Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

Pushback against the current islamic invasion of Europe continues - anti-muslim rallies in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours featured the crowd waving a Neo-Nazi flag (note bene: the link is from RT, but still makes the point) adding fuel to "xenophobia" charges by EU officials.  Perhaps the Bulgarian protestors are unaware that the Nazi regime was sympathetic to, and in concert with, the most strident and blood-thirsty Islamists.

Our post on the failure and corruption in Afghanistan lead us to this interesting place.  Apparently things have reached such a high-water mark for socialism and the attendant societal failure that the stated going rate to bribe a TSA Agent to pass through a suitcase unscreened is $2,400.  Feel safer now?

If anyone doubts the outrage that is the non-prosecution of Hillary Rodham Clinton for her egregious mishandling of classified information, check out this explanation of the various classification systems in place in the USA.

The "military diet" is one of the top fad diet schemes for 2016.  It seems to fit with the standard bland diet that was popular with 1950's housewives.  It also seems to promote some strange combination suggestions:

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