Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Morning Roundup

Corsica, France: The multicultural pot boils over ... hundreds take to the street shouting anti-Arab slogans in support of fire, police and emergency services workers who they believe were targeted for ambush in a deliberately set fire in a slum on the French island of Corsica.  As part of the protest, a Command and Control Center outpost muslim prayer room was damaged.

Chocolate Lovers are safe, for now: Defying dire predictions for severe and unprecedented cocoa shortages due to fears that Ebola combined with unusually dry weather conditions in the cocoa producing regions of Africa would negatively impact the 2015 cocoa harvest, the International Cocoa Organization reports that these negative inputs were offset by marginally increased yields due to the use of supplemental fertilizers and pesticides, with only a modest 4% decrease in world production output over last year, well below what was forecast.

Stories about real Heroes still sell: American Sniper was the overall #1 top Netflix movie for 2015 

A Recipe for Disaster?  Red Bull and Vodka Jello Shots for New Year's Eve

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