Sunday, January 31, 2016

Truth, Reconciliation and TRUMP - Understanding the Depth of Anger in the USA - The Prequel

The Trump phenomenon has caught the chattering classes by surprise, and that makes THEM angry.  Very angry.  The self-professed "smartest people in the room" have been wrong, time and time again, when it comes to distilling the meteoric and cross-party rise of Donald J. Trump.

 "Trump is angry", "his supporters are angry" became the latest arrow in the quiver of indignance worn by the corporate press.   


Included in the post are some suggestions for questions you may wish to ask in your FOIA request as part of your search for the truth and to expose the lies and web of connections.

Given the level of rancor and suspicion that is coming to a head in America between large and loosely affiliated tribes characterized as "coastal elites", Progressive/Communists, transfer payment adherents and crimmigrants versus what can appropriately be described as "White, Christian, Phallic Oppressors" and those who love them, it is apparent that something needs to be done RIGHT NOW.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shock from attendees to planned meeting at John Day waiting for Bundy and Finicum to arrive ....

The group assembled to hear Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum react with shock and alarm when the announcement was made that there was an "altercation"...

How to write a FOIA request for the State of Oregon

The writing of a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request is fairly straightforward, it just involves a little digging as to who you address it to, and coming up with a succinct request.  Before contacting any entity in Oregon, please read the guide.

Many people with military experience can attest to working for a Commander who states words to the effect of "give me everything you have on [fill in the blank]".  As you know this is insanely wasteful of resources and you rarely get what is wanted, but you eventually get what was asked for with that approach, it is best to parse it down.  Get specific.  Here is an example:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Night Thought: All the King's Horses, and All the King's Men .....

My co-blogger, Partyzantski, usually posts his inspirational "Friday Night Thought" about this time.

Tonight, I want to co-opt his space to share a "Friday Night Thought" of a different kind.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Open Letter to Special Agent Greg Bretzing, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Governor Kate Brown (assuming we still live in an open and free society...)

So... Special Agent Bretzing, AG Lynch and Governor Brown ... let me be upfront here.  I'm not a resident of Oregon and I haven't traveled to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to take a first-hand look at what really went down there.  I do have some friends and colleagues who are residents of that fine state, and I have taken what their perceptions and interpretations of this debacle are into consideration, since they are people I know and trust as being people of reason and compromise.

I need to be honest here.  Last night I didn't sleep - at all.  After the knowledge that the leadership of the government I delegate decision making to chose coercion over compromise, culminating in the needless and senseless death of an American citizen became known to me, let me advise you:  I am not impressed, and I am not amused.  And I want answers - as does most of America - no matter what political cheer squad you claim allegiance to.

"Only by Blood and Suffering"

"Only by Blood and Suffering"
One Cowboy's Last Stand for Freedom
Supporting the Finicum Family

Throwback Thursday: Sewer Dwelling Hollywood Demonizes US Military and Exalts Muslims ....

Throwback Thursday - Originally Published March 2, 2014

Just when you thought the domestic battle for “hearts and minds” couldn’t get any more perverse, in steps “helper Monkey” Hollywood to drag us down into the sewer, reaching a new low in cultural marxism.
Dragging us down into the sewer, where the Cultural Marxists Trolls dwell..... Ewwwww.
Dragging us down into the sewer, where the Cultural Marxists Trolls dwell….. Ewwwww.

There has been an ongoing psyops war waged by the Obama Administration and its sycophants against the U.S. military.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Moscow Rules" and JFK ... "FAST & FURIOUS ... Ver 2.0 - Human/Terrorism Walking Edition" - are Americans being set up for ambush on their own soil???

It is said that "Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action".  New York's John F. Kennedy Airport and the Transportation Security Administration are about to strike out if they keep this trend going.

Strike ONE150 Passengers on an inbound flight from MEXICO are allowed to skip customs and exit JFK unscreened.

