Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Big Failures of Progressive Public Policy based on "Feelings" .... THAT STILL GET FUNDED !!

There are many, many examples of Progressivism idealistic meddling that sounds very good as outlined in a White Paper or passionately advocated for in an academic seminar or think tank, but which are utter failures in the real world and an unacceptable frittering away of hard-earned resources by already overburdened taxpayers.

Even though these programs have been empirically demonstrated time and time again to be failures and expensive boondoggles, they continue to be not only funded, but often expanded.  That's because public policy spending isn't about problem solving or improving the quality of life for the citizens; it's about expanding power through control of resources and maintaining an otherwise unjustifiable patronage system.

Here are 5 of the Top Biggest Failures of Progressive Public Policy based on "Feelings", not evidence, and even though proven to be huge waste of resources, still get funded!

1.  Headstart

2.  "Mandatory Schooling" (Part I)

"Compulsory schooling" was advocated as a way of ending child labor exploitation; however, the true purpose was to indoctrinate the children of the lower working classes to be content with a lifetime of dull, repetitive work and temper their ambitions.

Part II - Mandatory Schooling is Failing because we don't spend enough Money!!

3.  Welfare will end poverty in our lifetimes

4.  Immigrants add  a net benefit to the GDP and economic growth of the country

"Not all immigrants are created equal"

5. Establishment of a privately held private bank, The Federal Reserve, will end the boom-bust cycle of inflation and deflation.

Keep in mind these are just 5 public policy shibboleths, and that there are many more, as well as a wide body of literature to back up the claim that Progressivism is a failure.

And yet, Bernie Sanders largest constituency is millenials.

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