Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Night Thought: All the King's Horses, and All the King's Men .....

My co-blogger, Partyzantski, usually posts his inspirational "Friday Night Thought" about this time.

Tonight, I want to co-opt his space to share a "Friday Night Thought" of a different kind.

Those who know me IRL, or those who have read this blog for any period of time know that I do not advocate violence or unlawful behavior.  I believe in changing the course of events through peaceful, lawful, individual acts of defiance and resistance when necessary and addressing my anger through the system that my Welsh and European ancestors shed blood to set up and bequeath to me as their legacy.

Not everyone believes as I do.

There is alot of "Cold Anger" in many quarters of America tonight over the execution of LaVoy Finicum, and the belief that the trespassers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge now in custody will be treated far differently than other occupiers of other public spaces have been in the past - whether that is Columbia University, Alcatraz, Zuccotti Park in New York City  or Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC.

There is also a great deal of rancor around the knowledge that the Malheur group believed they had been promised safe passage to travel to John Day to attend a community meeting.

Obviously, accepting the "Word" of the governmental agencies tasked with "ending" this dispute at the urging of the incompetent ideological zealot, the unelected Governor "Kate" Brown was misguided - and this has been noted by many.  The "Word" of both state and federal government "spokespersons" has now been rendered meaningless. 

And those who gave their Word and fed the belief in "safe passage" continue to believe there won't be "blowback" they can't direct, manage or can control?

So - as a cautionary tale - one of my homes is in occupied Virginia.  It is within easy commuting distance of the "Northern Virginia Resident Agency" and, the commuter traffic idled but yet! fully equipped and FAA fully funded(!) staffed and controlled tower Manassas Regional Airport where, in the last few years, the hangars have suddenly become full of companies of uncertain provenance who carry out activities late at night of uncertain purpose, which I am sure would be "of interest" to the type of people who are interested in investigating registration of corporations, registration of aircraft tail numbers and tracking their activities, and so on.  But I digress....

The "Northern Virginia Resident Agency" is really interesting from a casual observer's point of view.  It would seem to meet all the modern standards of Force Protection Measures.  I am sure that the internal controls are also similarly up to, or exceed, modern standards for a national law enforcement agency.  There is no doubt that the employees who work inside that building are protected to the best extent the federal taxpayer can provide, and with the latest technology and screening..... as it should be, since the bulk of the efforts they undertake are expended tracking truly awful people, doing truly awful things.

Got it.

But here's the rub.  Those same employees who work at the state-of-the-art "Resident Agency" have to leave that complex at the end of the day, and go ... somewhere.  Unlike military families, the employees of that particular Federal agency don't get to live in the "ultimate gated community" where access to the housing areas is controlled and monitored.

Oh noes.

Those employees have to commute "somewhere", where they park their cars, greet their families, barbeque in their backyards.   Where they walk their children to bus stops, where they have to buy groceries in the open economy, or fill up the minivan with gas at the local Stop-N-Fill.

All of which require..... a belief in "safe passage".

Those same employees had best do a gut check and understand that not everyone in the communities that they have chosen to "commute to" after a hard day's slog at the Resident Agency or similar other workspaces around the country are happy that they are there.

Oh noes. Far from it.

They know you are there.  They know the daily rhythm of your lives, they know the names and faces of your family members, they will even smile and perhaps give you a nod of acknowledgement.  But that doesn't mean that they are happy you are there.  That doesn't mean you have their support.

Oh noes.  Not at all.

I know one such Special Snowflake Box Checking Super Rainbows and Unicorns employee of said "Resident Agency" who used to have a "gun clearing" receptacle on its "gender neutral" front porch, so pleased with its "gender neutral" self  that it enjoyed telegraphing its "gender neutral" employment and "politically correct, gender neutral" employer to the community ...

I have been informed that the "gun clearing" box of sand in its mail order container has been removed from its high visibility location on its "gender neutral" front porch, and that the multi-antennaed Fedgoon mobile has been strategically relocated to a more low-key location than the visible-from-the-street driveway.   Too little, too late?  I don't know.  What drove the change from the high visibility "trumpeting of perceived high status"?  Perhaps it was the dawning realization that its ("gender neutral") neighbors had trained their external security cameras specifically to monitor that employee's house and that employee's comings and goings.  The same neighbors that are more than just a wee bit upset about the execution and slaughter of a thoughtful, kind White Male Family man and Grandfather trying to peacefully protest and educate the public about his concerns regarding federal over-reach - as misguided as that may have been. (As an aside, many of those "upset" neighbors are military who have long standing grievances with the behavior and air of telegraphed superiority of those who reside in the "tenant activity" on THEIR base in Quantico... just sayin')

But they'll continue to smile and give you a nod of acknowledgement at the bus stop - for now - while they digest what this all means, and where the river of public opinion is flowing.

The Belief In Safe Passage.

It works both ways.

"All the King's Horses, and All the King's Men ...."

Icebergs look so fresh and pure and wholesome but don't really represent the breadth and depth of what lies beneath the surface.

Choices and Actions have consequences, even if they were made by people far far removed from your cubicle and your personal reporting chain.

The sober and reflective would take this under advisement and adjust their security posture accordingly.

Have a peaceful and blessed Friday.


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Very nice. Sounds like a scenario from one of Matt Bracken's short stories.