Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

Tensions between native German citizens, demonized by the left wing press as "far-right extremists" continue to escalate as they clashed with pro-dissolution socialists and migrants over the government's response to the violent Hegira now overwhelming western Europe.  On Friday, a grenade was thrown over the fence at a shelter housing muslim arrivals, and on Saturday a protest was marked by escalating tensions between those who want the invasion stopped and those who are supportive of the dissolution of native Europeans on their own soil.

Chinpo Shipping was fined $72,000 when the ship Chong Chon Gang was stopped transiting the Panama Canal for suspicion of drug trafficking.  Instead, illegal arms were found hidden underneath 10,000 tonnes of sugar.  The slap on the wrist was meant to be a "deterrence" to prevent further breaches of UN sanctions.

Liberty Rising:  Legislators in West Virginia are considering changes to state laws that will ease current restrictions on families that choose to homeschool their children.  Democrats hate the bill, arguing without facts that "homeschoolers are allowed to run wild". 

Everything must be politicized:  Bon Appetit reports African and Middle Eastern spices and ancient grains are the "hot new trends" for foodies.

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