Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Open Letter to Special Agent Greg Bretzing, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Governor Kate Brown (assuming we still live in an open and free society...)

So... Special Agent Bretzing, AG Lynch and Governor Brown ... let me be upfront here.  I'm not a resident of Oregon and I haven't traveled to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to take a first-hand look at what really went down there.  I do have some friends and colleagues who are residents of that fine state, and I have taken what their perceptions and interpretations of this debacle are into consideration, since they are people I know and trust as being people of reason and compromise.

I need to be honest here.  Last night I didn't sleep - at all.  After the knowledge that the leadership of the government I delegate decision making to chose coercion over compromise, culminating in the needless and senseless death of an American citizen became known to me, let me advise you:  I am not impressed, and I am not amused.  And I want answers - as does most of America - no matter what political cheer squad you claim allegiance to.

I read your Press Release, Special Agent Bretzing.  I didn't have the stomach to watch your press conference.  After 8 full years of the Obama Regime, I've had my fill of watching official lies and dissembling in real time.  The transcript sufficed.

So, without further ado, let's Fisk your explanation to America:

"We worked diligently to bring the situation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to a peaceful end".

Well, obviously your "diligence" didn't pay off, because it didn't end "peacefully".  A man is dead, and I have yet to be provided a reasonable explanation for it.

"We cannot get into every action tried or taken."

This is not a good way to begin your accounting to America and the world for this abysmal leadership failure.  Putting that aside, I do have some pertinent questions:

Did any of these "actions" you tried or took include volunteering to fund and facilitate community meetings to allow a public airing of their grievances with DOJ funded "facilitators" and DOJ resources for things like sound systems, seating, advertising commensurate with the lavish resources the CRS provided to the violent, black, race-based grievance activists to "address the community" in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting?

Just curious - all things, and all "grievances" being equal in this "fundamentally transformed" America I live in.  After all, we were informed that our tax dollars were being redirected to these violent groups that were threatening the civic order in the aftermath of the Martin shooting as a good-faith effort to "diffuse tensions".  From what I can ascertain from speaking to residents of the fair state of Oregon, there are equal polar extremes along ideological, rather than color, lines there.  It would seem that the tensions between the ranching and government agency groups that mirror the same ideological strains throughout the rest of the country would warrant that comparable investment at a minimum.

It is my understanding that one of the core demands of the Malheur occupiers was the opportunity to address the community in a town-hall style forum, which was sure to be broadcast both nationally and internationally, and that efforts were being made to provide that forum.  What changed - or was it all part of the Big Lie and further evidence that "some grievances are more equal than others?" 

"Let me be clear:  It is fully and unequivocally the behavior and the choices made by the occupiers..."

Okay, hey, Special Agent Bretzing, Full Stop here. We're all grown-ups so we can be brutally honest with each other, right?  It was not the "behavior and the choices of the occupiers" (which I admit was foolish and poorly conceived), but the failed "leadership" of both Governor Brown and Attorney General Lynch (your boss, higher up your foodchain) and dare I say it out loud? - gross incompetence that "led us to this point".

Both Brown and Lynch were driven by emotional, ideological decision making and as a consequence of that psychological framework in which they choose to view the world around them, their decisions will have lasting consequences beyond this most recent clash of viewpoints.

Maggie Thatcher I guess was an outlier as a woman blessed with the temperament and confidence to manage challenges and critics without lashing out irrationally as a show of force for no other reason than to "show force" and demand obeisance.  Both of these women (Brown, Lynch) demonstrated that they are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of office in a diverse plurality in an even-handed way.  Both deserve to be removed from their offices for non-performance and incompetence while under duress, having failed the only true test of leadership.  Making easy decisions under calm seas isn't really a stretch or exemplar of "leadership". They were tested, and they fell short.  Dramatically so.

Continuing right along --

"we will continue to look for safe, peaceful and productive ways to end this occupation".

