Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Moscow Rules" and JFK ... "FAST & FURIOUS ... Ver 2.0 - Human/Terrorism Walking Edition" - are Americans being set up for ambush on their own soil???

It is said that "Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action".  New York's John F. Kennedy Airport and the Transportation Security Administration are about to strike out if they keep this trend going.

Strike ONE150 Passengers on an inbound flight from MEXICO are allowed to skip customs and exit JFK unscreened.

Strike TWO: TODAY - Jan 25th - Passengers arriving from MEXICO allowed to exit JFK without their baggage or passports being screened and verified.

Strike THREE:  ???? .......

How is it even possible that in such a screened, vetted environment this even happened ONCE?  There have been no announced firings over any of these events.  There have been no announced stand downs, training sessions or the like as a result. 

There are a few possible explanations for these events:

1- Human incompetence
2- Organizational misunderstanding
3- Intentional misdeed to aid/abet criminal and/or terrorist elements from within TSA
4- Policy decision by higher echelons

The issue of human incompetence is as old as time.  Not everyone who passes the employment screening will be of sufficient intellectual capacity to carry out their responsibilities.  If this is the case and this is indeed what happened in the two acknowledged incidents, what is TSA doing to fix this?  Are we sure that these are the ONLY two times that this has happened?

Consider if you will "organizational misunderstanding".  It is conceivable that the manpower on the floor heard one thing when told to do another.  It would be in keeping with a "anything you say, Boss" work environment.  If this is the case, no TSA worker has come forward and said so.  No management has said so.

An intentional misdeed to aid/abet a criminal enterprise is not unknown, think about all those agents co-opted or bribed on the Mexican border.  JFK is a global hub, think of all the built-in incentives in that situation.  Smugglers out of West Africa, Europe, Mexico and further abroad would pay handsomely to be able to walk out the doors without scrutiny.  Any passenger could have walked out, dropped off their cargo and awaited the call to "please come back and get screened".  The money involved in these sorts of smuggling collusion schemes is truly staggering.

Convicted TSA Agent discusses "culture of indifference" at airports

Perhaps most disturbing about this scenario is that TSA has not caught anyone at JFK for allegedly doing any of these activities.  One would think that employee ongoing surveillance from a counter intelligence perspective would reveal unusual financial moves, unexplained affluence and all that.  Perhaps the watchdogs are getting a taste of the action?  No idea, as there is no official word on anything regarding these event aftermaths.

It may be an intentional policy move to get America used to a border-less, sovereignty-free existence.  What better place to do that than New York City?  Any incoming criminal, smuggler or terrorist has easy and near instant access to the ethnic community of choice to shelter within.  This report by the Furman Center illustrates the unique nature of the human terrain within New York City.  Reading through that, the point about having built in sanctuaries for whatever group is quite clear and unmistakable.  They offer sanctuary like the neutrality of Cambodia helped out the Viet Cong.  Combine that with a culture of "no snitchin'", and the security forces are up against a wall.

If indeed it is a policy decision from on high, consider it to be a "Fast and Furious", but in reverse and with human cargo instead of firearms.  That, and the people being impacted and hurt by it are AMERICANS.  Being an American still  matters, at least for the time being.
Is this in the cards for NYC if TSA keeps it up?  http://iht-retrospective.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/01/1965-viet-cong-suicide-unit-strikes/?_r=0
Are we as a people getting set up for another Tet on American soil this time?  If hostile elements are being brought in under the protective wing of TSA, what is the NYPD DOING about it?  Consider if you will that NYC has America's premier police force.  It size and budget is staggering in comparison to any other.  They have perhaps the tightest relationships with FBI, CIA and NSA of any domestic police force.  Is it conceivable that infiltration via JFK airport will result in a rehash of this famous event?

At this juncture of history, it is not possible to ascertain with any certainty the causative action that these mass customs non-inspection "breakouts" have occurred from.  While it is easy to blame the most sinister cause, that of official policy, it is more likely that the error resides with human stupidity.  Stupidity in hiring, training and employing morons who through their troglodyte haze can get us all killed.  Mark my words here - the next time this "happens", Americans may not get so lucky.  Americans may get knifed by a criminal/terrorist element under the allegorical arm of the TSA, much like Tybalt slew Mercutio in act III of Romeo and Juliet.  Let us hope that when we look at the news tomorrow, we will not be, as Mercutio stated, "a very grave man".


Stop shouting... said...

A few points:
(1) How many instances have taken place that have gone UNREPORTED? The issue could be larger than we realize.
(2) I think that the point of corruption may be misplaced - I have never travelled to Mexico (and never intend to) but I have re-entered the US from a Canadian airport, and "precleared" US customs on the Canadian side. During one particularly bad weather storm, which backed up air traffic across the northeastern seaboard, harried gate ops staff at Newark airport directed our flight, with its pre-cleared passengers, into the international area, where we had to "clear" customs again, which created confusion with US customs. It is perhaps the airline Operations department that is the fulcrum of corruption - directing gate traffic that should go to an international gate to a domestic gate.

Just my 2 c ... but I believe the basic premise. It's a conduit for human trafficking and smuggling of who knows what else into the country. More alarming now that we know that Jihadis are transiting across the southern border to infiltrate the US.

Anonymous said...

As an operations supervisor with an airline, I can tell you some domestic inbounds are sent to international gates due to weather issues or what not, but international flights arriving in the US will be "held out" on the ramp until an international arrival gate is available. The fine otherwise is PER PASSENGER, and it is a fucking huge number. The fucking up noted here is all TSA/DHS/USCBP