Wednesday, February 3, 2016

And so it Begins ...

Most working people - unlike the Soros-front group paid semi-permanent agitators, are unable to spontaneously rally and remain in place "protesting" and confronting law enforcement for weeks on end.  That is a benefit accorded to only to the far Left in this country.  So this protest was a good first start - and is starting to go viral.  You can help by sharing videos like this and creating an organic wave of support and education.

Just because the corporate media is not reporting on it, doesn't mean it's not happening. 

The people of Burns, OR held a sombre candlelight vigil for Robert LaVoy Finicum almost immediately in the aftermath of his murder.  Did that headline any of the major newscasts carried by most cable providers?  If not - ask yourself "Why".

If the trend continues, you will see larger and more vocal protests as the weather warms up.  The citizens have NOT forgotten and will not forget.

Rest in Peace, LaVoy.  Others will pick up the torch and carry on.

Video h/t to Marjorie Haun

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Abe said...

start #WeareallLaVoyFinicum or something similiar. Time to get the word out