Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Big Failures of Progressive Public Policy based on "Feelings" .... THAT STILL GET FUNDED !!

There are many, many examples of Progressivism idealistic meddling that sounds very good as outlined in a White Paper or passionately advocated for in an academic seminar or think tank, but which are utter failures in the real world and an unacceptable frittering away of hard-earned resources by already overburdened taxpayers.

Even though these programs have been empirically demonstrated time and time again to be failures and expensive boondoggles, they continue to be not only funded, but often expanded.  That's because public policy spending isn't about problem solving or improving the quality of life for the citizens; it's about expanding power through control of resources and maintaining an otherwise unjustifiable patronage system.

Here are 5 of the Top Biggest Failures of Progressive Public Policy based on "Feelings", not evidence, and even though proven to be huge waste of resources, still get funded!

Monday Morning Roundup

"Europe's Fumbled Refugee Crisis, In Four Charts"  Even Bloomberg had to admit, "Fences Work".  Only 4 out of 10 are from Syrian, the balance are other economic refugees who see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exploit a regional crisis into a Western lifestyle of comfort and economic security that they have not contributed to, nor do they have the skills to make any meaningful contribution to.  Europeans are already existentially aware that these recent arrivals are not only incapable of assimilating into Western culture and ethos, they are actively opposed to doing so.

The Big Lie Continues.  The Master of the Big Lie, the Russian press, reports that the Russian middle class (identified as a person with at least secondary special education, non-physical employment and an average income level for their residence and identity) have not felt the effects of the economic crisis.

Active Pushback against the "Black Lives Matter" faux front for yet more Soros funded chaos continues.  Politically, Trump responds that "All Lives Matter", and Clinton has Black Lives Matter activists removed from a campaign stop by police.

Foodies claim Koji is one of the next big food trends for 2016.  Rice that has been deliberately inoculated with Koji mold to ferment, yielding a "funky, fatty umami flavor" without added salt, sugar or oil.

Friday, February 26, 2016

TOR... what is it? Questions from the Inbox

You have questions ... we try to answer!

T O R has been in the news quite a bit lately, so we answer a Reader's inquiry about what it all means...

What is T O R?

T O R is the acronym for  "The Onion Router".  TOR was developed as a network of volunteer operated servers connected by "virtual tunnels" to enable enhanced privacy and is a backbone of what is called the "Deep Web".  TOR is popular with journalists, dissidents and others who may have an interest in not coming under scrutiny.  Indymedia and the Electronic Frontier Foundation endorse it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Prepper's Home Defense By Jim Cobb - An Introduction to Security Strategies Book Review

The copy of Prepper's Home Defense- Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary that I am reviewing here is by Jim Cobb.  It is published by Ulysses Press and is copyrighted 2012.  For those searching for it by ISBN: 978-1-61243-115-4.

The topic of this work is of great contemporary interest to Americans from all walks of life.  There is an innate drive to protect that which is yours, both material and family from the unknown ravages of an uncertain future.  It is common practice for books of this genre to approach the subject from an assumption that "SHTF" or "TEOTWAWKI" is in effect.  This is not different, as the opening planning assumption in the introduction is that "a long term lapse in social services" is present

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sum of All Fears: Your own HomeBrew SCIF (Secure Facility to resist Electronic Eavesdropping) By Team Skiff!

There are some of you out there who have expressed interest in making a home brew SCIF.

There are a number of reasons what this is largely impractical, cost being the primary one and the continual certifications and inspections are just beyond the means of the vast majority. The decades of engineering design that has gone into making RF (radio frequency) proofed, secure enclosures are not something that you can just do “off the cuff”. However, you CAN make a usable space that seriously degrades the ability of anyone on the outside from figuring out what you are doing on the inside. That is the purpose of this article, and is presented for educational purposes only. The risks that you assume in following my writing, or any of the linked documents or sources is entirely your own. That said, let us proceed with the proceedings! But first, a cool video clip to establish the mood for the piece... you'll see a few glimpses of a SCIF in this.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Book Review Series: From the Library: A Message to Garcia

One of the core books that all fresh prospective 2nd Lieutenants are directed to read is Elbert Hubbard's classic, "A message to Garcia".  The copy that I am reviewing here is the hardcover from my personal collection, it is copyrighted 1977 and 1982.  The publisher is Peter Pauper Press, Inc.  I have to say, the book as seen on the shelf is not overwhelming.  There is no graphically tweaked cover design, no attention grabber that says, "buy this!".  What did tell me to buy it was the Chain of Command, and in this, they were so, so right that anyone (military or civilian, no matter your age or station in life) is totally wrong if they do not go and read it.  Yes, it is that important.  I will even venture to call it a foundational work.