Strike TWO: TODAY - Jan 25th - Passengers arriving from MEXICO allowed to exit JFK without their baggage or passports being screened and verified.

Strike THREE:  ???? .......

Monday, January 25, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: A Prepping E-Book to Avoid?

We have received a lot of e-mail requests here @ StopShouting blog.  Among them were requests to review and critique some of the "Prepping" books on the market today, with an eye to practicality and whether the advice is sound.

SHTF Prepping: 100 Amazing tips, tricks, hacks and DIY prepper projects, along with 77 items you need in your SHTF stockpile now!” - by Kevin Moore

Hillary Update! - Tom Delay states "FBI READY TO INDICT"

This just in!

H/t Steve Malzberg Show.... Former Republican and US House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay states unequivocally that the FBI is "ready to indict" Hillary Clinton.

I predict Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign.....

I am going to call it right here... I predict that Hillary will leave the campaign trail for "health reasons".  

Monday Morning Roundup

A combat-hardened Dutch journalist is threatened with a knife and an attempted mugging while trying to report on the conditions inside the migrant "Jungle" camp in Calais, France.  "I've done a lot of work in war zones and crime-ridden areas around the world, so I wasn't surprised about the mugging," Voeten told The Local.  Great.  The perfect people to welcome into Western civilization with not just open arms, but unlimited welfare benefits and social perqs too.

Tour operators operating off the coast of Nicaragua ignored a sailing ban issued by authorities since Friday in the Caribbean region because of strong winds and waves, Nicaragua Navy chief Marvin Corrales said.  21 people were able to be successfully rescued, but 13 people died when the boat sank in the rough seas.

The Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the cost of leasing ship rates, continues its slide as the global economy continues its molasses-like slowdown.  Warren Buffett, the "Oracle of Omaha" saw his holdings lose 15% YOY in 2015.  Meanwhile, shills for the Obama Administration continue the Big Lie that the US "may" tip into a recession, but otherwise, everything's great!

The latest Snowmageddon hitting the northeast US reminds me of two fun snow treats we enjoyed making:  snow taffy and snow ice cream.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Violence in context and a dire warning - Police are "Second Responders" with NO AFFIRMATIVE DUTY

I was reading my usual sites this morning when I had to put my coffee down and re-read the article. That happens sometimes.  It happened this morning when I read a post by Mike Vanderboegh.

I suggest that you go read it and ponder that before you continue here.  Mike is an insightful, clarion voice and his words carry weight.

The article he posts, is an interesting think tank read. The summary is that American blacks are largely killed by other American blacks, and that the attitudes in the community are making it more difficult to provide safety.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

This just in! FBI to Recommend Prosecution of Hillary Clinton

This just in!

So there you have it.  The inner circle thinks that the FBI will recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton, yet aver that the DoJ will decline to prosecute.  That way, the FBI gets to retain professional credibility, while the DoJ just continues to sail to the edge of the cliff of auto de-legitimization.  Will anyone of note resign in disgust?  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Basic User Info: Protecting Classified Documents |Security Checks ...

If that happens, how will the FBI and DoJ EVER prosecute any case of mishandling classified information?  Will the details of this be "too convoluted and sensitive" to show the Proles just how badly HRC has handled things?  Somewhere I recall that it is a crime itself to classify something that is embarrassing or covers up misdeeds.

There is also this:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What does the mass crimmigration mean?

As Europe continues to be swamped past the limit with all manner of crimmigrant flotsam and jetsam, it is useful to take a few minutes and think about this situation and what it means.  Sure, there are numerous voices raging against the wind, such as the Visegrád Hungarians, the Poles and the Czechs, among a few others... they are like modern day Diogenes, whose lantern is fading.  But consider if you will if we turn this global issue around 180 degrees.

Creative Home Security Ideas ... Defeating the Criminal and the Potentially Dangerous

Creative Alternative Uses for items at your local hardware store.....

