children is now, apparently, also an act of Rebellion.  Even if your family still chooses public schooling, there are lots of opportunities for supplemental educational enrichment at home.

From what I envision about where The Rebel's Garden can go, its success will depend a lot on positive and honest communication, sharing, and feedback from others in the far-flung Web who want to learn and grow together.  The jumping off point for this new blog will be assuming that the Reader is just putting their toe in the water, so to speak.

Rebel's Garden will be hosted on a Wordpress platform.  My understanding is that either I can pay to avoid having ads run on the site; or it can be a "free" site and Wordpress will run ads that I have no control over.  I have elected to make it a "paid" site and hope to offset the expenses of that personal out of pocket expense by using affiliate links (not Ads) where appropriate.  The goal is not to turn the Rebel's Garden into a revenue site, but to generate enough sustaining and passive income so that it can be kept Ad-Free and we can afford to advertise in other places, spreading OUR message about rebuilding from the grassroots up and building a community of like-minded people.

Rebel's Garden is not going to go "LIVE" until the New Year (around or about January 2nd) but you can sign up for updates via e-mail NOW and posts will be forwarded automatically to you by the mysterious elves that make teh inner tubes a "thing".

I hope you will choose to join us, and help us create something positive, proactive and uplifting!

Yours in Liberty,

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