Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What would a muslim President do? ....

Rhetorical Question Time:  Would would a Muslim President Do?

An excellent summary by Eric Allen Bell. 
Read and Share.

Obama bows in submission to the Sunni Saudi King
 So my question to you is this: Does it matter if Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim or if Barry, who announced his plan to be President, at the home of a sixties American terrorist, is a blatant Marxist? The net effect is the same. Whether Liberal Lemming, Islamic Apologist or a secret Islamist, the net effect is still the same.

When Bugging Out is NOT an Option #2: Plusing-Up Perimeter Security Part I

The Year in Review

A special thanks to Doug Ross @TheJournal for bestowing the "Rookie" award to StopShoutingBlog for the 2015 #FAB50 Awards

New contributors Partyzanski and the rest of "Team Skiff" are new to blogging, so the award was a pleasant surprise and a most welcome encouragement to keep going.

Reactivating the blog has caused me to dust off the cobwebs, reflect on the highlights and also unpack some old material.  Going through the archives, here are the top 10 Posts, based on unique visitor all time traffic:

1. Still #1 - "The Rant"- My Rebuttal to a Progressive

2. Ten Rules for Liberty Guerillas

3. 4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite, Parts I & II

4. the No Buy List travels a well trodden road to tyranny

5. When Bugging Out is not an option

6. Lies the President, Pentagon and Obamedia MAY have told me

7.  5 Myths about Greece the Banksters need you to believe

8. Unicorns, Skittles and Fairytales: Deconstructing the Dishonest DoD Report

9. Cultural Marxism:  Any race but Caucasian

and finally,

10.  Clear as a bell - Understanding Islam's true enemy: Individual Liberty

Thanks for your support, good wishes and encouragement.  2016, in this dynamic global environment should offer an abundance of material to blog about !

Yours in Liberty,


Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Morning Roundup

Corsica, France: The multicultural pot boils over ... hundreds take to the street shouting anti-Arab slogans in support of fire, police and emergency services workers who they believe were targeted for ambush in a deliberately set fire in a slum on the French island of Corsica.  As part of the protest, a Command and Control Center outpost muslim prayer room was damaged.

Chocolate Lovers are safe, for now: Defying dire predictions for severe and unprecedented cocoa shortages due to fears that Ebola combined with unusually dry weather conditions in the cocoa producing regions of Africa would negatively impact the 2015 cocoa harvest, the International Cocoa Organization reports that these negative inputs were offset by marginally increased yields due to the use of supplemental fertilizers and pesticides, with only a modest 4% decrease in world production output over last year, well below what was forecast.

Stories about real Heroes still sell: American Sniper was the overall #1 top Netflix movie for 2015 

A Recipe for Disaster?  Red Bull and Vodka Jello Shots for New Year's Eve

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Team Skiff Sunday Read: Unicorns, Skittles and Fairytales: Deconstructing the Dishonest DOD December 2015 Final Report on Afghanistan

 Unicorns, Skittles and Fairytales:  The Powers Pretend-Play Doctrine

A brutal but necessary review of the DoD Report on Afghanistan

 All material on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or reproduced without the owner's permission.
Warning: This is a longer than usual read, but we think it is worth it.  
Feel free to bookmark the original DOD report, and refer back to it often. 

Team Skittles:  Getting Americans Killed because you're not watching

DoD December 2015 Final Report on Afghanistan

We stated that we would get around to providing some analysis and commentary on the DoD Report (December 2015) listed above. Here you are.  The most recent attack on US Forces embedded in Afghanistan just restarted the Team Skiff wondering what the strategy was in Afghanistan. Luckily, that is spelled out by POTUS in the beginning of the document:

current U.S. strategy and objectives in Afghanistan are to disrupt threats posed by al Qaeda, support the ANDSF, and give the Afghan people the opportunity to succeed as they stand on their own.” - POTUS

Once strategy is lined up, what are the objectives to achieve with the strategy? They helpfully state the following:

continue building the capabilities and long-term sustainability of the ANDSF


U.S. Counter terrorism efforts remain focused on the defeat of al Qaeda and its associates, protecting U.S. forces, and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorists to plan attacks against the U.S. homeland and U.S. interests and partners.

