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Book Reviews - An Ongoing List of Previously Published SHTF Self-Education Reviews

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Thomas Jefferson Library, Library of Congress, Washington DC

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5 stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition: A Two Front Assault on America

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter turmoil, a repost seems appropriate.
Originally published June 21, 2016.

PZ Comments: The history of urban guerrilla conflict informs understanding of contemporary American political discourse and protest, which is exclusively done in urban areas as seen on your nightly news.  Our founder and intrepid staff writer/researcher YTZ unearthed a RAND report by terrorism and security expert Brian Michael Jenkins from the dusty recesses of 1971 to highlight elements of this dynamic.  

4th Gen Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite: Understanding What it means for YOU Part I of III

4th Generation Warfare and the reluctant Suburbanite
What it means for you and yours
A Three Part Series - Part I of III
By Partyzantski 
All material on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or reproduced without the owner's permission.

By this point in time, readers of blogs and posts like this can be assumed to have a degree of familiarity with at least the term “4th Generation War” (hereafter denoted “4GW”). Readers with no military experience, freeze dried Lance Corporals (hello, 4th Marine Division ... there, I said it. If the dunce cap fits, wear it) and all degrees in between should take heed and understand this. It is not theoretical, it is not merely something in a term paper or academic article. 4GW is here, it is local, and it impacts YOU. And your family.

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"Team Skiff" Sunday Read: Review of the Final Report on Combat Terrorists and Foreign Fighter Travel Task Force

Repost - In light of the attack at OSU today, people should be mindful that the Obama Administration has been well aware of the danger that the Somali muslim resettled population poses to Americans and has consistently lied about it.
We appreciate feedback, questions and concerns from our Readers.  The following article is in response to questions posed to us by Readers wondering if the recent government report had any actionable recommendations. More detailed information is provided by the embedded links 

-- All material on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or reproduced without the owner's permission. Thank you for your support and interest --

A Team Skiff Executive Summary:

Final Report of the Task Force on 
Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel, Sept 2015
US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee

Readers should consider reading it themselves so that there is no ambiguity in what is said by whom. The document may be downloaded for your convenience at

As this document is 66 pages long, it may take some time to discover the lines of argument and the data on which this was based. For your convenience, the Committee provided a summary and a pocket card (!) of the document. That a committee report can be distilled down to a pocket card is rather a new one on me, but this method ensures that harried folks will just cut to the designated chase conclusions and mouth the talking points without much critical thought.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Goodbye FUSA, I enjoyed our time together.

The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party's sharpest and most powerful weapon.
 Stalin, addressing the 12th Congress of the R.C.P., April 1923

"Fraction Magic", posits possible voter fraud through electronic voting machines, outlines exactly how the Corporatocracy that runs the modern West is able to remain self-assured that their "choices" will always prevail. "Voting" has been transformed into a sleight of hand magick trick to keep the masses believing that they are "invested" in the outcome.

DO take the time to watch the full video - digest - and share - posted at

As I blogged before, the modern GOP party is unfixable and will always "lose".  This video further explains why the Hillary coterie was so self-assured and smug that a Clinton "Victory" was inevitable, no matter what the evidence of the genuine ground game/enthusiasm/momentum trending for Trump was.

The Wikileaks and surprise announcement of the re-opening of the FBI investigation into Clinton Corruption (Hillary, the Foundation, Bill....) is making "justifying" the results of an already "rigged" system almost insurmountable now.  

 I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this —who will count the votes, and how.
-Attributed to Stalin by his former secretary Boris Bazhanov in his memoir, "The Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary"

If understanding actual Voter Fraud is important to you, check out the many resources investigated and posted at BlackBoxVoting.Org. 

The full length HBO award-winning documentary, "Hacking Democracy" is currently available on Amazon.

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Collective Amnesia: White Americans were enslaved by Muslim Raiders 200+ Years Ago


"Terrorizing Muslim pirates .... put them into the slavery many were never heard from again... the names of those captured by the barbary pirates were read aloud in their churches just as those who were lost at sea..."

