Monday, January 25, 2016

Hillary Update! - Tom Delay states "FBI READY TO INDICT"

This just in!

H/t Steve Malzberg Show.... Former Republican and US House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay states unequivocally that the FBI is "ready to indict" Hillary Clinton.

Tom deLay states that if the Attorney General does not prosecute, the FBI is taking its case public.  Bottom line here is that all the signals, all the indications are that Hillary Clinton is now in a political knife fight not just for her future, but to stay out of jail.

The credibility and viability of the Federal Government itself lies in the balance of this momentous event.  If she is NOT indicted, the FBI and its office holders can either accept that and live out life as neutered annelids, or they can lay the meat out on the table, lay it bare... and let the chips fall where they may.

Consider that Nixon resigned over much less serious issues.  If this is the standard of conduct as a cabinet member, imagine what Hillary Clinton would actually do while IN the Oval Office and that she would then be even more impervious to any legal action to constrain her "ways". 

Bradley Manning's charging documents can be seen here.  Now, what difference at this point does it make if Manning leaked X amount to Wikileaks, or Hillary Clinton subverted the classified security apparatus to enrich herself?  Is it a difference in degree, or in kind?  Surely, it is somewhere on the same playing field.  Manning was sentenced to 35 years for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents.  Hillary is at this time remains unindicted.  She surely had a lot of assistance in this, so I expect that there is going to be a lot of scurrillious doings as various players sell each other out for the best deal.

My money is on her getting indicted.  The security and credibility of the nation depends upon some semblance of equal application of the law, even to people such as "Too Big To Jail" Hillary Clinton.

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