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A Review of the The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Report

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I was asked by a concerned Reader to look into the OIG report on Hillary Clinton's email fiasco and provide my impressions.  It may interest the audience to know that the newest OIG report, while "Googlable", is not listed at

There is THIS, but it only alluded to failure of the SecState FOIA process and general non-responsiveness of the institution.  The current report, after looking far and wide, is not readily findable.  Maybe I have to go on Tor and find it in the lower colon of the internet, I'd rather not do that.  It may have to do with it being in the DoJ/FBI orbit about a current issue that is keeping it sub rosa.  So, I present you with this eye bleach moment:

In looking for a solid discussion of the report and the issues at hand, there is no better source than this document by Judicial Watch. Go to the link and enter some data, download the report and read it for yourself.  It covers the subject in depth with knowledgeable people who broke this story by looking into the Benghazi attack that killed 4 brave Americans.

This document does not offer a plausible reason to fisk it and go paragraph by paragraph in rebuttal, as it is just flat out well done and sensible.  The whole document IS a rebuttal to an ossified, sclerotic bureaucracy that a group of principled Attorneys managed to break open by forcing the system to live up to at least some of its obligations.  As such, any commentary that I would provide would be mere distraction from the message.  Go read it all.  Give them a few shekels if you can.  Get the message out.  Some choice excerpts from the Panel discussion held by Judicial Watch on March 31st, 2015 are in order... hard to imagine that this has dragged on that long, but here we are.

The key paragraph and revelation for me came from the section where Joseph DiGenova spoke about a "forthwith subpoena".  I had no idea such a thing existed!  He took part in the only one EVER issued, during a corrupt union investigation, which provides context for this (all italics, bolding and color selections are my own and are not in the original document):
"A forthwith subpoena says, “Give it to me.”  It means, “You turn it over right now.”  It is not a search warrant, but it is just as good under the law, because if you don’t comply, you better have a good reason. A forthwith subpoena from the House of Representatives was the first one ever issued by the House in history.  I then called the U.S. attorney the next day and asked again, “Will you turn over the tapes?”  The answer was the same … no.  So I replied by pointing out their two choices: “You can turn over the tapes to the two agents who are in the outer limits of your office, or tomorrow morning, on the floor of House of Representatives, you will be held in contempt of Congress.  You make the decision.  You have five minutes.”  We got the tapes." -Joe DiGenova

 "At Judicial Watch we have seen this story before.  During the Clinton administration, we were told by a White House whistle blower that some 1.8 million emails were not being managed properly in the White House and were not being searched in response to subpoenas and document requests. (Our requests for information at that time were focused on the mishandling of FBI files by Hillary Clinton and the White House.)
The Office of Independent Counsel investigations were particularly impacted by the failure to look at those records; and it turned into a big mess, for when the problem was raised with White House officials, those expressing concern were told that if they mentioned it to anyone, they would lose their jobs and go to jail..."

"So we asked, “Where did you search and what did you search?” 
We then heard from the Justice Department in December, essentially telling us there were “some other things” they may need to look at; and, in February, the Justice Department told the court in a filing in that case, “We gave Judicial Watch everything, but there may be other things we need to look at.” What Judicial Watch — and the court — was not told is that they hadn’t searched Hillary Clinton’s email accounts and the email accounts of any other employee that were part of Mrs. Clinton’s secret email system."

"We need to recognize this is a scandal not just about Mrs. Clinton.  It is a scandal about the State Department.  It is a scandal about the Justice Department and about the Obama White House.  It is a scandal about the failures of Congress to conduct effective oversight.  It is also a scandal about the lack of interest by the media and by government institutions charged with enforcing the law in making sure there is at least enough of an element of accountability that a Secretary of State would not dare to do what Mrs. Clinton has done."

"What this amounts to is a flouting, if not an outright violation, of the Federal Records Act, because the Federal Records Act basically says to all agencies and all federal agency employees, “You have an obligation to take some steps to preserve things for posterity; and you cannot preserve something that doesn’t exist to begin with.”  So the first obligation under the Federal Records Act is to memorialize agency action."

"We cannot have our government systematically attacking and trying to repress points of view it doesn’t agree with."

I URGE all readers to go to, download the report and read it for yourselves.  Save a copy of the .pdf in case it gets "404'd".  Remember, this report does not cover much past the beginnings of her email scandal breaking.  It is far, far more serious at this point in time.

If you would like additional copies of the report please contact:

Judicial Watch
425 Third Street SW
Suite 800 Washington, DC  20024
Tel: (202) 646-5172
FAX: (202) 646-5199

Written by author Partyzantski, retired USMC field grade Intelligence Officer (0202) with extensive field experience as both a Collections and Security Manager of highly classified and sensitive material.

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