Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Gauntlet is Thrown at the Third Battle of Bull Run - Progressives on High Alert

Dateline: Manassas, VA

2 December, 2015

Filed by Roving Reporter Partyzanski

I opened up an email 2 days ago and found an invite for the Trump appearance at the Prince William County Fairgrounds in Manassas, Virginia. The online ticket process was easy and fast, just as it should be.

The 2nd of December arrived as an overcast, wet day with seasonal temperatures. As I had just come from a job interview, I put the suit away and dressed comfortably in anticipation of having to deal with the weather. Traffic was not heavy heading to the venue. As I slowed to get in line to turn, I heard the anti-Trump protesters first, and then saw them. I estimate maybe 80 people, walking in a circle and arrhythmical beating on objects to make noise while some wag tooted on a whistle. The net effect was to make the anti-Trump slogans almost unintelligible.  It is hard to determine if this was a genuine grassroots protest effort, or a poorly organized and coordinated faux front group.  They just didn't seem to have their heart truly in it.

Parking was well organized and the walk to the venue was short. The lineup for security at the entry was backed up, and we were quickly accommodated at an adjacent checkpoint. The various law enforcement screeners and Secret Service officers quickly and efficiently processed the crowd.  The Secret Service asked if I was a veteran, and when I affirmed I was, addressed me with respect and professionalism which was refreshing.  President Trump would definitely change the tone in Washington.

The rally was held in a large utility building that was packed by the time I arrived. The crowd continued to arrive and filled the building in short order. 

One of the main questions readers have is “what was the crowd like”? Well, that is a good question. The crowd was largely made up of Virginia suburbanites, with a sprinkling of high school students. Some people came from the Beltway, Annandale they said. One fellow was from Baltimore. Business casual, a few suits, a healthy portion of blue collar workers just off shift... mothers, daughters, grandmothers. Veterans both new and old, small business people and children. In other words, it was a slice of America, the America that fights the incessant wars... the America that nurtures and teaches the next generation... the America that provides the services that Make America Great.

In keeping with Mr. Trump's core values, the rally was opened with a request for a moment of silence for the victims in California and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  The crowd was respectful, doffed their hats, bowed their heads, and you could feel the weight of the moment as each citizen reflected on the tragedy and the pain their fellow Americans were enduring in California.  You could hear a pin drop.  The Pledge was said proudly, shoulders back and full-throttle.

Former Congressman Virgil Goode laid down serious red meat, no... call it RED MEAT that had the crowd cheering. He led off with discussing the 2nd Amendment to the crowd's very vocal approval. It would have been useful for The Honorable Mr. Goode to overtly acknowledge that the 2nd Amendment acknowledges a God-given RIGHT that the Constitution just gives a tip of the amendment hat to, as Americans under the Constitution are able to enjoy unlike any other people on the earth. The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege, it is a RIGHT. Americans need to step up and put this into practice, lest the totalitarian elite try to infringe upon this linchpin of liberty.

Doctor Omar Hamzapar was introduced in turn. Dr. Hamzapar is an Iranian-American who loves his country. His impassioned dialogue left the crowd in no doubt as to the tyranny that runs Iran. 

During the rally, it was apparent that some planted agitators were afoot. They were all gently escorted out so that Mr. Trump could continue with his message of positivity. At one point, the anti-Trump protesters could be heard from within the building. The security forces rapidly returned peace to the proceedings and created a safe space for the attendees to enjoy the rally without further interruption.

The final question fielded by Mr. Trump was from a black minister who captured the ear of the audience with his question about the “Black Lives Matter” group. He spoke of that which the mass media cohort refuses to address... that the vast majority of blacks are killed by other blacks, and where was “Black Lives Matter” when those 3,000+ had been killed. He asked if Mr. Trump would come to Philadelphia to address the community and Trump agreed at the Manassas rally to come and talk with the beleaguered population of Philadelphia.

The energy level of the crowd was high throughout the rally, as Mr. Trump hit on his themes of border security, taking care of Americans, taking care of Veterans and of course his capstone issue, Making America Great Again. As he continues to ride high in the polls and his competitors fade, his accession to the Republican nomination is all but assured. He is untouchable, unflappable and unapologetic in his American-ness, and one can sense it in the crowd that America does not want to continue in its 8-year malaise. They want to feel good about being American, feel good about being who they are and to be as unapologetic and unabashedly pro-America as Mr. Trump.





Very Respectfully,
Your humble correspondent


Anonymous said...

You are so right to call this the "3rd Battle of Bull Run" because even more than 2008, this is very much a battle of values between those who believe America is a force for good in the world, and those who believe America deserves to be punished for her alleged transgressions, a battle between those who believe in individual liberty, and those who believe in the tyranny of overarching state control. Prince William County really is indicative of the battle lines that have been drawn. The fact that the Donald could amass such huge crowds in bad weather in an area the Donkeys have desperately tried to turn solid blue says alot. There may be hope yet.

Love your site. Glad I found you.

Anonymous said...

The Trump comments regarding getting control of Muslim immigration are not what people are making them to be. Whiners need to understand that Islamic Terror is much like Ebola. You need to stop it in its tracks.

Americans have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hard to do that if you get deleted by one of these unconventional strikes. The government does not (DOES NOT) have an affirmative duty (ask any Police officer) to protect individuals. However, the citizen has every right to insist that the government NOT import problems.

Consider if a restaurant was suddenly in the news for having food contaminated by some pathogen. The path the government and the whiners are on is, "forget the hazard of one bag of salad that is mixed in with all the salad in this region. Eat yer vegetables". Rational people make the choice to NOT eat contaminated food until it is cleared SAFE. The same principle applies to immigration.

People choose to smoke cigarettes even though they know it will cause various cancers, age them prematurely and make them smell like carcinogens. Can it be said that the government allows murderous lunatics into the country, even though they know that it will cause disfigurement, death and dismemberment?

Why then are cigarettes marketed in America with a warning, yet American immigration policy gets a pass? Either way, people are ending up on slabs in morgues.