It would be more helpful if strategy and objectives were something a bit more solid, like KILL THE ENEMY, ENFORCE POLITICAL WILL, MOVE ON.

Who makes up this stuff? Who is manning the ramparts in Afghanistan, so to speak?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite Part II of III

4th Generation Warfare and the reluctant Suburbanite
What it means for you and yours
A Three Part Series - Part II of III
By Partyzantski 
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In Part I, I opened up this series by saying this applies to you and your Suburban enclave, as well as your charges. It does. As that foreign dysfunction is now being imported directly here, it matters to you. That dysfunction, with Federal subsidies, payments and benefits that you do not even know about or are even eligible for (yet, YOUR tax dollars fund), are now going to compete with you and yours for jobs. It is as if the Romans made Christ pay for his own crucifixion. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and News about the New Year and New Ventures

Merry Christmas to all of our Readers!  It has been an interesting journey re-igniting the blog, and your support, good wishes, comments and ideas have all been very much appreciated and digested.

Going forward into 2016, we will continue to migrate the Stop Shouting Blog from its existing blogger platform over to the Wordpress platform.  Some of the most popular posts we will migrate and mirror over there; otherwise, this blog will stay up as an archive.

In addition to moving and setting up shop in a new home, we will also finally be activating a new blog that I've had parked in neutral for quite some time now, stashing articles on various topics relating to some of the wavetops listed below and haven't hit the "activate" button on: The Rebel's Garden

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Examining the Path to Genocide: Is this where the Obama Regime is leading us? You decide. STAGE TWO

Examining the Path to Genocide

Stage Two:  "Symbolization"

When Bugging Out is NOT an Option #1: Strengthening Security to Shelter in Place

You have Questions, we try to answer.  The following series of upcoming Tuesday Prepping posts are in response to Reader Questions about what basic steps should anyone new to prepping or becoming aware of their own home's vulnerability should take to prepare and secure themselves should the security situation in the USA begin to decline more precipitously than it is now.

There are a lot of posts about how to prep for a SHTF/TEOTWAWKI scenario and "bugging out" when that happens.

It's just not practical - for a variety of reasons.  Most people who subscribe to this romantic notion of packing it all up and fleeing to safety in the hinterlands are living in a world not grounded in reality.  Generally, they're people who have never lived off the grid or without modern amenities for any extended period of time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

LIES the President, Pentagon and Obamedia MAY have told me .... the Afghani Quagmire, A PZ Rant

"Lies the President, Pentagon and Obamedia MAY have told me ... the Afghani Quagmire, as explained by Partyzanski"

Taliban attacks NATO-Afghan patrol outside Kabul,  
6 American servicemembers KIA
2 gravely wounded

Stories like this make my blood boil. There are a number of issues here, but first, let us have a moment of silent thought for the dead and wounded, and for their families.

* * *

US Intelligence Community: ISIS will seek to exploit "Refugee" pipeline

Republican contender Donald Trump is excoriated and demonized in the national and international press for suggesting that a moratorium on immigration intake – specifically, “refugee” resettlement from middle eastern majority muslim countries - be enacted immediately as a matter of national security.

M1911 Pistol Review

The M1911 in context, CMP sales soon!

The M1911 pistol holds a special place in American lore. From earliest days, through the Civil War, the Colt M1873 peacemaker, to the turn of the Century and the rise of an Empire with the M1911... pistols have been there. Perhaps the most iconic American pistol of all time is the M1911 service pistol by John Browning. The U.S. Government bought somewhere around 2.7 million of them between 1911 and 1986. They were built by many contractors, all for use in combat. The wartime design was slightly modified in 1926 into the M1911A1 to accommodate smaller hands and make it easier to operate. These bore a Parkerized finish, instead of the bluing of the earlier 1911 along with different grip materials.