Saudi-financed Islamic terrorism remains at war with the West; their historical predations are simply taking another format.  The terrorist threat from barbary pirates beginning in 1784 directly led to the founding of the US Navy to protect Americans from murder or capture and enslavement, as well as the security of US goods in the Mediterrean trade corridor. The US Navy to this day continues to patrol the waters of the barbary coast to secure US interests. The US Navy and Marines were finally allowed to confront the Islamic barbary pirates and end the terror in 1815.  Some estimates put the number of white captives as high as 1.25 Million people.

Negotiation and appeasement did not work (the "diplomatic" options were tried and failed, serving only to further embolden the Muslim aggression).  Only a concerted and "Total War" solution ended the aggression, terror and enslavement.

 In case the embedded video doesn't open in your browser, here is the link:

 Muslim kidnapping and enslavement of White Europeans for nearly 1,000 years

Terror, murder and enslavement of white people was so pervasive it was a recurring theme in popular literature in the West:

Free e-copy of Sumner's White Slavery in the Barbary States
courtesy of the Gutenberg project.

William J. Federer:  Islam's 3 Step Approach to Domination:


Increase (followers among disaffected minorities) Eliminate (native population)

What every American needs to know about the Quran style=

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Fight for Freedom.  Never Retreat.  Never Surrender. 

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SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library: "Coup d'Etat - a Practical Handbook- a Brilliant Guide to Taking Over a Nation" - Tuesday Book Review of the Luttwak classic

 **REPOST: This post was originally published on January 19th, 2016.  Coup D'Etat is back in stock, and is also available as a Kindle E-book version.**
The Thirst for Knowledge to read the #Teaparty Leaves is STRONG .... Paperback Copies of "Coup D'Etat" are TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK !!

YOU - Faithful Readers - DID THIS!
You can still place your order, and will have priority for when the book is back in stock !!

As of 2 pm EST, "Temporarily Out of Stock" - Outstanding !!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

 "Coup d'Etat - A Practical Handbook -   Brilliant Guide to Taking over a Nation" 
A PZ Tuesday "Must Have" Book Review
First off, I want to address all the "folks" out there that may be concerned about the title of this work.  I am not advocating or urging anything of the sort, although coup d'etat remains a more common means of installing a government than elections.  This is a book review. It is only that.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Color Revolution Comes to America ... and the color is RED not BLACK


The recent uptick in racial terrorism in America has caught the imagination of the public at large. There are many responses to this development, ranging from “clutch the pearls shocked” to far more sanguine thoughts. I won't dwell on that aspect, but will address the role of this spate of events and the American development of the so-called “Color Revolution”.

Gene Sharp, architect of the Color Revolution ideology
What is a “color revolution”? you may ask... it is a concept developed by Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Foundation (currently run out of his home near Logan Airport in Boston). 


SHTF Self Education Series ~ From the Library: A Review of "Civil War Two"

All material published on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or shared without prior written permission from the author and published with full attribution.  

Originally published April 12, 2016.

In 1996, Thomas Chittum published an interesting book that offered a glimpse of a theoretical future America.  In 2016, a mere 2 decades later, it is illuminating and quite revealing to look at where we were when the book was released, and where we are today.  What we are yet to be is a unfinished question.  Based upon analysis of trends and a knowledge of human organization through history, Chittum provides a logical explanation for what he forecast.  While I am not 100% sympatico with his vision of the future, you must give kudos to the man for how close he called it 20 years ago.

Author's personal copy, Amazon photo was too grainy for my quality standards.

Security Rules for your Home: The Citizen's Guide

~ Bumped ~

It is clear from the news and casual observation that the American population is under siege from a variety of 2 legged pathogens.  Criminality is rising to levels not seen in decades as the social rot and decay of a faltering post-industrial, post-hegemony America comes to collect the bill.

Monday, July 4, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: Tuesday Book Review from the Library - "Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics"

What I have for you today dear Readers is a most unusual and irreverent book by Geoff Demarest. It is not a novel, it is not “entertrainment” in the Max Velocity way, it is not a traditional academic paper or policy paper... it is sui generis.

