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4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite, Part III of III - Conclusion

4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite
What it means for you and yours
A Three Part Series - Part III of III

Written by StopShouting contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzanski, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales.
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In Part I, I opened up this series by saying this applies to you and your suburban enclave, as well as your charges. It does. As that foreign dysfunction is now being imported directly here, it matters to YOU. That dysfunction, with Federal subsidies, payments and benefits that you do not even know about or are even eligible for (yet, YOUR tax dollars fund), are now going to compete with you and yours for jobs. It is as if the Romans made Christ pay for his own crucifixion. 
We last left off at the end of Part II by discussing the "M" in the acronym DIME.

It is my working hypothesis that the attempt to continually spark a civil war in America has failed.  Since the 1965 Ted Kennedy immigration "laws" and the steady drum beat of the politics of the oppressed and deserving of "equalization" opportunity have lapped at American shores. The regime has as of yet been unable to get the large criminal underclass to take the conflict to the suburbs in any massed way.  Surely, the criminal underclass has made many a foray into the sweet and lush pickings of the suburbs, however not to the extent needed or desired. The rates of home invasions, rapes, robberies and car jackings (among other acts) are a stark reminder that these depredations are no longer confined to the geographic cores of decaying cities.

The criminal element, both elected and unelected have only had limited success in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, despite fomenting a movement to assassinate policemen and applying "loot & burn" as a military operation concept in the 21st Century. TPTB is purposely importing people it refuses to vet in the sense taxpayers expect, in order to provide the next wave of energized, unrestrained manpower for agitation effort. What you can see today in cities across Europa, from Koln in Germany (scene of horrific 1,000+ rape mobs) to Sweden, which is on the verge of cultural implosion and dissolution, is a harbinger for what TPTB have in mind for America.  I suspect the pitch goes something like this at recruiting centers across Syria: 

Now... how else does it apply to you? I have illustrated that 4GW is something that hits you through DIME - Diplomacy, Information, Military (the masses coming here are weaponized by ideology, they don't need machine guns or anything fancy to engage in levels of crime that, while common where they came from, WILL utterly shock Americans when it is known to the degree they impinge upon your liberties and safety) and certainly Economic means. The 4 levers of state power to compel you are now fully engaged against YOU, the private citizen.
What can a regular private citizen do in a nascent 4GW environment? Well, right now Americans are too comfortable. This factor is what led to the failure to spark anything sustainable with the American born Black population. Buy them off with show trials (i.e., Baltimore), give them mass indulgences/amnesty for their looting and arson ("space to destroy"), provide them assigned "social justice allocation" seats in schools, jobs and the like. Make sure they have EBT/SNAP/TANF and some health care plan. Make them feel good for just "being". 

The trouble is, for TPTB, they were made too comfortable and remain unusable as a larger, popular volatile revolutionary movement.  They have utterly failed to achieve any mass effects that catch on.  If TPTB are going to move the needle towards "Change", they have to change the material that they are working with.  That is where the mass crimmigration comes into play.  It is a mass hiring event by the human resources section of TPTB, to import that which will not sprout naturally in the soil of the Republic.  It is to infest the weed-like Totalitarian top down ideology of Islam into the Republic.  

The public may see the blades of grass on this weed, but the real infestation is in the rhizomes which run beneath the surface, out of sight of the populace.  It is here that they wind around the foundations of the Republic and threaten to strangle out the remaining vestiges of healthy growth.  It is how a healthy lawn can be crowded out by crabgrass, clover and dandelions in a short time.  

A quick parable is in order regarding the infestation that has been intentionally imported onto our fair shores.  Consider if you will a farmer with a pond.  He notices a bloom of duckweed one day and resolves to do something about it.  He studies the problem, determining that the small spot doubles in size every day.  Days go by as he mulls over what to do as other, seemingly more pressing issues occupy his time.  While he fiddles, the bloom doubles, and doubles again in size.  He resolves to "draw a line in the sand" and take care of it when his pond is half covered in this noxious weed.  "What day will that be?", the inquiring mind may ask.  Why, the last day before his pond is covered over and succumbs to the invasion.  The key to that story is to realize that fighting from a place of weakness through inaction is stupidity.  It is not enough to recognize that a problem exists, but to take timely action to change the course of events to something more favorable to the cause of Liberty.
What is coming is a group of people that are used to privations that would make any ghetto denizens' heads spin. The B team is here (or rather, Team M, as in  "Team Mohammed"), and they are expanding their hold. If regular middle income white suburbanites think DIME as described above hurts them (dual income, barely holding on), wait until Black Americans see how it is going to impact THEM specifically. 