Monday, December 21, 2015

European History Highlight: A Synopsis of the Winter Solstice

December 21st, the longest night in the northern hemisphere, represents the tipping point where the days turn from decreasing in length to slowly increasing in length.  It was a day of high celebration for our ancestors coping with their harsh climate of freezing temperatures and inability to farm or forage until Spring. Hunger was not unknown or unexpected.  The Winter Solstice marked the turn of the wheel towards Hope; and looking forward to the renewal of Spring and the bounty that implied.

Monday Morning Roundup

Massive landslide swallows 22 residential and industrial buildings in China's Guangdong province in the South just before noon local time Sunday Dec 20th.

Disgraced Ernst & Young global accounting firm, now rebranded as "E&Y", attempts to repackage themselves as "cybersecurity experts", issuing a Press Release outlining "Top Fraud and Corruption Trends in 2016".
I guess they would have the experience and know-how to speculate.

Things to know before you hit the "mystery airline" purchase button from Priceline: Union Chief says Air France has a significant "fundamentalist problem", kicking out nearly 500 members of its 2,000 member strong union for "fundamentalist islamist" attitudes.

Trendspotters say Cider is the top trending cocktail ingredient for the 2015 season, turning up in popular seasonal offerings like "Citrusy Cider, Scotch and Lavender".

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6 US Troops killed in Taliban suicide attack near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

Dateline Mon Dec 21, 2015
Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Major media are reporting 6 US soldiers, on patrol outside the wire in a joint US-Afghan effort, were killed by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.

A suicide bombing near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan killed six U.S. troops and wounded two other Americans and an interpreter, a senior U.S. defense official confirms to Fox News.

As reported by the UK Telegraph:

The attack comes 24 hours after Taliban insurgents stormed Sangin district centre in Helmand, deepening concerns that Afghan security forces are unable to contain the militant group without greater support from international troops. 

More than 100 British troops died to protect Sangin, an opium-rich district located in the Taliban’s traditional heartland. 

On Monday night, the Taliban still controlled key government buildings in Sangin and most of the surrounding district. 

Astute Readers of this blog will recognize that the struggle for control centers only around the "opium-rich district", an area of Afghanistan that has seen a
35-fold increase in opium capacity since the US footprint made itself known.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Night Thought to Lead Us Into the Weekend ...

Dear Readers,

Many of you have visited this blog and left kind words of encouragement.

To those who have e-mailed with specific questions and concerns, we (Team Skiff) will try and answer and address them in turn.

I, YTZ4Mee and the other members of Team Skiff appreciate your attention and support. It makes a difference. I urge all of you, if you feel alone in the wilderness, to speak your mind and encourage your fellow Americans. 

This has been a discouraging day for many, on many different levels.  We will rise above, we will forge a new path, we will prevail.

Proverbs 24:10   

Douay-Rheims ~ 1899 American Edition ~ (DRA)

10 If thou lose hope being weary in the day of distress, thy strength shall be diminished.


Lend your moral strength to your family and to those in your circle.

Provide succor to those who depend upon you, for these are harsh times. Let us uplift and encourage one another and we will prevail in the end.

Thank you,


Thanks for reading.  You can follow us on Twitter @stopshoutblog or email us
Questions, comments and concerns always welcome!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Terms and Military Symbols
December 2015 edition 

IRON MAN? .... Not so much

"Enhanced Human Operations" - Reality or No?
Our Readers have questions, We try to answer....
Today's Reader question answered by faithful correspondent Partyzanski:
The “Skiff” received a reader request over the transom that was intriguing. A close associate from the left coast asked for an opinion on the following article, and it offers ripe topics for discussion.