It is about 520-ish pages comprised of 144 individual sections, all focused upon some aspect of insurgency, what insurgents do and what anti insurgent forces should consider. It is not a book that is written to be devoured at one sitting, it is a non stop buffet of thought provoking discussion

Amazon Purchase Link To: Winning Insurgent War: Back to Basics

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Repost: WARNING: The "No BUY" List travels a well trodden road to Tyranny

Repost of original article published Dec 12, 2015 as the Democrats are holding their "No Bill No Break" occupation of Congress to demand a "No Fly No Buy" List as the first stage to complete gun control
- The following is provided by a Guest Columnist -

The Governor of Connecticut has stolen a march on the coming White House "Executive Actions" regarding firearms.

In a news conference announcing his intent to enact a state wide  "gun ban" for anyone on the secretive and inaccurate federal  "No Fly List", in effect creating a parallel unvetted state "No Buy List", Conneticut Governor Malloy appeared to be seeking to politically get ahead of "proposed" White House Executive Action in a similar fashion to his crass exploitation of the Newtown shooting which allowed him to justify his prior but incomplete gun control efforts.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trench Warfare, circa 1915: How everything old could be renewed again

This post is made to specifically refer you to another site where I think you will find your tastes for the obscure, the rare, the fascinating and intricate sated at  The host and blogger at that fascinating site posted something that may very well come back into vogue - Trench Warfare.

This is merely the cover - go HERE for the real story and the 60 pages of meticulous notes

THROWBACK THURSDAY ~ SHTF Self-Education Series - From the Library: "Special Forces - Guerrilla Warfare Manual"

THROWBACK THURSDAY:  This was the first book review published in December, 2015.  

All material published on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or shared without written permission from the owner and with full attribution.

Here at, you have come to expect writing on some difficult topics and some professional insights that you might not otherwise find elsewhere.  In response to Reader requests, we will start to review and summarize some of the literature from our own library that may offer some guidance to the average citizen.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Swedish Problem" is Here: Media Lies by Omission: Muslims Gang Rape 39 year old woman in upscale DC exurb; crickets in major media

Note to Readers:  This post was originally published in December 2015. It is reposted today in response to the news that the media has covered up the alleged sexual assault of a 5 year old girl in Idaho by minor age Middle Eastern/African migrants.

The Swedish problem is here.

The following story unfortunately is a sad and growing problem across the Western world, one that is going to be replicated in every town and city across the US unless citizens begin to vocally, forcefully and equivocally say NO.

The Swedish Rape Epidemic is being imported to America

Wednesday Shared Wisdom: Matt Bracken & Thomas Chittum outline Civil War Two

Matt Bracken, published author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic series,
published an essay back in 2010 detailing the "CW2 Cube - mapping the meta terrain" with a visual model to understanding the fault lines of civil unrest.

You can read Bracken's essay, originally published at Western Rifle Shooters Association HERE.

Matt has recently been interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show outlining some of his predictions about the potential upcoming civil unrest.

Another prescient view of a potential internal American Civil War was published by Thomas Chittum in 1997. Resident co-blogger and cynicat Partyzantski reviewed Civil War Two and chimed in with his contemporary observations.

 - 30 -

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SHTF Self Education Tuesday Book Review - Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent

Today I am reviewing "Militant Tricks- Battlefield Rules of the Islamic Insurgent", by H. John Poole.

My choice of book review seems even more timely and almost prescient (it was drafted prior) with the Jihadi attacks in Orlando and Amarillo.

One Stop Self-Education: A review of previously published posts about Islam and Terror

We've welcomed a lot of new Readers to StopShoutingBlog (SSB) recently, so in response to a Reader request, linked to some of the previous published posts on terror and Islam:

"Clear as a Bell:  Understanding Islam's True Enemy - Individual Liberty"
Posted December 3, 2015

"About those Stolen Propane Tanks"
Posted December 13, 2015

"US Intelligence Community:  ISIS will seek to exploit "refugee" crisis"
Posted December 22, 2015

***Review of the Congressional Final Report on Combat Terrorists and Foreign Fighter Travel Task Force***
Posted December 22, 2015

Taqqiya, Kitman, Maqama, Oh My! Self-Education to disarm liars about Islam
Posted January 16, 2016

