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SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library: "Coup d'Etat - a Practical Handbook- a Brilliant Guide to Taking Over a Nation" - Tuesday Book Review of the Luttwak classic

 **REPOST: This post was originally published on January 19th, 2016.  Coup D'Etat is back in stock, and is also available as a Kindle E-book version.**
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 "Coup d'Etat - A Practical Handbook -   Brilliant Guide to Taking over a Nation" 
A PZ Tuesday "Must Have" Book Review
First off, I want to address all the "folks" out there that may be concerned about the title of this work.  I am not advocating or urging anything of the sort, although coup d'etat remains a more common means of installing a government than elections.  This is a book review. It is only that.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

SHTF Self Education Series ~ From the Library: A Review of "Civil War Two"

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Originally published April 12, 2016.

In 1996, Thomas Chittum published an interesting book that offered a glimpse of a theoretical future America.  In 2016, a mere 2 decades later, it is illuminating and quite revealing to look at where we were when the book was released, and where we are today.  What we are yet to be is a unfinished question.  Based upon analysis of trends and a knowledge of human organization through history, Chittum provides a logical explanation for what he forecast.  While I am not 100% sympatico with his vision of the future, you must give kudos to the man for how close he called it 20 years ago.

Author's personal copy, Amazon photo was too grainy for my quality standards.

Monday, July 4, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: Tuesday Book Review from the Library - "Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics"

What I have for you today dear Readers is a most unusual and irreverent book by Geoff Demarest. It is not a novel, it is not “entertrainment” in the Max Velocity way, it is not a traditional academic paper or policy paper... it is sui generis.

It is about 520-ish pages comprised of 144 individual sections, all focused upon some aspect of insurgency, what insurgents do and what anti insurgent forces should consider. It is not a book that is written to be devoured at one sitting, it is a non stop buffet of thought provoking discussion

Amazon Purchase Link To: Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics

Thursday, June 23, 2016

THROWBACK THURSDAY ~ SHTF Self-Education Series - From the Library: "Special Forces - Guerrilla Warfare Manual"

THROWBACK THURSDAY:  This was the first book review published in December, 2015.  

All material published on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or shared without written permission from the owner and with full attribution.

Here at, you have come to expect writing on some difficult topics and some professional insights that you might not otherwise find elsewhere.  In response to Reader requests, we will start to review and summarize some of the literature from our own library that may offer some guidance to the average citizen.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Update: Back in stock .. SHTF Self-Education Book Review: Wolves Among the Sheep....

**Bumped:  Copies of Wolves Among the Sheep are now back in stock at Amazon!

** A very special thank-you to long-time member of the Patriot/Liberty community and loyal Reader MaryfromMarin for bringing this book to our attention, and for kindly sending us a copy to review.

Dear ReadersI am reviewing a book today that may be the most important that I have done to date, as it is applicable RIGHT NOW in YOUR life and those around you. Although Dr. Isaac's well researched work approaches the issue of "safety and security" from a different perspective than I do, once I cracked open the covers and read the first few paragraphs I was hooked - and completed reading the book in one uninterrupted sitting.  You should strive to get this book into the hands of as many people you care about as possible.

It is a book concerned with recognition of danger and of malefactors.  On the surface, it would seem to approach the topic from the point of view of solely concerning Churches and other ministry activities, but to dismiss it as such is to do yourself and your loved ones a profound disservice.  I approached this topic with some skepticism and from the viewpoint of a lapsed Catholic life, thinking this was only about Churches.  I was so, so wrong, as it is so much more than that.  The book rewards those with faith in the message itself, not in any specific faith overview.  It is eminently practical advice of great utility in anyone's life.  If you have children, even more so.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Goodbye Poland: Deportation, Internment in Siberia, Escape and Anders Army

Readers here expect a certain type of book to be reviewed.  I have the pleasure here of reviewing my first e-book and I believe that you will find it deeply interesting and informative.

Goodbye Poland by Stefan Maczka is not a typical book in structure or content.  It details the deportation of a 17 year old from the eastern reaches of Poland in World War II, through escape, joining the Polish Anders Army, training in Iraq (I see he was stationed briefly at a base I inhabited!) and elsewhere, up through the Italian campaign and taking Monte Cassino.  The demobilization and aftermath are also covered.

Photo from the movie adaptation of "The Long Walk" about Polish internees in Siberia

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Tuesday Book Review: Patriot Rising - The Unbroken

As we take pause to honor those who have died for our freedom this past weekend, it is fitting that I write today a review of Max Velocity's novel "Patriot Rising - The Unbroken".