Enhanced Human Operations 

Is the Six Million Dollar Man about to become a reality?  Probably not.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Saudi Anti-Terror Coalition: Dead on Day One??

Danger on the Horizon for a Fragile Coalition
Daring Snatch & Grab of Two Qatari Royals timed to coincide with announcement of Saudi led Anti-Terrorism Coalition will test the cohesiveness of the group

Update: Less than 24 hrs after Saudi Arabia's press conference and the abduction of the Qatari Royals, 4 countries signalled that they were "not" members of the coalition and made very public that they had "not been consulted"....

All material on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or reproduced without the owner's permission.
This piece was submitted by a Guest Columnist, a recently retired military intelligence officer with specific regional expertise in the ever evolving and volatile Iraqi alliances and internal security issues
Danger on the Horizon for the Saudi anti-terror coalition
The news today carried an article with details of a mass abduction of Qatari hunters in Southern Iraq. While abduction is commonplace in Iraq as an ideological as well as financial issue, this event was notable in that at least 2 members of the Qatari ruling family have been acknowledged to have been among those spirited away.

The kidnappings took place in Southern Iraq near Layyah

12 Days of Giving: Day 9 : Giving to One Who Is Noble

I have been laid low by a particularly nasty round of what my Marine terms "the krud" (very scientific, I know).  It had been my intent to blog daily about our "12 Days of Giving" but I just haven't been up to the task.

However, Day #9, December 16th, is the day for "Nobility" in the "Name-Day Calendar".  I thought it appropriate to make today's Day of Giving a fundraiser for someone who exemplifies what the word "Noble" means and has given much, and asked for very little in return.

December 16th is also a day with some heavy military history attached to it:  Pepin of Herstal, "natural" father of Charles Martel, who would save Europe from Islam, died on this day in 714; Oliver Cromwell is named "Lord Protectorate" of the Commonwealth of England in 1653; and on this day in 1773, the Sons of Liberty dumped tea into Boston Harbor, setting into place a major turning point in history.

Examining the Path to GENOCIDE: Is this where the Obama Regime is Leading Us? You decide. STAGE ONE

Examining the Path to Genocide 

A 10 Stage Process
Stage One:  "Classification"

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ICEBERG WARNING !! 4th Generation Warfare Brought Home

A brief overview of the Iceberg Doctrine - 4th Generation Warfare brought home
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

12 Days of Giving 2015: Day 12

Most people are familiar with the Western tradition of the "Twelve Days of Christmas", which refers to the period after December 25th to the Ephiphany.  Celebrants traditionally exchange gifts each day during this period; and in many traditions, the "12th Night" marks the closure of the Christmas season and the dismantling and stowing of seasonal decorations.

In our home, some years ago, we elected to gather as a family and do our gift exchange and feasting on January 6th, "Three Kings Day".  There were many practical reasons for this - and certainly, with children now fully grown and integrating into new households, it reduces the pressure on them to compete for time and attention with their "new" family.

... About those Stolen Propane Tanks ... a Team Skiff Sunday Read

We appreciate feedback, questions and concerns from our Readers.  The following article is in response to questions posed to us by Readers wondering "if" the recent stories about thefts of Propane Tanks "means anything"

Compiled with technical information supplied by Team Skiff 

More detailed information is provided by the embedded links.
Thank you for your support and interest --

Social Media has exploded in the last few days over concerns raised with the "See Something, Say Something" sharing of the out of the ordinary purchase of large quantities of cell phones and theft of propane cylinders in Kansas City, Mo.
Additionally, an alert citizen with the Twitter handle "Pokerman4Trump" tweeted a photo he took of what appeared to be "foreign" men loading a large quantity of propane cylinders in poor condition into the bed of a pickup truck which quickly began making the social media rounds.

Do average Americans have something to be alarmed about, or will these strange events merely be explained away by an innocent explanation?

The following post will provide readers some concept of what “propane tanks” could possibly be MacGyvered into by someone with ill intent.