Monday, February 15, 2016

SHTF Book Review Update: "Coup D'Etat" Back in Stock !!

Coup D'Etat was temporarily SOLD OUT after our book review in January.  Amazon advises us that the book is now back in stock and available for purchase.

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Reviewing Safes /Storage Options for your firearms: Securing your valuables

     It is estimated that there are over 300 million firearms in America.  This number keeps growing, particularly since President Obama was elected to office by a naive electorate.  To put it into perspective, there are now a little over 1 firearm per adult person in America.  Pause for a moment and let that sink in.  That means that there are many household that need a solution to secure firearms in the home, that is, the ones you are not carrying on you.

Monday Morning Roundup

The first train travelling 5,900 miles in the initial leg towards recreating the infamous "Silk Road" arrived in Tehran, Iran from China, laden with 32 containers of Chinese manufactured goods. “The revival of the Silk Road is crucial for the countries on its route,” the head of the Iranian railway company said at a ceremony at Tehran’s rail station attended by the ambassadors of China and Turkmenistan.

Merkel alone: Germany finds itself isolated as allies shut their borders to the influx of asylum seekers from North Africa and the MidEast. French PM Manuel Valls said Saturday that the mood in France was "not favourable" to Merkel's call for a permanent quota system. "Europe cannot take in all the migrants from Syria, Iraq or Africa," Valls told German media. "It has to regain control over its borders, over its migration or asylum policies."

TIGER 21 survey of High Net Worth Individuals (assets of $10M or more) shows a shift in allocation of funds from public to private equities, a rejection of fixed income sources, and hoarding cash in anticipation of buying assets for pennies on the dollar in the event of a major economic breakdown.

In spite of Lent, Google Trends shows cupcake recipes the rising search trend for food/recipes. (up 700%). 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Home and Personal Security, An Ongoing Saga

A home is a mans' castle.  It is the hearth that sustains him and his kin, it provides a refugim for his wife and children to flourish within.  That is why it is a vital responsibility and sacred mission to keep everyone within it safe from harm at all hours of the day or night.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Review of the The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Report

Readers have Questions, We Try to Answer

I was asked by a concerned Reader to look into the OIG report on Hillary Clinton's email fiasco and provide my impressions.  It may interest the audience to know that the newest OIG report, while "Googlable", is not listed at

There is THIS, but it only alluded to failure of the SecState FOIA process and general non-responsiveness of the institution.  The current report, after looking far and wide, is not readily findable.  Maybe I have to go on Tor and find it in the lower colon of the internet, I'd rather not do that.  It may have to do with it being in the DoJ/FBI orbit about a current issue that is keeping it sub rosa.  So, I present you with this eye bleach moment:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book Review: Simple Sabotage Field Manual #3 - Revisiting a WWII Classic

I have just done a temporary relocation from FEMA region III to FEMA region IV. Route 95 has well earned the nickname “the iron pipeline” from the sheer volume of traffic. It also provided an ample opportunity to mull over some topics that I might better develop in writing to interest you, the readership here at

There is a worn path already on working within the “system”. Many of us realize that we are not “bugging out” anywhere for a variety of reasons. We also realize that we can at least exercise our inner sense of wit to maintain our human dignity. We understand that our mortal enemies (in whatever form they may take), in fighting against individual liberty and justice have taught us much of their craft by being so long at the task. I realize that it is at times not obvious, but it is nonetheless true. You may find some materials on this line of operation at Kit Lange's “Order of the White Rose”

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Morning Round Up

German Army announces its new camoflage pattern can "fool night vision" technologies.

Democrats experienced a setback in the Virginia state legislature with the endorsement of a bill (along party lines) that would allow electrocution in death penalty cases if legal injection is not available.  Democrats seek to overturn the death penalty in Virginia and make Life Without Parole the only option for violent offenders.

