Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Morning Round Up

German Army announces its new camoflage pattern can "fool night vision" technologies.

Democrats experienced a setback in the Virginia state legislature with the endorsement of a bill (along party lines) that would allow electrocution in death penalty cases if legal injection is not available.  Democrats seek to overturn the death penalty in Virginia and make Life Without Parole the only option for violent offenders.

US Sabre Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammed will be the first female to compete in the Olympic games wearing a hijab, fulfilling a multi-year goal of the cultural marxists in both the US Fencing Association and the larger International Olympic Committee and confirming the depth of corruption in both organizations.  Far from being an "inspiration" and a "role model", Muhammed represents the dividing line between civilization and barbarianism.  Anyone who has observed Muhammed has witnessed a fencer who is unable to control herself either emotionally or physically (throwing mask and weapons without penalties) and the corrupt maneuvering of officials to ensure that Muhammed wins matches that are necessary for the overall advancement of this non-so-secret project in undermining Western Civilization. Muhammed is a product of the Westbrook fencing project in Manhattan, which funds and "trains" inner city black youth in the predominately White sport of fencing.  Westbrook fencers are known for their lack of control, unsportsmanlike behavior and inability to mirror appropriate role models in the sport.  Fencing is considered an "elite" sport of European heritage and is a highly stylized form of ritual combat, which requires both mental and physical finesse and nuance.  Muhammed has been unable to demonstrate either in her fencing "career".  Anther nail in the coffin.  Points to Team Dissolution.

Romance is in the Air14 Valentine's Day Recipes from Home Trends Magazine, including a suggestion for Chocolate Ravioli Hearts for dessert.

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