Sabra and Shatilla:  Past as Prelude
Posted January 17, 2016

Rivers of Blood, Prophecy Realized
Posted January 19, 2016

What does the mass crimmigration mean?
Posted January 21, 2016

***Uncomfortable Truth Telling in "Tet Take Two" - The Left Singularity Approacheth****
Posted February 5, 2016

Fisking a UN Technocrat's Defense of the Status Quo
Posted February 7, 2016

Violent Balkans Past as Prelude in FUSA - Manufactured Crisis and Ethnic Unrest
Posted April 18, 2016

Hamas, Rockets and the future of asymmetrical warfare
Posted May 24, 2016

Connecting the dots:  Egypt Air, Fundamentalist Islam and the Not-so-friendly skies
Posted May 24, 2016

***5 Stages of Urban Guerrilla Warfare - 2016 Edition:  A Two Front Assault on America***
Posted June 12, 2016


>>>You may also like to read our series of previously posts on 4th Generation Warfare brought home to America.<<<


Somali Jihadi shooter at Wal-Mart in Amarillo, TX DEAD: "Workplace Violence" ~ Another day of Ramadan, another day of Islamic Anti-Freedom Violence

"Workplace Violence"

Another day of Ramadan, another day of Jihadi violence and terror inside Obamerica:

Update: Local news is reporting an "active shooter" situation at the Walmart store in Amarillo, Texas has been resolved.  Unconfirmed reports that the shooter was holding the store manager hostage.  Shooter was described as being a "Somali, in khaki pants".  Police report the two hostages are safe; no other injuries or death aside from the death of the suspect.

Updates via local News 10

Police confirm gunman dead in Amarillo hostage situation 

Add: Twitter had it wrong - Amarillo PD confirms dead jihadi is
 Mohammad Moghaddam. He is 54. He was an employee of the store. Investigation indicates that there was a dispute between him and management over a promotion. The first hostage taken was the manager that was involved in the dispute.

While we wait for more details, it might be a good time to read and digest THIS
which was published in December 2015.

A Team Skiff Executive Summary:
Final Report of the Task Force on 
Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel, Sept 2015
US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee

".... The page 2 graphic is disingenuous. While the graphic depicts Syria as the end point on one side and America at the other, the reality is more complex. Somalia gets a mere 3 mentions in the report, although Somalis are 14 of the 58 listed American adherents who tried to or did join ISIS. Again, Americans of Somali extract made up 25% of the category in question (assumption based upon very large contingent of Somalis settled in Minnesota by the federal government, numerous stories of shahids from that community), yet Somalia gets 3 mentions. One may wonder if Al Shabaab, one of the most violent and successful terrorist organizations in the world, is paying lobbyists to keep their achievements on the down low. Indeed, al Shabaab gets ZERO mention in this, yet the ties between the expatriate Somali community in America and in Minnesota particularly rate no ink. Fascinating. They must have hired Inspector Clouseau."

Link to full Executive Summary HERE.

And:  this is pretty timely as well:  WARNING:  No Fly, No Buy List travels a well worn path to Tyranny 

- We will update as more information becomes available -

Monday, June 13, 2016

So-called Establishment “Terrorism Experts” are LYING to you

After every episode of politically convenient violence in America, the professional cockroach class known as “terrorism experts” emerge from their dank crevices to spout approved pablum to keep the sheeple in line and the credulous “informed” and “right thinking”. The terrorist attack on the noted gay bar “The Pulse” is no exception. I'll be direct so that you can take away what you need and hammer these home with your circles or anyone who insists on the “party line”. America now realizes that it has indeed crossed the line of departure, anyone doubting this really needs to check their in-box for the memo.


Monday Morning Roundup

Iranian spokesperson states: 'The political and military balance is changing in favor of the government, nation and allies of Syria" Velayati told reporters on Sunday.

~ ~ ~

German military files complaint that ammunition goes missing during troop deployment from Berlin on Air France to peacekeeping mission in Mali.

The article notes that the flight stopped in Paris before continuing on to Bamako.
This would be the same Paris that has an ongoing problem with radicalized muslims working in its airport operations.  Coincidental, I'm sure.

You would think that even if suburban Moms can afford tracking technology to keep on top of their easily misplaced valuables, the German military could as well. /s/

 ~ ~ ~

SWIFT payment system, backbone of the Western financial clearing system, is successfully hacked at the Bangladesh Central Bank.  Most were caught and denied, but $81 M was transferred to a bank in the Philippines, never to be seen again.  Experts say the sophisticated hack has the potential to undermine the entire global financial system.

