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Repost: WARNING: The "No BUY" List travels a well trodden road to Tyranny

Repost of original article published Dec 12, 2015 as the Democrats are holding their "No Bill No Break" occupation of Congress to demand a "No Fly No Buy" List as the first stage to complete gun control
- The following is provided by a Guest Columnist -

The Governor of Connecticut has stolen a march on the coming White House "Executive Actions" regarding firearms.

In a news conference announcing his intent to enact a state wide  "gun ban" for anyone on the secretive and inaccurate federal  "No Fly List", in effect creating a parallel unvetted state "No Buy List", Conneticut Governor Malloy appeared to be seeking to politically get ahead of "proposed" White House Executive Action in a similar fashion to his crass exploitation of the Newtown shooting which allowed him to justify his prior but incomplete gun control efforts.

Readers should understand at the outset of this article the political algebra of Intent + Capability = What Will Come to Pass which is always presaged by "Propositions". Whereas pie-in-the sky socialist dreamers merely have intentions, they need someone with capability to make it so.

What might come of this trend in Government? Is your local government chock full of do-gooders and Social Justice Warriors, intent on giving someone else not just a "slice of the pie", but a generous slice of YOUR pie? Germany has already thrown German citizens out of their own housing to house “refugees”. 

Germany was the genesis of the modern public schooling framework as well as the home of the Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School came to America and found a home at Columbia University. Government here is rife with fellow traveler graduates of the Frankfurt School and the Fabian founded London School of Economics. Do you see it as unpossible that similar will to subvert the democratic process will come to pass in America?

I will make a prediction right here on ….
the use of the Federal “No Fly” list by states will inexorably morph into a state "No Buy" list that feeds off of the Federal list, and cross links with other like-minded state lists. 

The current iteration of "Fusion Centers" for real-time intelligence sharing between federal, state and local law enforcement could be seen as a precursor to how the failed federal "Watch Lists" may morph into a more local application with no citizen oversight. Consider if you will the actual event of an unarmed, non-threatening Florida resident getting stopped in Maryland, his entire family cuffed and stuffed while the state patrol effectively dismantled his car, looking for a firearm based on his name being on a "List"? His license plate “popped” on an automatic license plate reader (ALPR) that alerted authorities that he had a firearms permit. Consider that event when you wonder if there is "too much fuss" over registration and other checks on firearm purchasing and ownership

When you hear some member of the sheeple bleat about this and denigrate you for your "revanchist" views, ask them what their view would be if their tweets or Facebook comments were similarly registered and checked. What would happen to them if they were stopped by “authorities” looking for their laptop? If this is thought to be a hypothetical, the mechanisms to accomplish just that have existed for some time. 

It should be noted that the Department of Homeland Security is under fire for allowing the San Bernardino K Visa Killer to pass their screening checks without surveying her social media presence.  The unstated is that the government has the capability and authority to surveil and do a threat analysis in real time of your social media footprint. 

This Regime has been overt in their wish to advance their goals under the cover of chaos and crisis while demonizing their opposition. Outright gun confiscation and disarmament has been one of their stated goals. People will be placed on the "No Buy List" for extra-legal reasons. Political reasons. If this comes to pass, America is whistling past the graveyard. It is the off ramp to perdition. 

As Americans are somewhat averse to history, I would recommend a review of the conduct of what are termed “dirty wars” in South and Central America.  The "No Buy List" easily morphs into a ready made Political Enemies List. Look to Argentina and Chile for examples of what actually happened. Colombia is a case where the "dirty wars" became institutionalized.  In all cases, these wars saw a category of person formalized as a Political Enemy of the State, that of the “Disappeared” which became a new addition to the lexicon. Once things get going in America, when somebody drops off your personal radar screen ... add “Disappeared” to your own mental map.

I would suggest that Americans, of any political view or persuasion, start reading Alistair Horne's "A Savage War of Peace”, which details first the identification and then "disappearing" of those in opposition to the state based on "Lists" generated by the intelligence agencies during the Algerian War.

Make yourself familiar with the state actions in Argentina and Columbia and take a long, sober and unemotional look ("it can't happen here!") at what is getting prepped in the Obama Regime Proposition Kitchen. It does not end well for anyone. Legislators need to get a grip on themselves and peel back from the edge of insanity and stop exploiting fear for dystopian goals. The state appropriating federal unsubstantiated and unvetted “No Fly Lists” extrapolated as "No Buy Lists" for internal local state control of firearm commerce by is mere prelude for what comes next.

"Operation Condor" was the disappearing of political "enemies" based on Lists developed by the intelligence services prepping the ground for state-sponsored terrorism.

In case anyone has missed what I have alluded to, to recap:

I am suggesting that it is a very short trip from placing people on "Lists" (not under “arrest”, no notification they are under suspicion/investigation, no notification that they have been placed on a "List") to extra judicial killings which are a feature of autocratic banana republics to terminally manage dissidents. Legislators need to use their heads for something other than a hat rack, just as citizens need to pull their head out of the sand.  Agitators for this most damning of assaults on individual liberty will not be insulated by faculty tenure, living in a locale of high real estate taxes or personal retinues. In this finality, the Proles will be the equals of the inner and outer party members in the great equalizer.

Americans need to grok the above diagram. It visually organizes the political environment of George Orwells's classic “1984”. Of note, this depicts a Uniparty system. Consider if you will that the Republican-Democrat construct is merely a way to keep credulous Proles engaged and rooting for one side or the other, like fans at some national level Army-Navy game. This is also the deep reason why the political establishment is losing its mind over the very real, very existential threat posed by the candidacy of Donald Trump. Where Donald Trump is unabashedly "pro America" and is the embodiment of competency, spine, gravitas and big brass balls wrapped in one, his competition is seen by his growing constituency as a mewling bunch of whiners, “pussies” and worse.

Americans are not terminally stupid. They know instinctively that the Wolf is actually at the door. They sense that "The Powers That Be” (TPTB) are eager to sacrifice the nameless proletariat for profit and amorphous lofty, humanistic goals ... but mostly for their own private enrichment. We can all only hope that Americans are not willing to go quietly.

"No Bill No Break" sit in is not about gun control, it's about people control
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Anonymous said...

The movie "Battle of Algiers" is a stunner.

The French Intelligence Manual, authored by Col Bigeard, is:'officier_de_renseignement

Matt Bracken said...

Great essay, spot on.

Anonymous said...

The great security apparatus will never be dismantled as long as Americans remain naive fools.