The world of home security remains an exercise in creativity and staying ahead of the criminal and dangerous.  Quite often, you see something that is listed for a given purpose, but you realize quickly that it is "dual purpose".  Using your creativity can save you some coin as well as provide a degree of security through the unusual that a common criminal may just not want to mess with.

As in previous posts, we will only touch on three ideas per week to keep these posts simple and succinct:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

DOOMSDAY... or something else?

Doomsday or something else?

Readers may have picked up that I am not a proponent of the Biblical level TEOTWAWKI type event.  I think things will get worse (perhaps much more so) before they get better.  One of the books I had read previously that triggered my musing was "The Coming Anarchy" by Robert Kaplan.

Malheur Airspace - Is the US Army's RC-12 "Guardrail" SigInt Collection Aircraft in Play?

I was asked to take a look into the issue of airspace restrictions in Oregon, specifically regarding Malheur NWR and the events there.  The FAA website did not indicate anything regarding restrictions over Malheur.  The distance between the JUNIPER MOA and SADDLE B MOA is about 60 miles (faint orange line).  Malheur is about in the middle of that, a little to the east.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rivers of Blood - Prophecy Realized ?

Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech as prophecy realized

 In April, 1968, British politician Enoch Powell gave the speech of his lifetime.  Based upon what he saw as the purposeful destruction of Great Britain by the rot of "multiculturalism" (what he terms "integration" in the speech), he gave the long term political weather forecast for England specifically and the West in general of 100% chance of blood showers with occasional crimson downpours.

Beginning a Preppers "SHTF" Garden? Avoid the hidden hazards - Here's some important safety info you need to know.

Many prepping advice sites discuss in addition to long term food storage, the need to have an ongoing, long term food source you control, such as a garden or aquaponics setup. There are many excellent blogs dedicated to planning, setting up, growing and organically managing a SHTF prepper's garden.  This is not "that" type of post.

This post is about some basic safety information you need to know before you venture out and commune with the land.

2016 Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

Political and military intelligence is a tough business.  The most difficult category to get right and hence the most fraught with weasel words is the category of predictive intelligence.  This means correctly calling some future event to a remarkable degree of accuracy in terms of timing, events and outcome.

For 2016, I am predicting a few things.  These items will have to be reviewed next January to see how wide from the mark I was.  If I were a hedge fund type, if I made 51% correct analysis, I'd be a major player on Wall Street.  So, here they are in no particular order:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Help Mike Vanderboegh in his next act of peaceful civil disobedience

Today, Martin Luther King Day, is a day when Americans are to mark and respect MLK's civil disobediance strategy as a way of overcoming oppression and tyranny.

Help Second Amendment Rights hero Mike Vanderboegh in his next act of peaceful civil disobedience.  Mike Vanderboegh was the blogger whose dogged insistence and research broke the "Fast and Furious" scandal wide open, and was the founder of the "Three Percent Movement".

"Silence to Tyranny implies Consent, and I do not Consent!"

This event is meaningful, it has direct political impact and could tip the scales of our future.

Request Received and Answered: Fix Bayonets Bumper Stickers are Here!


For a $10.00 or more donation, we will send you your choice of either of our two freshly minted "Fix Bayonets" bumperstickers.  Additional stickers in same order are $4.00 each.  

"Unafraid and Un-PC" - (A)

- OR -

A Conservative Call to Arms - (B)

You asked us, we responded! Please help us spread the word! And yes - we can ship internationally!!

Please ensure we have your correct and full mailing address and which bumper sticker you would like.  Additional bumper stickers in same order are $4.00. 

FYI, CafePress refused to print these for us because they were "too violent".  

Make a stand - Make a statement. 

Monday Morning Roundup

Pushback against the current islamic invasion of Europe continues - anti-muslim rallies in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours featured the crowd waving a Neo-Nazi flag (note bene: the link is from RT, but still makes the point) adding fuel to "xenophobia" charges by EU officials.  Perhaps the Bulgarian protestors are unaware that the Nazi regime was sympathetic to, and in concert with, the most strident and blood-thirsty Islamists.

