Sunday, January 31, 2016


Included in the post are some suggestions for questions you may wish to ask in your FOIA request as part of your search for the truth and to expose the lies and web of connections.

Given the level of rancor and suspicion that is coming to a head in America between large and loosely affiliated tribes characterized as "coastal elites", Progressive/Communists, transfer payment adherents and crimmigrants versus what can appropriately be described as "White, Christian, Phallic Oppressors" and those who love them, it is apparent that something needs to be done RIGHT NOW.

The killing of LaVoy Finicum is an appropriate event to mark this point in time, a point in time where the aforementioned phallic oppressors can put the iron away and take a more thoughtful tack.  That path forward is the FOIA request.  The overall tactical family is that of LAWFARE.  I will show you some resources and how to do this.  You can function as an Army of tens of thousands of individual Davids, all seeking access to official information which is guaranteed to you under the laws of the land.  If they DO NOT give it to you, what then?  It just sends up a funeral pyre of #AUTODELEGITIMIZATION.

You can do this without coordinating with anyone else.  The collective effort will be a huge monkey wrench in the bureaucracy, and that effect will make it all the harder for them to hide what they did.  Surely, they have nothing to hide, right?  They are The Powers That Be that dictate to the proles, serfs, peasants and bourgeois alike.

The over arching concept is that of Leaderless Resistance, which is detailed in this Naval Postgraduate School Paper.  You can do your own further research on that topic, as it is fraught with some dark alleys, your inferences are your own.  Understand it for what it is - if you do nothing else for liberty in America but send in a pointed FOIA request, you will have done far more than most.  The Phantom Cell/Leaderless Resister only need do one thing in his or her whole existence, the aggregate pressure from the entire movement WILL get felt.

The main tool that you can use, or base your own work off of, is to be found at  MUCKROCK.COM 

This process is free and open to all Americans.  It is a tool that all you have to do is care enough to write a request.  What might one ask for?  The list is wide open, but some possible avenues are:

1)  copy of all communications between FBI, local and state authorities over time period X, or on date Y

2)  copy of all incident reports, arrest reports, crime reports associated with the Malheur occupation

3)  copy of all arrest warrants

4)  ask about any DIRTBOX, IMSI catchers and other surveilllance technology possibly used

5)  ask for still and video record photos taken by all government entities

6)  ask for a complete list of all the player agencies, detachments and similar

7)  ask for copies of all contracts tendered to enable the counter-occupation forces (porta johns, lodging, etc)

8)  ask for copy of all firearms seized list

9)  any diagrams of the events (oh, they have those)

10)  Official timeline

11)  flight and cargo manifests associated with this

12)  any operational planning documents

All of these are a good place to start.  The goal here is to get Mordor to commit to a version of events.  If they have acted prudently, there should be nothing to hide... turn that logic around on them.  As Saul Alinsky stated, "make them live up to their own rhetoric and written standards"  You may scoff, but that excerable chap's works enabled the commies to run the table on America.

The next step is for all Davids to share and compare responses ... or non-responses/rejections.  If thousands of individual Davids begin demanding the same FOIA information at the same time ... it will over run their defenses.

Squeamish about adopting Alinsky's tactics?  Do you have a better idea that is proven to work?  So, let's get to it!  If they drag their feet, it is because they are trying to get their story straight.  However, there can be only ONE truth.

In the end, what will YOU say when the next generation asks you the inevitable question?


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