US Sabre Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammed will be the first female to compete in the Olympic games wearing a hijab, fulfilling a multi-year goal of the cultural marxists in both the US Fencing Association and the larger International Olympic Committee and confirming the depth of corruption in both organizations.  Far from being an "inspiration" and a "role model", Muhammed represents the dividing line between civilization and barbarianism.  Anyone who has observed Muhammed has witnessed a fencer who is unable to control herself either emotionally or physically (throwing mask and weapons without penalties) and the corrupt maneuvering of officials to ensure that Muhammed wins matches that are necessary for the overall advancement of this non-so-secret project in undermining Western Civilization. Muhammed is a product of the Westbrook fencing project in Manhattan, which funds and "trains" inner city black youth in the predominately White sport of fencing.  Westbrook fencers are known for their lack of control, unsportsmanlike behavior and inability to mirror appropriate role models in the sport.  Fencing is considered an "elite" sport of European heritage and is a highly stylized form of ritual combat, which requires both mental and physical finesse and nuance.  Muhammed has been unable to demonstrate either in her fencing "career".  Anther nail in the coffin.  Points to Team Dissolution.

Romance is in the Air14 Valentine's Day Recipes from Home Trends Magazine, including a suggestion for Chocolate Ravioli Hearts for dessert.

An appeal to Reason - Catholic Bishop states "Germany must take in fewer refugees"

From the english language German paper, "The Local" - because the cultural marxists who control the mainstream press will never report on this.  Only those who wish to save Western civilization will.

"As a church we say that we need a reduction in the number of refugees," Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, told the Passauer Neue Presse daily.

Germany cannot "take in all the world's needy," Marx added.

The question of how to respond to the migrant crisis, he asserted, should not solely be a matter of "charity but also reason.""


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Travel Advice - How to counter state seizure of your electronics

Travel advice for those who are travelling.

Yeah, great title, I know.  After reading , one must wonder what risks even a normal, unassuming peasant must face when crossing a border.  Given the acknowledged issues in the article and the impunity with which state forces will take, modify, bug, copy or otherwise violate your person and property, there is something (actually several somethings) you can do about it. (courtesy EFF)

Fisking a UN Technocrats' Defense of the Status Quo ....

The following Fisking of a "Status Quo" article was completed by Team Skiff.  Members of Team Skiff have extensive analytical and "boots on the ground" experience in the region under discussion; one member of Team Skiff has specific and in-depth expertise in Angola.  The technocrat's positions are in regular type; Team Skiff response is in italics, in red.  Suggested "up to speed" readings are also interspersed.

The Article, by Michael Meyer: Falling Oil Prices Possible Cause for Migration

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prepper Roundup: A Review of Posts of Interest to those Getting Ready For "Whatever"

We will be out of pocket today, so here is a reprise of some of our most recent posts that would be of interest to those in the Prepping Community:

When Bugging Out is Not an Option - Part I

When Bugging Out is Not an Option - Part II

When Bugging Out is Not an Option - Part III

Home Defense - A different view: Pest Control
Outlining how pest control management and planning is a significant consideration for SHTF prepping with respect to health.  Especially timely given the recent concerns over the Zika virus invading the southern US this year.

Creative Home Security Ideas
Suggestions to start you off on a journey of creatively repurposing things easily found at your local big box store or online to passively up your home security defenses.

Home and Personal Security, an Ongoing Saga
A look at how other people are reinforcing points of entry inexpensively, and a discussion of the need to guard personal information as a personal security measure.

Starting a SHTF Prepping Garden? A Guide to Hidden Dangers
Starting a garden and learning what to grow in your soil and geographic conditions is an important skill that takes time and patience.  The time to learn is "now", before it becomes necessary!  This introductory post talks about some of the health hazards that most people don't consider when planning their SHTF garden.

Doomsday ... or something else?
Reminder from a military officer on "Lessons Learned" in places where the SHTF, on the benefits of remaining low-key.  Some good suggestions on stealth vehicle plus-ups.

Vehicle Borne IED's (VBIED) and Perimeter Security

An introduction to Counterintelligence
A brief overview of counterintelligence, and why you should begin incorporating these techniques into your daily life and make it part of your daily routine.

SHTF Book Review:  Wolves Among the Sheep by Rev T. Craig Isaacs
A book written principally for churches and ministries, but the information contained on understanding, identifying and mitigating evil and dangerous people to build a safer, more secure personal support network, is of value to prepper families of all types.