Our post on the failure and corruption in Afghanistan lead us to this interesting place.  Apparently things have reached such a high-water mark for socialism and the attendant societal failure that the stated going rate to bribe a TSA Agent to pass through a suitcase unscreened is $2,400.  Feel safer now?

If anyone doubts the outrage that is the non-prosecution of Hillary Rodham Clinton for her egregious mishandling of classified information, check out this explanation of the various classification systems in place in the USA.

The "military diet" is one of the top fad diet schemes for 2016.  It seems to fit with the standard bland diet that was popular with 1950's housewives.  It also seems to promote some strange combination suggestions:

MLK Day reconsidered and the Malheur Wildlife Protest ...


As I was driving towards Mordor this afternoon (I do a lot of driving), I was informed via a local news radio station that there would be SEIU organized protests along several main roads and that the protesters would occupy a bridge at some point in their airing of grievances.  Apparently, according to the linked article, these service industry protests will take place in 10 cities nationwide.  No less a luminary of the beltway than the stunning Eleanor Holmes Norton is in support of the collective efforts of SEIU members, her statement is here.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

"It's Going to Be Okay"


Sabra and Shatilla, Past as prelude

During the Lebanese civil war, the dance card of combatants reached a dizzying level.  PLO, Israel, various militias, Hezbollah, Syrians, U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy... it just gets more involved from there.  The zeitgeist of 18 September, 1982 was that the Israeli Defence Forces had just moved into West Beirut after the freshly elected president of Lebanon, Bashir Gemayel and 26 in his retinue were assassinated on 14 September 1982 by a bomb planted in his Phalangist HQ by a member of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (at least that is what the FBI concluded).

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Taqiyya, Kitman, Maqama oh my! ... Self-Education Series to disarm the Liars defending Islam

Blogger Baron Bodissey has been fighting in the trenches against Islamic encroachment for years, and part of his self-identified mission is to help educate others so that they can effectively join in the battle in beating back the very real, and existential threat that the current assault of Islam on the West presents.

ISIS self-proclaimed 10 year plan for invasion and conquest
Just recently he battled with a silver tongued and rhetorically agile muslim, who had shown up at his site to engage commenters in an effort to deceive and deflect from the true beliefs of Islamic adherents.  Baron Bodissey cogently lays out the back and forth with the "Maqama Troll" and informs the Reader how Taqiyya is practiced to disarm critics of Islam.  Tellingly, like other movements that operate by exploiting fear over appealing with reason, "guilt" is often invoked by muslims as a tool to browbeat their critics into submission and capitulation (reference to the crusades, jewish pogroms, etc).

Friday, January 15, 2016

"Take Me In, Oh Pretty Woman"

ICYMI, Donald Trump opens his campaign rally in Cedar Fall, IA with a recitation of Al Wilson's song, "Take Me In, Oh Pretty Woman"....

Gates of Vienna has the link/backstory to the original

Friday night thought - 15 January 2016 AD - The Discipline to Confront

Friday night thought, 15 January 2016 AD - The Discipline to Confront

As we get into the swing of this new year, and stop signing checks with "2015", it is time again for some moto to get us into this weekend.  Perhaps one of the most stone cold, rock solid things that I have ever read is what has been termed "The Stockdale Paradox". It is a term coined by Jim Collins in his book, "Good to Great".

The nature of Totalism

This post is about totalism and totalitarianism.  I was thinking about this this morning while driving on a ring road of a growing city.  Traffic had developed to the point where I had a chance to reflect and develop a few themes that have been percolating.

