Friday, January 15, 2016

The nature of Totalism

This post is about totalism and totalitarianism.  I was thinking about this this morning while driving on a ring road of a growing city.  Traffic had developed to the point where I had a chance to reflect and develop a few themes that have been percolating.

First off, the entire drive towards "political correctness"... have you considered that it really does not matter WHAT the forces of evil PC drive people to believe, it is that they are all believing the same thing.  In math, the process of simplification allows you to divide both sides of an equation by the same thing, reducing the answer.  PC works in the same way... as long as both sides of the equation believe the same essential elements, it is quite easy then to work on what is left.

Totalism encourages easy beliefs.  It is magical thinking that brings comfort through fantasy and wishful thinking.  Easy beliefs, such as "I'm entitled to "X"... somebody owes me "X".. allow the masses to seethe at the beck and call of the totalitarian puppet masters, who have scant investment or real interest in ameliorating any suffering. Alinsky stated, "rub raw the sores of discontent".  Examples of this have been seen in Ferguson, in Baltimore... where next?

Totalism and totalitarianism is the ultimate expression of Progressivism.  Note that each progressive leader keeps advocating that more must be done, "CHANGE" and all that.  As each one leaves office, there remains a lot left on the agenda.  How can that be?  If a progressive utopia were achievable, what then have been the planning benchmarks?  The metrics that they are so fond of?  Is the lack of these any indication that the whole progressive program is a house of cards, a wilderness of cracked mirrors swirling with a miasma of cosmic swamp gas?

At some point, people must begin to realize that there is absolutely no real effort - or benefit - to "solving" any societal problem.  There is only benefit to "rubbing raw the sores" so the demand for more involvement, more spending, more over-arching control can be justified.  A recent example of this is the theatrical "trial" of the Baltimore Six charged in the death of Freddy Gray.  Many people are stunned at the perceived "incompetence" of the State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, when in fact she is winning - if you understand the goal.  If the goal is to "fundamentally change" the justice system, with more over-arching federal control and attrition of state control and states rights - then what benefit is to the forces for "fundamental change" for legitimate due process to take place?  Is there not greater reward in having the trial be seen as a farce - a failure - in order to justify the call to "transform" it and place it in the hands of technocrats far better qualified to ensure "fairness" and "justice"?

If the so-called "smartest guys in the room" have not been able to make a permanent change in the human condition, why then are Progressives so adored and followed?  Is it because they are seen as "compassionate", yet do nothing of substance to lift and enable?  is it because they are seen as the "underdog", yet run the vast machinery of the Deep State?  Is it because they encourage easy, comfortable, non-judgemental answers to tough issues, yet abortions/drug addiction/crime have soared under Progressivism?

In conclusion, it is my sincere belief after much cogitating on this that the ills of Progressivism, political correctness, grievance politics, and the welfare/warfare state are all part and parcel of the current totalitarian regime we exist within today.  Continue to join us here at StopShouting! for more updates on the war against totalitarianism and the PC lemmings.

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