SHTF Book Review:  Jim Cobb's "Prepper Home Defense"

SHTF Book Review -- A book to avoid
An honest critique of a popular SHTF e-book, and an explanation of why some of the "advice" isn't good advice at all.

Armored Vehicles for Preppers in a "Come as You Are" SHTF event
Learning to think outside the box for "What If" events

As always, we appreciate your visit and support.  Buying any of the books we have reviewed or completing other shopping through our Amazon portal is greatly appreciated and helps us continue our mission to educate and inform.

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An introduction to Steganography

Answers to Reader Questions: Steganography
"Can you explain steganography in an way that makes sense to someone who doesn't understand cryptography?" 

Well, we'll do our best!

Steganography is one "old school" method of transmitting messages. It means “hidden writing”. Steganography in the digital age involves hiding a message within the data of a picture or other file. Consider if you will the 256 color palette (for simplicity's sake). If each pixel is definable as one of those colors, one can alter the color of individual pixels to “write” a message. The intended reader needs a means then of comparing an incoming picture (for sake of argument, let's say of a cat) to an original. The difference is the message.

"Are You?" ... A Message from the daughters of LaVoy Finicum

h/t WSRA Blog.

~ A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR NEW READERS & SUPPORTERS !! ~ In One Month, We've Hit A 250,000 Milestone !


THANK YOU .... after dusting off the cobwebs, kicking the tires, and awakening the Blog from "sleep mode" in one month, thanks to your support and sharing, we've hit 250,000 new viewers!!  

What a great way to start the New Year !! 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

If You Plan to face Tomorrow .... Do It Soon

Demographics, Oil, Competition for scarce resources and an Unwelcome Surprise for the Developed World?

Demographics is an interesting discipline.  This article with animation shows what the world will gradually look like through 2060.

While most of us grew up in a world where China and India were the massive hordes, take a look at Nigeria in the animated graph.  It is fairly exploding in humanity.  This begs the question of how will Nigeria take care of them all?  That is an interesting question indeed.

Nigeria is a Yugoslavia in the waiting.  Understanding that linguistic groups are an analogue for tribe, the fault lines are clearly drawn.  This is not helped by a north/south division between Islamists and Christians, another layer to this horrific mess.

Paris evicts Roma from slums along railway right of ways

Tensions increased in Paris between socialists who support the squatters and demand full rights, citizenship and privileges for those who live in the camps, and the French Railway corporation, SNCF, which secured another order from the French courts allowing it to dismantle slums which had become public health and safety risks.

Ethnic Muslim seeks to normalize rape culture in USA - Organizing Rape-Planning Meetups

RooshV - WannaBe Rape King

Daryush Valizadeh, aka "RooshV", an American of Iranian ethnicity and founder of the notorious "neomasculine pickup" site (for losers)
has organized a series of "meetups" around the country, where men can discuss how to organize to make rape on "private property" legal.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library: Phantom Soldier- The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower

For those of you who have been with us a while, you will recognize the theme of 4th Generation Warfare as a common refrain.  What I have for you today is a look at H. John Poole's work, "Phantom Soldier- The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower".  It is published by Posterity Press and is copyright 2001.  I am reviewing a first printing of the work here.

Ten LAWFUL Acts of Political Resistance for Liberty Guerillas

A few years ago, my co-blogger Partyzantski had mentioned the self-help book,
"Total Resistance", which is this week's SHTF Self-Education From The Library book review selection in an online "conservative" discussion forum.  Many of the comments from those without any military background or training were negative - they couldn't understand the value of a manual dedicated to "Total Resistance", and found that the guerilla operations information to be unsettling and unhelpful in a "peaceful democracy" like the USA.

Well - things have changed, haven't they?

SHTF Self-Education Series: From the Library - TOTAL RESISTANCE by Maj H. Von Dach


Today, I am compelled by conscience to write a review of a classic treatise on guerrilla warfare and underground operations.  I present to you Maj H. Von Dach's timeless classic, "Total Resistance".  The last guerrilla manual reviewed here was Scott Wimberly's book, "Special Forces Guerrilla Warfare Manual".  While the work of Wimberly is a rich vein of information ore, "Total Resistance" is written from a different perspective and strip mines the ore in a different field.  I will illustrate that in this review, while filling you in on the content and context of the work.  Both books belong on your shelf after you read them, and I will illustrate why- they are complementary works.  They go together like milk and cookies.  While Wimberly's book does not appear to be banned in Germany, Major Von Dach's IS (1)  It may hit too close to home for the comfort of the Frau Merkel apparatchik class.