Coming to a neighborhood near you soon
The first thing they will see is the economic impact of the additional competition for the jobs that they hold and the resources allocated to them first above other groups. They already see this with the decades long wave of tolerated crimmigration from Mexico and the growing and vocal political advocacy of that group. It will be tough for a minority to complain about another minority to the federal overlords.  Who will decide what priority of grievances various minorities have over one another?  Surely, they can't maintain the fa├žade that it is all the fault of the "white patriarchy" past a certain tipping point. Who will decide what group rights exist? They might even get called “racist” for complaining about the "other", in what might be the ultimate cultural irony... Blacks replaced economically by a group who are selectively settled here by TPTB, a group of crimmigrants whose views on the word “Abd” (Arabic for both the word slave and also for the color black) are somewhat less "progressive" than the current crop of Americans.  

It is shocking to Americans that the great American Civil War and the banishment of chattel slavery here did not extend across the globe in that humanist revolution.  A magazine no less august than the Atlantic reports in an article written by Max Fisher and published on June 28, 2011 that Mauritania remains fully embedded as a slave state.  For the geographically challenged American undergrad, Mauritania is a North African state with serious cultural schism between the Arab and African components.  Slaves there are "forbidden from owning property, a last name, or legal custody of their own children". That American born blacks seem to have an affinity for Muslim conversion, particularly while in prison, seems rather culturally blind in light of such atrocities as modern day chattel slavery is a very painful bit of cognitive dissonance that the AME Baptist Church hierarchy is oddly silent on.  It seems like the American population is very much about emancipation for me, but not for thee.  Of which, have you heard one peep from POTUS or SecState on modern day Mauritanian slavery?  No?  And you wonder why your school age children can't find it on a map or ask that question and the inevitable follow-ons to it?

This human tidal wave means increasingly intense economic warfare amongst all ethnic and religious groups as the scramble for group resources and official favoritism (i.e., "protected class") drown out any concept of an egalitarian Republic or human decency. The term that you will apply to it is Bandenkrieg, or "war of all on all". TPTB will sit back, behind gated communities with protective details (of which you can't have, you filthy prole...) and look upon it with a bored eye.  One imagines that some of them may clue in to the story of Ozymandias and realize that the "look on my works, ye mighty, and despair" actually applies to them.  As long as they have access to the vices of their choice, they will not care as the world burns down around them.  In such case, America will have many thousands of little Neros and Caligulas twirling in the gyre.  I suspect a number of them won't make it that far and will meet up with a people looking to have a "performance review" with them.  Such is the fate of tyranny and its petty tyrants, present times will be no different than thousands of years of human experience.

4GW is not generally an individual sport. There are no silver or bronze medals. No one gets an award for just showing up. America is still a center-right nation. Go forth and find each other. Husbands, wives, offspring... get together. You have a tribe, though you may not know it.  In many places you can still have barbecues well into the winter. Have low key, meaningful get togethers. Don't talk pointless details, just assure one another. Help one another. Form and forge your tribe together. If you don't have a tribe, find one or create one. A good place to find your tribe is in Church. Those are the people who are generally interested in consistently applying Western Civilization on a practical basis. Churches are a proxy for many things, including values and regularity.  Yes, there are some Pharisees out there.  But there are a lot of people looking for stability and looking to support each other.

Naked Warrior by Pavel:  Build your Personal Physical Strength as part of your Preparations
I have dragged the patient reader through examples and acronyms galore. I will finish up by pointing out that if you think just being armed is the solution, ask yourself this: “if things went truly sporty, like the crumbling of Yugoslavia, how long do I think I can reasonably go on?” Certainly not forever. Understand that the current state of “It's a Small World Disney-ification”, where all cultural groups are officially deemed equivalent (except for white men) WILL come apart. Plan on how you will deal with that. Plan on how you will deal with it when the arsonists decide to burn you out instead of coming through the door. They will probably put it on “World Star Hip Hop”, you then become part of the losing side of a democide in a viral video clip.  Understand that the dark forces of history never go away, and at this point we are seeing an early spring tide.
Your best bet is vigilance (know your local and regional environment, detect change), coordination with like minded folks (build tribe), and material preparation (have a rational action plan for this, not some fantasy) of a meaningful sort. Do not forget spiritual preparation.  Remember, "Love demands sacrifice" is a powerful phrase.  It is something to realize that, yes, you are mortal.  It is another thing to realize what importance you place on that and be willing to cash that in on the Altar of Civilization to protect your loved ones, your tribe and Western Civilization writ large.

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 The "4th Generation Warfare and the Reluctant Suburbanite" series was penned by StopShouting contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzantski, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military Advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC (0202) field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales. You can follow him on Twitter @Partyzantski


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Zorost said...

TPTB do not want a civil war or major unrest. They want the erasure of the white race; they explicitly say so in many different places. This is because we are not good at being slaves, and so they want to replace us w/ a more compliant race of mullatos. The last 8 years was due to TPTB not realizing the Overton window refers to public not private beliefs, and so thought most people agreed w/ their nonsense.

TPTB will continue to try to bring in more rapefugees, but they will also ramp up control efforts, especially on whites fighting back. This is because the goal isn't civil war, but white genocide.

This has been the plan at least since the early 20th century, look up the "Coudenhove-Kalergi plan"