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Sabra and Shatilla, Past as prelude

During the Lebanese civil war, the dance card of combatants reached a dizzying level.  PLO, Israel, various militias, Hezbollah, Syrians, U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy... it just gets more involved from there.  The zeitgeist of 18 September, 1982 was that the Israeli Defence Forces had just moved into West Beirut after the freshly elected president of Lebanon, Bashir Gemayel and 26 in his retinue were assassinated on 14 September 1982 by a bomb planted in his Phalangist HQ by a member of the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (at least that is what the FBI concluded).

Gemayel was a right-wing Christian and represented The Phalangists/Kataeb Party, a powerful party that was aligned with control of the military and intelligence services, as well as supported by the Maronite Christians of Lebanon.  This organization, while avowedly secular on the surface, was supported almost entirely by Maronite Christians (~85% correlation).  The Phalange motto is "God, Nation and Family".  One may conclude that the Phalangists were a militia based very closely on common religious, cultural and family ties.  These factors provided for a great deal of internal cohesion as well as a built-in counterintelligence function (families/tribes with such structures are very difficult to infiltrate or turn members within due to solid loyalties going back to birth).

It is important to note the vertical integration of Lebanese militias as part of a larger political/military/economic structure.  To summarize the relationships, militias operated in an ethnic/religious/political region (just consider it a synonym for tribe).  They were funded by several large corporations, had access to port and airport facilities through these "fronts", which provided large income streams.  There was also the use of protection rackets and other forms of sub-national taxation applied to the areas under control.  These militias were well equipped and numbered in the several thousands strong.  Their structure and history is well worth looking into.  It is not clean and immaculate, but they did what they needed to do to survive, that much can be said.

It was in this environment that the Phalange Party's militia entered into the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Beirut.  The toll is hotly disputed, but it appears that 460 to 3,500 refugees were massacred at the hands of the Phalangists.  It was a pitiless slaughter in retribution for the slain Gemayel and a host of other atrocities - a case of karmic payback.  In the era of group rights and identity politics exemplified by Lebanon's diverse population and parliamentary system, group punishment was returned to the PLO, its sympathizers and those who merely existed with them in the camps.  It illustrates that civil wars have no fence sitters.  Identity politics ALWAYS ends this way.

The apparent collusion between the IDF and the Phalangists in carrying out the massacres in the refugee camps led to 2nd and 3rd order effects.  Ariel Sharon was forced to resign.  International opprobrium was heaped upon the Phalangists.  Chaos ensued.  Nevertheless, the point was made.  Consider how many Maronite Christians would have been slaughtered if there were no riposte.

Another person of note in the Lebanese example is Elie Hobeika. His personal journey was set in stone when his family and fiancée were among the 260 Christians slaughtered by the PLO at the Damour Massacre. He became a driven man, a wrecking ball who went by the nickname "HK" for the Heckler and Koch machine gun he was adept with.  While there are many examples, his resonates as a man who had lost his family and love of his life taking it to the forces of evil that took so much from him.  Germans and French today should look to Elie Hobeika's story and understand that the actions taken were logical for the circumstances he found himself in.  Like Roland the Thompson Gunner, Hobeika died a hero to his people.

The bottom line on the events in Lebanon is that at some point, cultural/religious/political/military/economic forces are unleashed that cannot be readily put back into the bottle.  That the assassination of the President Elect of Lebanon was symbolic to a wide audience as well as beneficial to the forces of Islamo-Fascism is an interesting point.  Did the Phalangists reach a point where such a challenge could not go unanswered?  In a machiavellian world of hardball, I would say so.  To let a decapitation strike go unanswered would have immediately called their credibility into question.

Apply these points of human characteristics now to Germany.  To France.  The "refugee" camps have blossomed like mushrooms after a spring rainstorm.  One may ponder, "how many rapes/deaths/assaults/crimes" will a host population tolerate before the contemporary groups emerge to visit the same upon the blue-tarped encampments of imported malcontents, felons and assorted criminals?  At some point, the domestic situation will become so egregious that the Central authorities will not be able to contain either the guest rapefugees, nor the oppressed, beleaguered population of citizens.  Though firearms are more restricted in these European constructs, do you think that determined people will not find a replacement near at hand?  I refer to Rwanda, but many other means are at hand in an industrialized, complex society such as Germany or France.

All the same group?  The Rwandans say "NO".   Rwanda was 15% Tutsi and 80% Hutu.

This is the end result of the tribal/racist tension in the Rwandan example.  Note that the vast majority of this slaughter was done with manual farm implements, not "guns".

It is generally accepted that 800,000 to 1,000,000 were killed within the span of 100 days.  The Nazis were pikers in comparison.

Given the inexorably rising level of civilizational tension in Europe, it really is a question of "when", not "if" this sort of event starts.  Never before has the world witnessed a civilization that was willing to commit suicide as a people.  We can hope and pray that that is not the case, that the Europeans will decide to NOT vote themselves out of existence, but the issue is cloudy at best.  Given the timeless, repetitive nature of such human drama, it then becomes a question of when, not if, it migrates to America.  No matter where you sit in the political arena, as pacifist, as partisan, you have a role in this as doer or do-ee.  There will be no fence sitters in America (eventually), just as there were no fence sitters in Rwanda.  Do or be done.  Predator or prey.  There is no "opt out".  To opt out means to abandon your family, your neighbor, your tribe group and such really is unforgivable, particularly in the face of existential terror and threat.  Many progressives love them some Lincoln, but even he stated that a house divided cannot stand. It may be the case in aggregate that TPTB do not WANT the house to stand.  Consider these points while you absorb your coffee.

Another diverse load of rapefugees heads toward Italy.

Here is a song to ponder this article by, "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner", by the late warren Zevon.  I offer this as salve and red meat to my peeps.

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