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Violence in context and a dire warning - Police are "Second Responders" with NO AFFIRMATIVE DUTY

I was reading my usual sites this morning when I had to put my coffee down and re-read the article. That happens sometimes.  It happened this morning when I read a post by Mike Vanderboegh.

I suggest that you go read it and ponder that before you continue here.  Mike is an insightful, clarion voice and his words carry weight.

The article he posts, is an interesting think tank read. The summary is that American blacks are largely killed by other American blacks, and that the attitudes in the community are making it more difficult to provide safety.

This graphic is astounding, as it argues a different set of conclusions than all the #BlackLivesMatter protesters and Administration actions.  This data set only covers closed cases where racial identity of the perpetrator is known.  Consider if you will the clearance rate for homicide in many major cities is at an embarassingly low level, partially fuelled by a "no snitching" culture that makes policing and successful prosecution problematic at best.

Maybe it was all the coffee, but the numbers started to form in my mind.  What I jotted down on a yellow legal pad in red ink translated to this slide:

I would ask that astute readers go back to the source material and check my math.  I rounded up to simplify this and to reflect that you really can't have .52911 of a person.  Maybe at Planned Parenthood, but not here.
Home A Sign No Snitching Rats
Numbers do not care what color you are, what ethnicity one professes.  It is quite clear that there is a fundamental cultural difference between communities in terms of what is normative behavior.  The political use of the data to endlessly push a disarmament scheme upon lawful Americans of all persuasions is pure, unadulterated evil.

Understand that Police, no matter how close and how friendly they may be, are almost always going to be a 2nd responder, leaving YOU holding the bag at the point of conflict.  In many cases, Police in inner cities are merely paperwork generators, documenting human depravity while demarcating areas with yellow crime scene tape and chalk outlines.  It is called "affirmative duty", and the Police, no matter how well paid, do not have it towards you, nor could they reasonably do so.

Affirmative duty is covered in this article , as well as here.  And, see here.

Given that Police cannot be everywhere, and are not legally bound to protect you individually anyhow, how in blue blazes can any person, politician or group advocate for disarming anyone?  This is not only absurd, it is setting up America for an absolute horror show of Biblical proportions!

Consider a bit of fairly recent American history... about 58,000 American servicemen were sacrificed on the altar of civilization in Vietnam.  That war threatened to shatter America.  In some ways, the counterculture that arose and found fertile soil in the tilled beds of Communist subversion DID shatter the nation (long march through the institutions, globalists, etc.).  I posit that it was not the casualties themselves that caused that schism, but merely provided an opportunity for the malcontents, the agitators, the wreckers and their fellow travelers to get their foot in the door.

Now, consider what would happen in America if the annual toll of murders were to accept the per capita rate as exhibited in the black community as normative behavior.  That would mean that about an additional 28,000 black people would meet their demise every year.  Please let that sink in.  The Vietnam war lasted 1959 to 1975.  The peak fighting was concentrated in the late 1960's. consider 1968 as a peak.  The actual dates are up for debate, but that is a rough outline of the war's time frame.  So, 16 years. Let's call it 3,600 killed in action a year for purposes of this comparison.

To more finely detail this and ensure that all homicides of blacks are accounted for, and if the current rate of black on black violence held and that the estimated toll of added white homicidal actions were added into the mix... then you'd see about 33,000 annual homicides of blacks in America.

Vietnam ripped this country to shreds with an average of 3,600 killed in action a year.  There were just under 17,000 combat deaths in 1968 alone.  What my simple calculations foreshadow is something almost 10 TIMES that, in an ongoing blood circus if "we were all equal".

Now, it is time to mull over if the United States can survive a rise in overall homicide, if "we were all equal".  I say that the answer is uncertain.  It certainly would not look like the America we know, or knew.  This election year, as I have stated before, is the most important one in our lives.  It will determine if America continues down the road to perdition with increasing balkanization, ethnic chauvinism and set asides, or we go back towards a more freedom oriented society, a society that does not infringe upon the Bill of Rights ( it is not a list of suggestions, you either have rights, or you are granted privileges, you can't have it both ways).

Now, is THIS the future?  Let us hope that our better angels prevail.  We all as Americans should hope that the politicians do not spin America into such a condition.

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