I have previously reviewed his other works "Contact!" (non-fictional tactical training manual) and the prequel "Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises" (fictional enterTRAINment).

As you may recall from his last book I reviewed, I coined the term "enterTRAINment" for the combination of engaging story line, believable human characters and word pictures of tactics, techniques and procedures that directly relate to the story and its development.  It is a means to train your intellect and sensitize you to the actual conduct of operations and planning that are inherent in any military operation so that when you see the material again, it is not foreign to you.

The copy I am reviewing today is copyrighted by Max Alexander in 2015, and bears ISBN-13: 978-1519738950.   About 400 pages in length, with  appropriate maps and graphics, Max Alexander in true American fashion has published this work himself.  The production value is high, with a sturdy glossy cover and a solid binding that should last for quite a few readings over the years.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

SHTF Self-Education: Introduction to Pressure Canning

My interest in pressure canning began when I became concerned about the meat stored in our large chest freezer in the event of an extended power outage.  We had just purchased a custom butchered quarter cow and half hog, as well as game that my husband had procured and free range poultry he earned by volunteering at a local farm on chicken slaughtering days.  It would be impossible to cook/save all of it in the event of long term loss of power.  Anxious about potentially losing such a significant investment, I began seeking ways to diversify our food storage.

Investing in a quality pressure canner is investing in a piece of American history.  The number one seller of pressure canners in the USA is the "All American" brand produced by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry founded in 1909.  Their line up of pressure canners has stood the test of time, is heirloom quality and range in size from 10 qt to 41 qts.

As an aside, the Wisconsin Foundry also sells a line of electric sterilizers (autoclaves). In a pinch, your pressure canner could be a substitute autoclave to properly sterilize instruments, equipment and bandages.  Autoclaving sterilization works by steam and pressure to kill infectious organisms, which is the function of a pressure canner.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series Tuesday Book Review: The Interrogator

This book review is of a text that really is more a biography of an extremely interesting man than a handbook on interrogation.  So, if what you are looking for is more KUBARK-ish, go here.  KUBARK is a CIA manual that has long since been declassified (January 1997).  It was originated in July 1963 and was originally classified as "SECRET NO FOREIGN DISSEM".  The link provided to KUBARK is legitimate and is part of the NSA archive.

Friday, May 20, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series Tuesday Book Review: The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline

As a diversion from the usual crop of categories that I blog about here and in the interests of diversity, I am reviewing a book that was given to me by a Colonel who I served in Iraq.  Without divulging him, I will just say that he is a physically imposing guy who has a life story that legends are made of.  He could regale the troops with song, a story woven expertly or quote Wilford Owen in depth. I owe him much.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: "From the Library" The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation

The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation - Col S.L.A Marshall (USMC)
A Partyzantski Book Review

     One factor that bears down upon us all - prepper, military, police, Wal Mart shopper alike is the load that one carries.  One cannot help but sense the physical pull of gravity, especially after carrying a pack all day.  It robs you of attention, sensation and energy with every step.  To provide some historical perspective on this subject, I am breaking out the S.L.A. Marshall classic, "The Soldier's Load and the Mobility of a Nation" to provide you with some solid background on how much people can realistically carry and do their job.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series From the Library: Battle Leadership

     I wanted to write about a book that I have had on my professional book stack for years.  I bought it as a young(-ish) 2nd Lieutenant.  The tag on the back reads MCX LEJEUNE, and I paid the amazing sum of $2.50 for it back in the day.  There are those that consider the price of the book is commensurate with the value of the contents.  I assure you that the relationship is nonlinear, which is why I want to communicate to you that good information is where you find it, and that you don't need to spend a King's ransom to get it.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A short comment on Forward Observer's "Introduction to Counter Intelligence"

“O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea.”

If you have not already read it , you would be well served to read Forward Observer Magazine's piece "Introduction to Counterintelligence" .  If you are reading my article here first, go to it as your next stop.  Do not pass go, you get the picture.  I will state off the bat that the author does not misstate the nature and importance of counter intelligence (CI).  I do veer off his path in that it is my firmly held belief that CI is not a function that you do AFTER an event, or after "SHTF"..., you do it now, you do it continuously, you practice what you preach and you protect you and yours, as well as your interests by doing so.

Friday, April 29, 2016

WARNING!! Interrogation techniques are being used in the schools

     While America has slid down the slippery slope during the "Global War on Terror" and the concomitant rise of the fascist American police state, a once innocent venue has become more like a Guantanamo Bay waterboarding session than not.  Yes, you read that correctly... interrogation techniques reserved for hardened criminals and terrorists are being used on YOUR children, in schools that many of you willingly keep sending them to.