First off, the entire drive towards "political correctness"... have you considered that it really does not matter WHAT the forces of evil PC drive people to believe, it is that they are all believing the same thing.  In math, the process of simplification allows you to divide both sides of an equation by the same thing, reducing the answer.  PC works in the same way... as long as both sides of the equation believe the same essential elements, it is quite easy then to work on what is left.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Ted Cruz and the Cultural Marxists (aka, the Mainstream Media)

Cultural Marxism: How the mainstream media manipulates the Truth to advance the "Narrative"

I wrote this post in but the underlying precepts are still valid.

VBIEDS (Vehicle Borne IEDs) and Security Architecture

Matt Bracken has postulated that VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) will be a feature of the coming disruption.  While it is a statement that will jar a normal civilian who is drenched in normalcy bias, I would suggest that VBIEDs will become a part of life here in America.  They already have, and I will show you why.  Understanding how to adapt commercial style Force Protection measures against VBIEDs to your own location should be an integral part of your personal security planning.

The Cincinnati-Pittsburgh NFL "WildCard" Game as modern parable and warning

as modern parable and warning

The game played on 9 January is a milestone on the road to perdition in contemporary America.  It must be understood in the context of professional sports as a substitute and generally harmless channel for tribe and group energies.  For the most part, this has been a harmless means to express in-group/out-group solidarity.  This is explicitly so in that many gangs use professional sports logos and colors as indicia of membership and affiliation.  Here is a list of "top 10" sports-gang "pairings", for lack of a better term... no connection between the legal entities known as sports teams are suggested or implied, but it is a disturbing issue that needs to be understood.
Reaffirming In Group / Out Group solidarities

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Survey Course on 4th Generation Warfare for the Prepper Civilian - An Army Colonel's Perspective

The following essay was submitted to us by a loyal Reader and professional military officer - we'll call him "Kilo-6".  

All material on this blog is protected by copyright and may not be republished or reproduced in full without the written permission of the owner.

Generations of warfare are not specific to any particular time or conflict. We can mark certain shifts in how war is fought based on strategy, tactics, techniques, and weapons used. Elements of newer generations of war-fighting are always present in the past generation as they establish the need to move forward in how we fight wars.

Muslims sacking the Christian stronghold of Constantinople in 1453

Tears of a Clown

2016 is going to get sporty

Obama promise: "Audicious" Executive Action


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cryptography and You - A basic introduction to the tradecraft

Cryptography is an interesting subject that touches on every one of our waking days. Your bank ATM transactions, point of sale visits, internet... all use crypto in a seamless way to give you a modicum of security in your transactions.  However, how do you get your hands around crypto, where you decide the parameters? How do you begin to understand what crypto is, and how you can deal with it?  This short post is a "toe in the water" survey of the subject.

Cartoon by Scott Adams

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

Islamists continue their attacks worldwide on all open and free democratic societies.  While the majority of the world's attention has been focused on Europe and the US, India struggles to determine an appropriate response to the Jan 2nd terrorist attack on its military airbase at Pathankot, where 7 military personnel were killed, along with 6 islamic attackers. The terrorists were believed to owe allegiance to Pakistan-based Islamic-aligned Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), which means "Army of Mohammed".

You-Who Yahoo We Hardly Knew You:  Yahoo! is swirling down the drain ahead of schedule - so much so, that investors are demanding to cash out now in spite of the massive tax bill such a cash-out is likely to trigger.  

"Neither runs nor constipation, Can justify this litigation" Judge in Ohio dismisses what he believes to be a vexing and frivolious lawsuit filed by an inmate in rhyme.

Grits are more than a breakfast food:  Southern Comfort food to indulge in the days leading up to Mardi Gras that even a college student can cook:  Easy shredded BBQ chicken over cheesy grits.

And no one seems to be too impressed with Obama's "emotional" display at his Gun Control Press Conference (h/t

The True Price of "Cheap" Oil - Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the Final Countdown

The falling prices of oil at the retail level in America is considered a happy circumstance, a windfall, manna from heaven that allows Americans to keep on shopping and driving like there is no tomorrow. I posit that this is a "calm before the storm" event.

