Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What would a muslim President do? ....

Rhetorical Question Time:  Would would a Muslim President Do?

An excellent summary by Eric Allen Bell. 
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Obama bows in submission to the Sunni Saudi King
 So my question to you is this: Does it matter if Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim or if Barry, who announced his plan to be President, at the home of a sixties American terrorist, is a blatant Marxist? The net effect is the same. Whether Liberal Lemming, Islamic Apologist or a secret Islamist, the net effect is still the same.

Obama celebrates Ramadan at the White House in 2015

Never judge a man by his words. Always judge a man by his actions. It is time to hang the American flag upside down, because our country is in distress.

Harness the truth and post it boldly, recklessly and with a vengeance. Be willing to sacrifice a little bit of your social standing at work, or among the parents of your kids friends, or among your own friends and become a digital warrior, determined to defeat Islam. You can save your ass or you can save face, but you cannot save both. You’re going to have to choose. And our choices determine our destiny.

Addendum:  In case you missed it, Obama "speaks out against religious intolerance (against Islam only) while celebrating Ramadan in the White House".

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