In America, we are a mass consumer culture. If something breaks or is obsolete, we typically throw it out and buy something new to replace it. Repurposing things seems to have fallen out of favor with the mass culture, although America does have a robust “maker” subculture and many skilled craftsmen/women who can work material wonders.

The most common criminal use of propane tanks in America is seen in rural, agricultural areas. The tanks are used as receptacles for stealing anhydrous ammonia from farmers. Farmers use anhydrous ammonia for fertilizing and conditioning soil and often have large quantities on hand. Criminals steal the ammonia for use in the manufacture of illicit drugs such as methamphetamine and transport their stolen goods in propane cylinders.

Propane Tanks used for this criminal but non terrorist purpose (stealing ammonia) have vividly corroded brass valves, with a distinct blue-green patina on them. Any tanks that look like this should not be handled and should be reported immediately, as they are a safety hazard and indica of methamphetamine manufacture

However ... a more disturbing repurposing of propane tanks other than garden variety criminal theft has been adopted by jihadis worldwide.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Arithmetic on the Frontier ... A Retrospective on 14 years of War

-Penned by Guest Columnist Partyzanski, a veteran SASO Trainer and former forward deployed embedded OIF military advisor-

A brief thought on the past 14 years of war...

The 9/11 attacks left the POTUS in the position of having to do "something", anything, to maintain public confidence. There are a number of motivations in that - not all pure - but that is for a different day.

Consider if you will the publicly stated reasons for the wars and then mull over the conduct of those wars. Counter Insurgency, Support and Stability Operations, Human Terrain contractors... every rotation seems to have brought a new buzz word or fad that careers were built upon. Ask yourself this... who won? Did WE win? Win what, exactly? What policy objectives were achieved? More importantly, which (if any) policy objectives have endured?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Go Pro or No? A Theory on the Release Date for the San Bernardino Footage

-the following is a guest column-

There has been a lot of chatter surrounding the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino with respect to the theory that the terrorists were wearing Go Pro cameras with the intent to film the attack.  It has been reported that packaging for Go Pro cameras was found in the rented SUV.

If the two dead Muslim terrorists had filmed with a GoPro setup (witnesses stated they saw GoPro on them during the attack) where is the footage? What will it be used for, and how?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

CLEAR AS A BELL: Understanding Islam's real enemy: Individual Liberty

Recently I've participated in a few online discussions about the most recent multivictim terrorist attack against innocent civilians that took place on US soil in San Bernardino, CA on December 2nd, 2015.

Most commenters who are aware that the issue is Islam, not "workplace violence" or disingenuously, "guns", then go on to comment that Islam is at war with the "West".

I think it goes deeper than that.


There's now another little cozy corner of the internet for conservatives to gather and chat that just recently opened up.  Stella runs a blog that doesn't focus just solely on politics which sometimes is a necessary respite. I hope you'll visit and stay awhile and meet some new like-minded friends.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Gauntlet is Thrown at the Third Battle of Bull Run - Progressives on High Alert

Dateline: Manassas, VA

2 December, 2015

Filed by Roving Reporter Partyzanski

I opened up an email 2 days ago and found an invite for the Trump appearance at the Prince William County Fairgrounds in Manassas, Virginia. The online ticket process was easy and fast, just as it should be.

The 2nd of December arrived as an overcast, wet day with seasonal temperatures. As I had just come from a job interview, I put the suit away and dressed comfortably in anticipation of having to deal with the weather. Traffic was not heavy heading to the venue. As I slowed to get in line to turn, I heard the anti-Trump protesters first, and then saw them. I estimate maybe 80 people, walking in a circle and arrhythmical beating on objects to make noise while some wag tooted on a whistle. The net effect was to make the anti-Trump slogans almost unintelligible.  It is hard to determine if this was a genuine grassroots protest effort, or a poorly organized and coordinated faux front group.  They just didn't seem to have their heart truly in it.