Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Only by Blood and Suffering"

"Only by Blood and Suffering"
One Cowboy's Last Stand for Freedom
Supporting the Finicum Family

Blogger Wirecutter at his homespot Knuckledraggin', has suggested that people who wish to find a way to support the Finicum family during this very difficult time, purchase his E-book, which is still available at Amazon as a paid Kindle version.  The link to the paid E-book is above.  Robert Finicum, a member of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation group, was executed this week during contact with law enforcement forces while on his way to attend a public meeting in John Day, Oregon.

The book is described as a fictional dystopian novel set in the future after an attack on the US has destroyed modernity, and one Mormon family's struggle to survive in the aftermath.  Wirecutter also mentions that it is not necessary to have a Kindle Reader - you can download the app to read on your PC or other device.

LaVoy Finicum had an "Official Page" for promoting the novel and you may wish to purchase a paperback copy there.  He also had several other freedom-themed items for sale in his online store.  There is a physical address and e-mail contact listed on the Store Page if supporters would prefer to mail funds directly to the family at the Arizona address.


smitty said...

I went to the website for a book and shirts.

In addition to that purchase I would like to help out Finicum's family.

There is a snail-mail address on the site, who do I make out the money order to?


Stop shouting... said...


LaVoy's wife's name is Jeanette Finicum.

One of LaVoy's daughters(Thara Tenney)posted on his Facebook page that the family has set up a PayPal account

Hope this answers your question!

smitty said...

I don't have a paypal account, and wanted to send a money order.

I will make it out to Jeanette Finicum, and snail mail to the address on the website:

PO Box 918 Cane Beds, Az. 86021

Unless there is a better address.

I just wanted to be sure to get the $ where it is needed by the family.