Well, please get back to the rest of us in America when you've achieved that goal, because none of your efforts so far have met that bar.  And you wonder why the FBI is losing credibility and support of the public in general?  When people start mocking your specialty teams with monikers like "Hostage Roasting Team", it's not generally a sign that you have earned the respect and support of the people you are tasked to protect, right?

"the sooner the citizens of Harney County can start healing this community they cherish so much".

Well, Special Agent Bretzing, as someone who has written more than my fair share of Press Releases, I understand the adage to conclude with a "positive, affirmative action summary statement" - but I gotta confide in you, your PR flaks let you down on this one and missed the mark - big time.

This is no longer about "Harney County" and their "healing".  If it was, the presser would have been held and fielded by the Harney County Sheriff's office.  No sir, this is much bigger now - thanks in part to your mismanagement and missteps - whether by incompetence or design - this is now, as evidenced by your presence - a Federal matter with national reach, and national consequences.

What you have demonstrated is that the leadership within this Administration is so extreme in its ideological viewpoints that it cannot, and will not, entertain any contrary viewpoints or challenges to its precepts and unilateral actions that do not serve to further its own radical agenda.

And that, Special Agent Bretzing, is a condition that you have not ameliorated with your actions but instead have escalated.  And we will hold you, and the rest of those in the decision making chain accountable for what follows.


15Fixer said...

Nicely put.

Mac said...

I hope the cops that murdered LaVoy have no peace for the rest of their lives! Same with acting governor Brown, interim unelected Sheriff son in law of Steven Grasty Dave Ward and all the FBI agents and OSP murderers that killed a fine American who had the fortitude to stand up agains federal overreach.

Anonymous said...

Their silence is deafening. A fair appraisal of the situation.
-3per in CA.

Anonymous said...

Let me be clear: It is fully and unequivocally the behavior and the choices made by the occupiers...

This is also known as "blaming the victim."

Right up there with "she deserved to be raped because she was wearing a short skirt and her cleavage was put on display."

Then there is this part: "....actions are not without consequences." Umm, Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing, the "actions are not without consequences" cuts both ways.

Anyway, I see Obama's rhetorical tick "Let me be clear" is now part of the federal lexicon.


chas said...

We know where they live.

Anonymous said...

Very well spoken and true...
Lavoy Finicum, rancher, patriot, and brave countryman. Ride easy, cowboy. Rest In Peace.
Message to .gov LEOs...
'We come in peace. We didn't bring artillery. But we're pleading with you, with tears in our eyes: If you fuck with us again, we'll kill you all.

David Landro said...

This was an execution. Curious that the only person let go has an entirely different remembrance of events than the captives. This move was a tactical kill in that it stopped the momentum of the protest and any possibilities of addressing the real issue. The BLM's un Constitutional and criminal behavior. Theft with obvious approval of the highest office in the land. If this keeps up, I will have trouble telling the difference between the BLM, FBI or BATF. Not to mention DHS, CIA or NSA...

Anonymous said...

When the law does not protect or avenge the "little people", it cannot protect those "Law Makers" or "Law Enforcers" from the "little people".

The Blue Line won't matter. Private security won't matter. If "leadership" needs audio or camera technicians to give speeches or orders, let alone cooks/janitorial/waiters or security personnel, they can not be safe without the "little people" believing that the law applies to all persons, regardless of station.

Prosecuting and convicting Hillary Clinton will buy some time on the "legitimacy" front. Prosecuting & convicting (with 5+ years prison each) some TBTF bank executives will buy some credibility. Cancel the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 with more new restrictions on banks lending funds that do not exist (simplified as "One Dollar of Capital" by Karl Denniger, and as recently proposed to the Swiss people). Ending the Federal Reserve Bank following a complete physical asset audit, returning the monetary power to a Congressional Committee a little more. Add a general or specific "orderly default" on mathematically-unpayable US obligations (public & private) and non-specific Federal "obligations" or "entitlements", because that's what bankruptcy brings. Do these things and live as saviors of the Republic, or don't- then enjoy the decline.

