Monday, January 25, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: A Prepping E-Book to Avoid?

We have received a lot of e-mail requests here @ StopShouting blog.  Among them were requests to review and critique some of the "Prepping" books on the market today, with an eye to practicality and whether the advice is sound.

SHTF Prepping: 100 Amazing tips, tricks, hacks and DIY prepper projects, along with 77 items you need in your SHTF stockpile now!” - by Kevin Moore

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beginning a Preppers "SHTF" Garden? Avoid the hidden hazards - Here's some important safety info you need to know.

Many prepping advice sites discuss in addition to long term food storage, the need to have an ongoing, long term food source you control, such as a garden or aquaponics setup. There are many excellent blogs dedicated to planning, setting up, growing and organically managing a SHTF prepper's garden.  This is not "that" type of post.

This post is about some basic safety information you need to know before you venture out and commune with the land.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

VBIEDS (Vehicle Borne IEDs) and Security Architecture

Matt Bracken has postulated that VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) will be a feature of the coming disruption.  While it is a statement that will jar a normal civilian who is drenched in normalcy bias, I would suggest that VBIEDs will become a part of life here in America.  They already have, and I will show you why.  Understanding how to adapt commercial style Force Protection measures against VBIEDs to your own location should be an integral part of your personal security planning.