Monday, January 25, 2016

I predict Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign.....

I am going to call it right here... I predict that Hillary will leave the campaign trail for "health reasons".  

The looming clouds of the FBI clamoring for her head to stave off organizational revolt and irrelevancy and the likely DoJ auto delegitimzation that will follow when they refuse to go after her is THE issue of this candidate selection process.

Maybe she gets a "deal" from the Obama White House to "drop her campaign for health reasons" as a gracious exit without the Obama Administration having to directly confront the egregiousness of her criminality.  I guess we shall see in a bit less than a year how this plays out.

Reporters State Clinton "May Be Unable to finish remarks"

For a top tier Presidential hopeful to have this sort of issue on stage is inexcusable.  If she has "thyroid problems", a reasonable and rational player would have loaded up on cough drops ahead of time, maybe some chloraseptic spray.  Letting the world see you in not great health just undid any good that your speech appearance could have done.  This may be a form of signalling that she is done and needs an honorable way out.

Now, on to the next issue - who will the DNC select to fill her sensible shoes?


Whoopie said...

That might be all the justice we can hope for in this case.

Partyzantski said...

I believe that there will be no choice BUT to indict her. America either has National Security laws & regulations, or we don't. If they do not indict and she skates out of this, just wait until the NSA has a few dozen Bradley/Chelsea Mannings and Ed Snowdens to deal with... they will all point to HRC as precedent.
That is a future that I do not wish upon the NSA and the rest of the IC. However, it is precisely THEY who have to either "nut up or shut up" on this point. If they acquiesce on this, then the IC will be dealt a fatal blow, much like a spread of torpedoes that all found their mark under the waterline.
Leaders will need to look themselves in the mirror and then face the troops. They will see right through any institutional BS and equivocation. If they don't indict and soon, America will have no choice but to see the lid ripped off the can of worms and see with their own lyin' eyes that there is a prole/peasant system of rules and enforcement, and a separate channel for the connected. Know that I am not just talking about security, I am talking about a whole range of personnel issues.