Monday, January 18, 2016

MLK Day reconsidered and the Malheur Wildlife Protest ...


As I was driving towards Mordor this afternoon (I do a lot of driving), I was informed via a local news radio station that there would be SEIU organized protests along several main roads and that the protesters would occupy a bridge at some point in their airing of grievances.  Apparently, according to the linked article, these service industry protests will take place in 10 cities nationwide.  No less a luminary of the beltway than the stunning Eleanor Holmes Norton is in support of the collective efforts of SEIU members, her statement is here.

So that you can know where these protests and others are being held during this Federally designated holiday, take a look at the list of events.   Take a long, hard look at that list of places.  Consider if you will all the logistics planning and effort that has gone into this... signs, local coordination with police departments, media coordination.  Now, consider another protest, not on the list... Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

Wait, WHAT????

Yes, I said it.  The Bundy inspired and led occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  How in blazes are the 2 connected?  I'm glad you asked.  The SEIU marchers in Mordor will block streets that are otherwise needed for people to move via automobiles, they will occupy a Federal bridge in Washington, D.C.  It is known that the Malheur crew is armed, there is no way to verify that the SEIU crew is NOT armed.  The SEIU marchers will outnumber the Malheur crew by an order of magnitude or 2, maybe more.  Malheur is remote, D.C. is within an easy metro ride for many of the SEIU protesters.  They both have or will seize Federally controlled property for a political statement.  One is popular with coastal elites, the other... not so much.

Both of these events are protesting a failed Federal Government.  Look at the wages that the SEIU workers are getting (in the article, it is astonishingly low... I am guessing that they rely on tips).  If the regime was working out for them, they would not feel the need to protest.  Yet, they are.  Then consider the Malheur protest.. they are denigrated as rednecks, racists and worse for daring to protest POTUS's regime and policies as expressed via BLM.  One is compared to Al Quaeda and ISIS (VanillaISIS, Y'allQaeda from the wits out there), the other in reverential tones. Both are protesting the same government, yet one is considered far differently than the other. It may be useful to ponder not the men and women who protest, but what the object of that protest actually is.

Why might this be?  Why, indeed.  I ask astute readers to comment on what their powers of reasoning reveal to be the difference between the 2 groups.  If the POTUS had ushered in "change" over the past 8 years, and was such a benefit to his people, why then is this protest happening?  How is it possible that the seas stopped rising, the planet began to heal... yet we have 70 year old men making under four dollars an hour in the Capitol?  Either POTUS is the most powerful man in the world, or he is not.  If he was all powerful, why has he forsaken his people?  Has he been foiled by TPTB?

The way that I predict this will proceed is as follows... POTUS will make a token concession to SEIU protesters, but not the Malheur occupiers.  One will be given "space" to do something, the other faces likely death by the famed FBI "Hostage Roasting Team" (HRT  renamed by an angry populace after the WACO and Ruby Ridge debacles).  The reasoning will be that he is but one man, fighting systemic racism.  A few disposable Caucasians will resign or be "fired", they will be given other jobs for taking one for the team.  Ask yourself this.... how many SES (special executive service) types have EVER been actually fired?  Any honest person, no matter the background will at least get a sense of the con that goes on in Washington.


As these events are mere accretions onto the MLK Day festivities, it is time to bring this article back to the opening... consider MLK the man.   There is a very interesting bit of documentation by the FBI of the events surrounding his death.  One must acknowledge the power of his written words and the power of his celebrity in American history.

I Have A Dream/Letters from a Birmingham Jail

Like many men in a position of power and influence, MLK apparently had other issues that would only emerge later.   While none of us is perfect, I'll have to wonder why MLK Jr is the only American that I know of whose record is sealed until 2027.  That is a mere 11 years from now... will the record be made available to the public?  Will it be somehow unavailable, re-sealed or destroyed?  I would prefer that MLK Jr. be vindicated in history as a man who triumphed and achieved much for all Americans.  The sealed records hint that there may actually be something to the issues of Communist subversion, beating of multi-racial prostitutes and plagarism.  This was supposed to be the "most transparent administration ever", the lack of these records to date does noting to put this to rest.

If the legacy of MLK comes to a full and impartial review, will his massive statue be under review for removal, much like many other American figures are?  Many Americans seem to be into this neo revisionism.  Perhaps it is the failure of the public education system that gives these folks an incomplete at best appreciation for history and irony.  Consider if you will that the same revisionist impulses of the Stalin Regime of the Soviet Union made them past masters at "correcting history".

The term "enemy of the state" emerged from that time with a chilling undertone to it.  The drive to re-write American history to favor a current (and poorly thought out) trend in political thought can lead to some unintended places.  As Confederate statues get removed and vandalized, what is to prevent the wheel of history from turning?  There is even talk of digging up dead Confederate Generals to remove them from history.   Is it concievable that the same impulse might one day see MLK Jr.'s statue removed from public view for "repairs" or some other reason?  God forbid these same impulses see his remains disinterred and scattered, but the sentiment and actions today will reverberate through time.  An extreme example of this is exhibited by ISIS, in the destruction of Palmyra.   Is this what the end state is with progressivism?  Are Americans really on board for this sort of ride here, with cultural icons?  One of the tenets of Communism is that history is a one way path, it is irreversible.  That has not borne out in practice.


As we all pass through the temporal knot of MLK day again, it is important that we keep our minds open and think about who benefits from events, who loses.  Examine with a clear mind and open eyes who you can and cannot criticize.  By these methods you will draw for yourself, through your own faculties, a framework that you can truly see America for all its lumps and beauty.  I actually agree with many of the statements attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr.  I am just not sure if most Americans can summon the courage to examine the full legacy and decide what it means for themselves.

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