The Juvenile "Criminal" population is a fast growing segment in the private prison industry

     This article by Lambert Strether lays it out for you.  The purpose of this is apparently to shake down confessions out of the student body.  I submit to you that it more likely is a means to provide coercive control over the students.  The fear of interrogation can be quite a motivator to keep your head down and color only between the lines.

Tuesday Book Review: "Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises" ~ Believable EnterTRAINment

**Originally published Tuesday, April 26th, 2016** -- **BUMPED** --  

Max Velocity, the nom de guerre of the author of "Contact!" (You can read my review of Contact!, published in March 2016, HERE) has written more than just an invaluable tactical "how-to" manual for those wishing to prepare and be informed.  He has branched out and written two works of near future political fiction, of which I am reviewing the first, titled "Patriot Dawn", here.  The paperback is suitable for a wide audience - no prior military exposure or political vein is required to enjoy the book on several levels.  I am finding that Max Velocity's writing works to not only entertain, but to do so with purpose and vigor as a means of training.  I will use this post to inaugurate a new genre named "enterTRAINment".  It is through compelling story elements and structure that the Reader is exposed to and absorbs the tactical lessons, tactics and procedures that Max Velocity pounds home on in his work, "Contact!"  As such, consider it to augment the book "Contact!", as it is really a training enforcer for that work.

SHTF Self-Education Series Book Review: CONTACT! - Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

**Bumped - Companion to this week's Book Review of Max's Fictional Novel, "Patriot Dawn"

"Contact! - Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival:  So good you may want to buy it before it gets banned!"

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of the 2nd edition of CONTACT! so that I could review the work and provide some information to the reading consumer on the content and value of the work.  First and foremost, understand what you are getting when you buy this manual- you are buying the condensed wisdom and talent of a man who spent most of a career in the British Special Operations Forces in the Parachute Regiment.  To put it in perspective for an American audience, Max Velocity describes its function as most closely aligned with that of the American 75th Ranger Regiment.  The author spent several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq in a variety of roles, both military and as a contractor.  Upon retirement, he moved to the United States with his American wife and joined the American Army as a Combat Medic and Civil Affairs Specialist.  Understanding the breadth and depth of his experience, you will know immediately the value of what is between the soft covers of this work as being forged in battle and in hard circumstances.  What you get within these pages is no bluster, no nonsense and of practical use.

So good, you may want to buy it before it gets banned!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: The Coming Anarchy: A book review by Partyzantski

I am reviewing a book today that has been on my shelf for quite some time.  It bears a copyright of 2000, the edition I am covering here is the 2001 edition by First Vintage Books.  To put this book in some historical context, the aftermath of the Cold War was still being processed and the rotting timbers of the post Soviet state were still actively falling asunder.

The key takeaway from this book is a vision of what the future looks like, because we have been living amongst it and not noticed.  The future is the hollow state, with sharply defined haves and have nots... it is a hypersegregated world not unlike Brazil.  Why is this important for the readership here?  It is important as it provides an alternate set of planning assumptions for the crowd generally known as "preppers".  While it is a relief to consider that the world will probably not be rendered a moonscape through limited nuclear war (if such a thing exists), the proposed grinding, chaotic fallen nation states that will carry on are not exactly comforting.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Book Review Tuesday: The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations

In a break with my usual reading subject matter, from time to time I step clean off of the ranch into other topics that, strangely enough, loop right back to where I started!

The book that is under review here is the paperback by Ori Brafman and Rod A Beckstrom.  The specific edition is copyright 2006 and is published by Decentralized Revolution, LLC; ISBN # 978-1-59184-183-8.  Readers with some area specific knowledge and background may suss out why I picked this up off the shelf, I'll get to that in due time.

Support this blog by buying a copy from us via Amazon

Link to Purchase a Copy of Starfish and Spider

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Prepper's Home Defense By Jim Cobb - An Introduction to Security Strategies Book Review

The copy of Prepper's Home Defense- Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary that I am reviewing here is by Jim Cobb.  It is published by Ulysses Press and is copyrighted 2012.  For those searching for it by ISBN: 978-1-61243-115-4.