~ ~ ~

SMOKING is the new hot food trend for this summer.  Not just brisket, but pretty much anything you can grill can be successfully smoked.  Two popular choices are Whiskey-cured cold smoked salmon and onion bombs.

Smokers have gone high-tech: 30" digital control smoker ensures perfect results every time.

- 30 -

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Propaganda Team rushes to frame "Gun Violence" narrative in wake of Islamic Terrorist Attack in Orlando

Classic agitprop.

If anyone needs further reminders that the media in the West is not "independent" let alone "impartial", the rush to frame the Narrative of the Islamic terror attack at an Orlando LBGT nightclub during Ramadan as an act of "gun violence" while remaining silent on the overt connections to Islamic intolerance, hate and use of violence and terror as a weapon to intimidate should remove any doubts from your mind.

Islam is a political system that is antithetical to the ethics and belief system of the open democratic West.  It is not compatible; it is not possible to "assimilate" Islam into Western societies.

The Jihadist attack at the "Gun Free" Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida was the US equivalent of the Jihadist attack at the "Gun Free" Bataclan theatre in Paris, November 2015.  The difference is, in November in Paris, the attack was accurately reported in the international press as a Jihadist/Islamic terror ATTACK, while in the US, the handmaidens of Totalarianism are spinning this as "gun violence" and a generic "mass shooting".

Those who fight for Freedom must be quick to pivot the discussion from false claims of "gun violence" to a long overdue discussion about the existential dangers Islam is to freedom and our culture of individual liberty and free will.
We are under attack and the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the anti-freedom forces.

A Review of Previously Published Posts about Islam and Terror 

5 Stages of Guerilla Warfare - 2016 Edition

Clear as a Bell:  Understanding Islam's real enemy: Individual Liberty

Add:  Not trying to be cynical, but if you have the misfortune of visiting and/or working in identified "Gun Free Zones", you may wish to buy and carry a "severe trauma kit" designed for combat gunshot wounds and a bulletproof backpack to stash it in. Minutes can save lives until emergency responders can take over.

Update: Back in stock .. SHTF Self-Education Book Review: Wolves Among the Sheep....

**Bumped:  Copies of Wolves Among the Sheep are now back in stock at Amazon!

** A very special thank-you to long-time member of the Patriot/Liberty community and loyal Reader MaryfromMarin for bringing this book to our attention, and for kindly sending us a copy to review.

Dear ReadersI am reviewing a book today that may be the most important that I have done to date, as it is applicable RIGHT NOW in YOUR life and those around you. Although Dr. Isaac's well researched work approaches the issue of "safety and security" from a different perspective than I do, once I cracked open the covers and read the first few paragraphs I was hooked - and completed reading the book in one uninterrupted sitting.  You should strive to get this book into the hands of as many people you care about as possible.

It is a book concerned with recognition of danger and of malefactors.  On the surface, it would seem to approach the topic from the point of view of solely concerning Churches and other ministry activities, but to dismiss it as such is to do yourself and your loved ones a profound disservice.  I approached this topic with some skepticism and from the viewpoint of a lapsed Catholic life, thinking this was only about Churches.  I was so, so wrong, as it is so much more than that.  The book rewards those with faith in the message itself, not in any specific faith overview.  It is eminently practical advice of great utility in anyone's life.  If you have children, even more so.

#Pulse Nightclub Attack: FBI stated they were "aware" of threat, promised to keep citizens safe

"The FBI is aware of this ...."

Walid Shoebat published a warning that encrypted messages with a target list of US citizens residing and working in Florida, principally in the Palm Beach and Treasure Coast area was circulated by ISIS.  Shoebat published the Florida-specific warning on June 9th, 2016, three days before the Orlando nightclub jihadist attack. When asked for comment on June 9th:

"...According to the Martin County Sheriffs office,the FBI is aware of this and the agency will work closely with the Joint-Terrorism Task Force to keep citizens safe"

In April, a similar warning was issued for residents of New York City and the surrounding New Jersey suburbs: