Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why "Moderate Middle" Voters need to issue a DNR to the Republican Party and start fresh

**This is a Throwback Thursday Repost.  This piece was originally posted on December 29th, 2015.
I've been asked to comment on the news about Trump being the Last Man Standing - but will wait until the GOP response becomes clearer.  In the meantime, the core fundamental problem of why the Republican party isn't "salvageable" remains the same.  

Many pundits are cutting their commentary teeth gnawing over the intricacies of state ground games, who has made ballot cutoff requirements, and whether or not the Republican Party is going to leave Donald Trump before Donald Trump leaves the Republican Party.

To cut through all the chaff, the short answer is, it doesn't matter.

The Republican Party is dead.  All that is left is to decide who's getting stuck with the bar tab at the Wake.

The Democrats and Obama won the 2008 election because of raw and bruising bare knuckled brawling in their battle with the Clinton camp to secure the nomination, and then by clever packaging, branding and marketing of an amorphous and ever-changing slogan of "Hope and Change".  It was fluid enough that it encouraged wholesale transference of each individual's "Hope and Change" on to the deliberately blank canvas that was Nominee Barack Hussein Obama.  The fact that Obama was sufficiently black to play the White Guilt Card yet adequately acclimated to white culture, signals and expectations to be non-threatening was the clincher.

The 2012 election however, IMO, was secured by good old fashioned theft.  Scores of voters rose from the dead to vote again; many districts had more voters than residents, and college students boasted about casting ballots in multiple districts (for example, at both their college "home" and their parents "homestead"). Aside from feeble protestations to address these egregious violations, nothing of any note was done to investigate let alone prosecute the massive electoral fraud.

What many average, trusting citizens don't realize is that the Republican party is permanently hog-tied.  Going back to a landmark 1982 court case and "Consent Decree" the Republicans entered into, which was affirmed again in 2009, the Republicans are pretty much barred from doing much to challenge voter fraud in minority dominate districts.  You can Google-Fu a wide variety of interpretations of what the Consent Decree means in terms of Republican vigilance over suspected Voter Fraud, but suffice to say that the Daily Kos felt it important to publish a post in 2009 advising Democratic poll observers to understand their "rights" and ensure that the Republicans remained "in the box" so to speak and unable to challenge or assert much of anything in minority-rich districts.  The Republicans are held to a standard that the Democrats don't even have to try and meet.  It is classic Alinsky in action.

The Republican party has appealed the terms of the "Consent Decree" multiple times and has lost every time, including a request for modifications to the Decree.

So ... it may not matter if even after jumping through all the Electoral College hoops, rounding up the magical number of delegates and winning the nomination, Donald Trump does in fact "win" the Republican nod.

Maybe this is the reason why the Conspiracy Whisperers out there who claim that the Donald is running to "hand" the Presidency to Hillary feel so sure that no matter what happens, she will prevail. Either way, the Donald may win the right to headline the Republican ticket, but will lose the election itself.

It certainly explains why the current Republican Leadership goes through the motions of providing the barest fig leaf of "Opposition" to the entrenched status quo Uniparty Capitol Hill Machine funded by corporations and foreign agents and all the attendant courtiers, staff, scribes and other hangers-on that feed from it. It's why a major media commentator can openly scoff at the very idea that the existing government apparatus could - or should - be reduced, as I experienced in a conversation with a well known national face during an extended chat holed up in a bar at the St Louis airport waiting out the weather delays.

Those who believe that there is a magical solution within the existing two party structure need to do their own research on the alleged multiple instances of electoral fraud in 2012, the Consent Decrees that bind only the Republican party and consider Hillary's complete lack of angst about the prospect of potentially losing the election to arrive at a not unreasonable conclusion that there is no path forward for moderate private citizen interests in either existing camp.  All things have a natural life cycle; perhaps the Republican party has reached the terminus of its.

 How the Obama Administration plans to steal elections FOREVER

Stick a fork in the big, juicy elephant:  they're done.  The sooner people accept what is, "IS" and move on, the better. The only question that remains  - what are YOU going to do about it?

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