The topic of this work is of great contemporary interest to Americans from all walks of life.  There is an innate drive to protect that which is yours, both material and family from the unknown ravages of an uncertain future.  It is common practice for books of this genre to approach the subject from an assumption that "SHTF" or "TEOTWAWKI" is in effect.  This is not different, as the opening planning assumption in the introduction is that "a long term lapse in social services" is present

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Book Review Series: From the Library: A Message to Garcia

One of the core books that all fresh prospective 2nd Lieutenants are directed to read is Elbert Hubbard's classic, "A message to Garcia".  The copy that I am reviewing here is the hardcover from my personal collection, it is copyrighted 1977 and 1982.  The publisher is Peter Pauper Press, Inc.  I have to say, the book as seen on the shelf is not overwhelming.  There is no graphically tweaked cover design, no attention grabber that says, "buy this!".  What did tell me to buy it was the Chain of Command, and in this, they were so, so right that anyone (military or civilian, no matter your age or station in life) is totally wrong if they do not go and read it.  Yes, it is that important.  I will even venture to call it a foundational work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Review: Simple Sabotage Field Manual #3 - Revisiting a WWII Classic

I have just done a temporary relocation from FEMA region III to FEMA region IV. Route 95 has well earned the nickname “the iron pipeline” from the sheer volume of traffic. It also provided an ample opportunity to mull over some topics that I might better develop in writing to interest you, the readership here at

There is a worn path already on working within the “system”. Many of us realize that we are not “bugging out” anywhere for a variety of reasons. We also realize that we can at least exercise our inner sense of wit to maintain our human dignity. We understand that our mortal enemies (in whatever form they may take), in fighting against individual liberty and justice have taught us much of their craft by being so long at the task. I realize that it is at times not obvious, but it is nonetheless true. You may find some materials on this line of operation at Kit Lange's “Order of the White Rose”

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library: Phantom Soldier- The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower

For those of you who have been with us a while, you will recognize the theme of 4th Generation Warfare as a common refrain.  What I have for you today is a look at H. John Poole's work, "Phantom Soldier- The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower".  It is published by Posterity Press and is copyright 2001.  I am reviewing a first printing of the work here.

Ten LAWFUL Acts of Political Resistance for Liberty Guerillas

A few years ago, my co-blogger Partyzantski had mentioned the self-help book,
"Total Resistance", which is this week's SHTF Self-Education From The Library book review selection in an online "conservative" discussion forum.  Many of the comments from those without any military background or training were negative - they couldn't understand the value of a manual dedicated to "Total Resistance", and found that the guerilla operations information to be unsettling and unhelpful in a "peaceful democracy" like the USA.

Well - things have changed, haven't they?

SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library - TOTAL RESISTANCE by Maj H. Von Dach


Today, I am compelled by conscience to write a review of a classic treatise on guerrilla warfare and underground operations.  I present to you Maj H. Von Dach's timeless classic, "Total Resistance".  The last guerrilla manual reviewed here was Scott Wimberly's book, "Special Forces Guerrilla Warfare Manual".  While the work of Wimberly is a rich vein of information ore, "Total Resistance" is written from a different perspective and strip mines the ore in a different field.  I will illustrate that in this review, while filling you in on the content and context of the work.  Both books belong on your shelf after you read them, and I will illustrate why- they are complementary works.  They go together like milk and cookies.  While Wimberly's book does not appear to be banned in Germany, Major Von Dach's IS (1)  It may hit too close to home for the comfort of the Frau Merkel apparatchik class.

Monday, January 25, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: A Prepping E-Book to Avoid?

We have received a lot of e-mail requests here @ StopShouting blog.  Among them were requests to review and critique some of the "Prepping" books on the market today, with an eye to practicality and whether the advice is sound.

SHTF Prepping: 100 Amazing tips, tricks, hacks and DIY prepper projects, along with 77 items you need in your SHTF stockpile now!” - by Kevin Moore

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beginning a Preppers "SHTF" Garden? Avoid the hidden hazards - Here's some important safety info you need to know.

Many prepping advice sites discuss in addition to long term food storage, the need to have an ongoing, long term food source you control, such as a garden or aquaponics setup. There are many excellent blogs dedicated to planning, setting up, growing and organically managing a SHTF prepper's garden.  This is not "that" type of post.

This post is about some basic safety information you need to know before you venture out and commune with the land.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

VBIEDS (Vehicle Borne IEDs) and Security Architecture

Matt Bracken has postulated that VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) will be a feature of the coming disruption.  While it is a statement that will jar a normal civilian who is drenched in normalcy bias, I would suggest that VBIEDs will become a part of life here in America.  They already have, and I will show you why.  Understanding how to adapt commercial style Force Protection measures against VBIEDs to your own location should be an integral part of your personal security planning.