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Throwback Thursday: Sewer Dwelling Hollywood Demonizes US Military and Exalts Muslims ....

Throwback Thursday - Originally Published March 2, 2014

Just when you thought the domestic battle for “hearts and minds” couldn’t get any more perverse, in steps “helper Monkey” Hollywood to drag us down into the sewer, reaching a new low in cultural marxism.
Dragging us down into the sewer, where the Cultural Marxists Trolls dwell..... Ewwwww.
Dragging us down into the sewer, where the Cultural Marxists Trolls dwell….. Ewwwww.

There has been an ongoing psyops war waged by the Obama Administration and its sycophants against the U.S. military.

Traditionally, the U.S. military has always enjoyed high approval ratings from the American public at large – they support the military in funding; in its non-combat humanitarian missions as diplomatic outreach (such as the US Navy Hospital Ships, USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy); and are, for the most part, proud of the work that the US military does in defending freedom and the highest ideals of “America” –

individual liberty, peace, free trade, domestic stability among the many hallmarks of the “shining city on the hill”.  In very few other countries, do so many citizens have direct experience – having served, themselves – or a first degree relative connection to someone who has served in the armed forces.

This well of respect and admiration is more than just an ideological danger to the Obama administration.  The US military, and the traditions and ideals it seeks to uphold and represent – in their purest, yet imperfect form – are out of phase with the belief system of the hard core cultural marxist cadre which control the levers of power in the other institutions – the executive branch, much of the judiciary, academia and the  “press” a/k/a (propaganda/messaging) No, gentle readers, this well of respect and admiration is also a physical threat to the Obama administration, because, historically, the calibre of individual who chose to serve in the post-Vietnam, all-volunteer force, did so out of a sense of selfless service, pride and patriotism.  The majority believed in the ideals of “America” and proudly swore to defend the Constitution from “all enemies, foreign and domestic”.
Ever vigilant and always on guard to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic....
Ever vigilant and always on guard to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic….

Not only are the veterans of the US Forces in ideological misalignment with the goals, ideals and ambitions of the cultural marxists – they are also a physical danger because, after a decade of “hot wars” on two fronts – the current forces are exceptionally well schooled in the mechanics of asymmetrical and guerrilla warfare.  Although the US military was the “Goliath” in these conflicts, through advisor and direct contact civil affairs programs, vast swaths of “outside the wire” forward deployed became experts at understanding, and responding to, 4th Generational Warfare.  They are ably positioned to turn the tables on any heavy-handed federalized “over-response” to domestic disagreements over the rights of its citizenry. They also have training, experience and discipline with firearms – something the marxists definitely don’t like, and know they have to sideline and marginalize before the final phase of their operations can take place.
Adapting to the ever changing realities on the ground in a classic asymmetrical warfare environment
Adapting to the ever changing realities on the ground in a classic asymmetrical warfare environment

This strikes fear – real fear – into the twisted psyche of those who seek to close the remaining gap, and complete the totalitarian subjugation of the US into a communist utopia, where everyone equally has nothing – except for them.
Therefore, one of the major psyops tasks of the OFA troll swat team – and now, apparently, with the overt, in-your-face assistance of mainstream Hollywood – is to, in classic Alinsky fashion – “Isolate, Marginalize, and Ridicule” their target – the US military and especially veterans.
This war has been brewing for quite some time, on many fronts.  Military are now routinely asked at any medical appointment if they own guns, if they have “ever” felt depressed or despondent or angry.

Every military member being processed out of the military and has been deployed is now routinely screened for “PTSD” – and no – this isn’t because the Obama administration is genuinely “concerned” for their welfare – no – it’s because it’s a common communist tactic of exploiting psychiatric “assessments” as a political weapon of control and retribution. The “screening” questions are overly broad and seek to catch any and all veterans in its net – with the goal of disarming them.

Another recent tool in the marxists’ playbook is to attempt to deem a veteran a “psychiatric” case unable to possess guns by claiming “financial mismanagement” or “inability to manage their financial affairs”, and therefore, this should be sufficient “evidence” to take away their existing guns, and deny them the legal right to secure or possess replacement ones.
An example of “inability to manage finances” that could lead to a “psychiatric assessment of threat” – a multiple deployed servicemember delegates the payment of domestic bills – such as utilities, mortgage, car payment – to their spouse to manage while they are out there, fighting a war.  This is a common – and – reasonable experience of thousands of military families across the country.  It doesn’t mean the servicemember is “incapable” of managing his finances – it just means the spouse is sharing the obligation, so that the servicemember can concentrate on the task at hand – doing their job well, and surviving in a hot war zone without distractions or concerns that their families are not being cared for.

Skeptical?  The Blaze touched on some of the issues in this Feb, 2013 article
Of particular ire is what is known as the “9-11” forces.  These are extremely idealistic men and women, who were called to serve after the attacks on US soil that fateful September.  And enlist in overwhelming numbers, they did.  And for the noblest, and most idealistic of reasons.

Many of them did become disillusioned after serving and deploying to either Iraq and Afghanistan.  But they didn’t become disillusioned with the ideal of “America” – they became disillusioned with our current government, our current members of Congress, the coterie that feeds on that political host, and the machine that feeds it.

The very machine that is the lifeblood and access to the levers of control for the cultural marxists.

To make things worse, it’s not just that the “9-11’ers” returned home, disillusioned and began challenging the corruption of the government – no – something far worse.

To the cultural marxists, the 2001 “9-11” was a victory.  A victory of muslim retribution for years of perceived American hegemony and oppression.  A viewpoint that puppet master, Valerie Jarrett, herself of Iranian descent, identifies with strongly – as do many members of the “influential” press, such as Iranian born Christiane Amanpour.  So those who rushed to enlist to fight back are the enemy to be brought to heel, not patriots to be admired and thanked.
For some, "9-11" was a day of victory and jubiliation, not a day of national mourning and sorrow.
For some, “9-11” was a day of victory and jubilation, not a day of national mourning and sorrow.

The cultural marxists loathe them, these “9-11” patriots. With a passion and enmity that is breathtaking…. and the only way they know how to destroy them is to mock and diminish them, and convert their patriotism and idealistic nature into something to be reviled, questioned and feared.

So. Let’s say, you’ve read this far, and you accept the premise.  Strap on your seatbelts, because now we’re going to fast-forward at warp speed to the latest front in the effort to demonize the US military, especially “9-11” veterans – and make them “our” common “enemy”, rather than someone we trust, and would turn to for help and guidance, should things ever go south ……  (h/t Treeper CtDAR )

Read it, and weepRead Nolte’s entire review, all the way to the bitter end. Know the no-longer-really-hidden agenda, and refuse to play along.

Isolate - Marginalize - Ridicule.  Shame that the new Target is the US military and patriotic 9-11 Veterans.
Isolate – Marginalize – Ridicule. Shame that the new Target is the US military and patriotic 9-11 Veterans.

2014 Neeson Flick, "Non-Stop" Exalts Muslims while demonizing US Military Veterans

Isolate your target.  
Freeze it.  
Marginalize it through ridicule.
Don’t be fooled.  Fight Back.


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