Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shock from attendees to planned meeting at John Day waiting for Bundy and Finicum to arrive ....

The group assembled to hear Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum react with shock and alarm when the announcement was made that there was an "altercation"...

At the end of the video, the organizer states:

"We will have another meeting in the very near future... this is not going to stop... it doesn't stop here"  to claps and positive cheering

(many at the meeting are alarmed at the overreach of the BLM, although a handful of anti-Bundy protesters brought signs hoping that the media would focus on them)

Spontaneous candle light vigil for LaVoy Finicum in Bend, Oregon ...

Why is this not on the national news?

Why is the media still advancing the meme that the Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum did not have the support of the community?

How did professional printed signs magically appear calling the Malheur Occupiers a "caliphate" and other loaded language?  Who funded those? Why?

"Take Your Hate.... classic Fabian talking points"

Questions .... so many questions ...


Arkindole said...

One of the OR local news videos posted on AmPWRBlg had a talking head reporting that the "town" (maybe Burns) anti-patriot group had amassed about 100K in funds.

Ok, so why would that information feed be provided to the local news reporter? Why would someone "brag" about that, especially when it is off topic to a report on protests? What would that amount of funding have to do with the changing attitudes of the Burns residents shifting toward pro freedom?

No local community with the demographics of Burns comes into that much money unless it's outsiders. It would be telling to see exactly where those "donations" came from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update. I have not heard/seen this anywhere else. The funding for the "not-so-spontaneous" anti-rancher protest is very suspicious. I also did not know anything about the candlelight vigil.

Rest in peace, Mr. Finicum. You will not be forgotten.