Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

The first train travelling 5,900 miles in the initial leg towards recreating the infamous "Silk Road" arrived in Tehran, Iran from China, laden with 32 containers of Chinese manufactured goods. “The revival of the Silk Road is crucial for the countries on its route,” the head of the Iranian railway company said at a ceremony at Tehran’s rail station attended by the ambassadors of China and Turkmenistan.

Merkel alone: Germany finds itself isolated as allies shut their borders to the influx of asylum seekers from North Africa and the MidEast. French PM Manuel Valls said Saturday that the mood in France was "not favourable" to Merkel's call for a permanent quota system. "Europe cannot take in all the migrants from Syria, Iraq or Africa," Valls told German media. "It has to regain control over its borders, over its migration or asylum policies."

TIGER 21 survey of High Net Worth Individuals (assets of $10M or more) shows a shift in allocation of funds from public to private equities, a rejection of fixed income sources, and hoarding cash in anticipation of buying assets for pennies on the dollar in the event of a major economic breakdown.

In spite of Lent, Google Trends shows cupcake recipes the rising search trend for food/recipes. (up 700%). 

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You always pick such interesting "tidbits". I learn so much here.