All material on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or reproduced without the owner's permission.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

SATURDAY ENCORE: Most Read Posts of the Week

"Unexpectedly", many of the "most-read" posts for this week were older pieces, but apparently the desire to learn more about the history of Islamic terror and the tools they use to inflict their terror has hit a high interest point. We've also seen a big uptick in visitors from Europe.

Read More to see the most popular posts Readers enjoyed this week ...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Night Thought ~ Jan 8th, 2015 AD ~TRUTH

Friday Night Thought

I would like to begin this short article with the above quote in an attractive slide format.  soothing, isn't it?  This quote and the sentiment behind it  falls directly in line with the attributed writings and works of Confucius, who is credited as saying

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite, Part III of III - Conclusion

4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite
What it means for you and yours
A Three Part Series - Part III of III

Written by StopShouting contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzanski, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales.
All material on this blog is copyright and may not be republished or reproduced without the owner's permission.
In Part I, I opened up this series by saying this applies to you and your suburban enclave, as well as your charges. It does. As that foreign dysfunction is now being imported directly here, it matters to YOU. That dysfunction, with Federal subsidies, payments and benefits that you do not even know about or are even eligible for (yet, YOUR tax dollars fund), are now going to compete with you and yours for jobs. It is as if the Romans made Christ pay for his own crucifixion. 
We last left off at the end of Part II by discussing the "M" in the acronym DIME.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When Bugging Out is NOT an Option #3: Perimeter Security, Part II

You have Questions, we try to Answer.  The following post is part of a series of Tuesday Prepping posts in response to Reader Questions about what basic steps should anyone new to prepping or first becoming aware of their own home's vulnerability should take to prepare and secure themselves should the security situation in the USA begin to decline more precipitously than it is now.

This is the third post in this series.  #1 discussing doors, windows and other points of entry can be read here and #2 (the first on basic perimeter security) can be read here. #3 continues with additional basic perimeter security measures.

Perimeter Security Management and You, Part II
by Partyzanski, Certified US Military Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Officer

In my previous article regarding household perimeter security management, I mentioned shrubbery, lighting and observation (peephole for the front door, some options there). As perimeter defense and awareness is a complex topic, in part 2 I will discuss other methods to detect and deter the criminal element from your home, a place where you should be safe and sound. Remember, YOU have a RIGHT to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Most suburbanites and exurbanites find that place is their home, with your hearth and honey.
In keeping with prior articles, I will address only three items in an effort to keep the information short, timely and easy to digest and act upon.

Happy New Year and Back Online!

Here's hoping everyone had a festive and safe New Year's holiday.  Certainly here at SSB a break was a much needed and appreciated respite. We took the opportunity to do some self-examination and little housekeeping as well.

We're back online and will continue posting on culture, politics and prepping from a conservative POV.  Some of the housekeeping:

Monday we will continue offer icebreakers and water cooler tidbits and equipment reviews, Tuesday will continue to be Prepping/Security info day and book reviews, and Sundays will continue with Team Skiff Longer Reads and Analysis.  We'll continue to post articles and critiques as issues arise, or in response to Reader questions and requests if appropriate.

Again, a special thank-you to people who have just recently found our little corner of teh inner tubes - your kind words, support and encouragement have been very much appreciated.  As well, we are thrilled to receive some great submissions from guest columnists, which we will be featuring in upcoming posts.  We're also starting to do some short videos to upload to YouTube as a supplement to some of the prepping posts.

Our new project, the online community, "The Rebel's Garden" should be live by next Monday.   It's great that we already have a number of "Plank Holders" who are interested in building a positive, proactive and sharing community for group learning and discussion. I for one am really excited about learning from others in the Patriot/Liberty community, and sharing that with the larger community.

If you're a long time supporter - thank you, and we've taken what you would like to read more about to heart.  If you're a new visitor, Welcome! and we hope you pull up a chair, plan to stay, subscribe or check back often.

Yours in Liberty,