And so it Begins ...

Most working people - unlike the Soros-front group paid semi-permanent agitators, are unable to spontaneously rally and remain in place "protesting" and confronting law enforcement for weeks on end.  That is a benefit accorded to only to the far Left in this country.  So this protest was a good first start - and is starting to go viral.  You can help by sharing videos like this and creating an organic wave of support and education.

Just because the corporate media is not reporting on it, doesn't mean it's not happening. 

The people of Burns, OR held a sombre candlelight vigil for Robert LaVoy Finicum almost immediately in the aftermath of his murder.  Did that headline any of the major newscasts carried by most cable providers?  If not - ask yourself "Why".

If the trend continues, you will see larger and more vocal protests as the weather warms up.  The citizens have NOT forgotten and will not forget.

Rest in Peace, LaVoy.  Others will pick up the torch and carry on.

Video h/t to Marjorie Haun

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Home Defense - A Different View for SHTF planning

Readers here will recognize the need for appropriate home defense and defense planning.  What is being covered today is something insidious that we all must deal with - invertebrate pests.  They can destroy your property, damage your health and make you miserable.  Being mindful of pest invasions that can put your family's health at risk is a very important strategy for serious preppers to make part of their ongoing "home security" routine.  Pests carry disease that are debilitating to humans and their domesticated pets. Prevention is less expensive and time consuming than treating an infection that results from not attending to pest control management in a thoughtful, timely manner.

Burns Oregon... after LaVoy Finicum, what now?

The killing of LaVoy Finicum is a watershed event in contemporary American history.  It will be many days before any official documents are released, such as diagrams, autopsy reports, toxicology reports and the like.  We as Americans are left with not only a sense of loss, but of a loss for our Country.

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum © The Oregonian / YouTube

Monday, February 1, 2016

Truth, Reconciliation and TRUMP - Not a "True Conservative", but neither is America - Trump Truth on Big Insurance and the Unholy Trinity

This is a continuation of my explanation for the Trump phenomena which most of the official pundit class doesn't understand and therefore, can not adequately address or comment on.

In this post, I will briefly outline that Trump, over and above the partisan pundits of both sides, completely understands and reads the psyche of the modern American voter, and is a brilliant transmitter of shorthand messaging.  I predict that college political science and journalism classes in the future will be using the 2016 primary season as a lesson in target marketing and messaging for years to come.  It will set a new standard and in retrospect, so many will say,
"Of course I saw that coming ...."

Got Entropy? Moar Cryptography and Security Hints for Beginners

My first post an introduction to cryptography leads us to this second post which will get into random numbers (wow, exciting!) which are absolutely essential to crypto.  Most of what we see in computer programs and on calculators, as well as statistical programs is pseudo-random numbers from a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG).  What is really needed to ensure randomness is a hardware random number generator (HWRNG).  What is the difference between the two and sources of quality entropy is the topic addressed here.

Monday Morning Roundup

Tensions between native German citizens, demonized by the left wing press as "far-right extremists" continue to escalate as they clashed with pro-dissolution socialists and migrants over the government's response to the violent Hegira now overwhelming western Europe.  On Friday, a grenade was thrown over the fence at a shelter housing muslim arrivals, and on Saturday a protest was marked by escalating tensions between those who want the invasion stopped and those who are supportive of the dissolution of native Europeans on their own soil.

Chinpo Shipping was fined $72,000 when the ship Chong Chon Gang was stopped transiting the Panama Canal for suspicion of drug trafficking.  Instead, illegal arms were found hidden underneath 10,000 tonnes of sugar.  The slap on the wrist was meant to be a "deterrence" to prevent further breaches of UN sanctions.

Liberty Rising:  Legislators in West Virginia are considering changes to state laws that will ease current restrictions on families that choose to homeschool their children.  Democrats hate the bill, arguing without facts that "homeschoolers are allowed to run wild". 

Everything must be politicized:  Bon Appetit reports African and Middle Eastern spices and ancient grains are the "hot new trends" for foodies.