We aren't Eloi or Europeans. Much of our training came from more than a century of Federal overseas empire building. Now that the foreigners are fighting back (and winning), Federal power comes to Eastern Oregon where "overwhelming force" is used where leadership and patience would have saved lives of our countrymen. Think of the TDY checks for all the deployed Agents, and how that boosted the economy of Harney County! Americans are patient, but we also know war. This would be the worst kind of war, with no safe CONUS to resupply from or retreat to.

Faith in The Law is fading fast, and unless they are fools, "leadership" should be afraid. Fearful people do silly things, sometimes.

Remember your Oath.

Partyzantski said...

It is an axiom that one should not fight an enemy too much, lest you teach them all of your art. At this point in the so-called "administration", America has learned enough of the "art" of how they do.

Americans know all too well that looters, arsonists and killers get to go home and collect some group benefits (Ferguson, Baltimore), while productive citizens- a producer, gets a toe tag, opprobrium and official radio silence.

While a thug who is shot by a cop on Canfield Drive gets an official delegation from the DoJ to his funeral, does America think for a minute that LaVoy Finicum will receive the same official honor, dubious as it may be?

All of these are what we have been taught as terminal learning objectives. I'd say that the teacher has been thorough - has there been anyone paying attention who has NOT learned the lesson?

Justice and honor demand that Americans pay attention to this event. That we take note of what is said, and unsaid. With what degree of alacrity, truthfulness and transparency the questions are answered. Use this event to illustrate to the common man and woman what the "elite" really think of them and their aspirations, let them meet or fail to meet the standards that they set for themselves. We either have a government that respects its citizens, or we have an #autodelegitimizing cluster picnic of epic proportions.

Consider the ball in the regime's court at this point. They can either do the right thing, or not. As moral, ethical beings, it is our duty to be patient. It is our duty to not forget. It is our duty to prevail.

Remember Ghandi:
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
Ghandi won the whole cricket match by being patient and letting his opponent lose all legitimacy. The times call for a Ghandi approach, as the regime seems particularly inept at dealing with such.

A prime example of this is the success of MLK. That is the language of victory in the face of such forces. Love demands sacrifice, and America has a lot of love to give.

T. Paine said...

This absolute BS is 100% unacceptable. Guaranteed there are video and audio evidence of this(presumed) murder.
This episode is how the DC thugs intend to deal with anyone and everyone that challenges them.

Lock and Load.

GenEarly said...

FIB just doing what the FIB does and relying on the Sheeples to keep doing it. ProgreSSives like Lynch, Holder, and Obamy are a given, but don't assume Quisling "Conservatives" who blindly follow ANY "Law&Order" will defend Liberty either.
I offer this link, which IMO, was as Evil as anything I have seen in the Huff Po.

The time for Debate is probably over, just communication amongst tribal members remains to facilitate our mutual survival.
Remember that first shot at Ft. Sumter was a mistake. Make the Tyranny strike first, clearly and unmistakably, not for our enlightenment, but to garner the support of the people of the countryside, and it's growing. Just do your own intel, start an anti-gov discussion in a checkout line at any big box store to gauge your area.
Hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes, or better said do not react to our yells, but when the yells of the populace reach your ears. Then it will be much quicker work.

Damhansom said...

I wonder if this is the same .gov gang that opened fire on the bikers in Texas? That to was anounced as a "gun fight" yet most were un armed and .gov has not provided evidence of any of the bikers actually firing a shot.

Anonymous said...

If for reasons I don't understand, you are unarmed; arm yourselves. If you have not been purchasing ammunition and supplies, a bit each payday,do so now. Read,listen,learn, and prepare. If you don't know why - I will say it clearly,listen because Grandpa won't tell you twice...
There IS going to be a fight. There may be overtime, because it will not end in a tie. It will either be all of us, or all of them.
"Choose today who you will serve. As for me and my house..."
May God bless us and protect us.
Let's win.

Anonymous said...

The FBI wasn't the only group filming the scene of the ambush. There were others, people trained by the military who were very near the FBI snipers. They never knew it, and the video is going to surface. Let's see how quickly the FBI video, edited though it is, will come out.