Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Morning Roundup

Massive landslide swallows 22 residential and industrial buildings in China's Guangdong province in the South just before noon local time Sunday Dec 20th.

Disgraced Ernst & Young global accounting firm, now rebranded as "E&Y", attempts to repackage themselves as "cybersecurity experts", issuing a Press Release outlining "Top Fraud and Corruption Trends in 2016".
I guess they would have the experience and know-how to speculate.

Things to know before you hit the "mystery airline" purchase button from Priceline: Union Chief says Air France has a significant "fundamentalist problem", kicking out nearly 500 members of its 2,000 member strong union for "fundamentalist islamist" attitudes.

Trendspotters say Cider is the top trending cocktail ingredient for the 2015 season, turning up in popular seasonal offerings like "Citrusy Cider, Scotch and Lavender".

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1 comment:

FrequentFlyer said...

That 25% of the Union membership in Air France is suspected to be fundamentalist (ie: hardcore) Islamists is frightening. Equally frightening is the number of muslims now employed by US airlines, and every once in a while a story surfaces about them making threats or being a security concern. More people in this country need to WAKE UP!!!