Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

"Europe's Fumbled Refugee Crisis, In Four Charts"  Even Bloomberg had to admit, "Fences Work".  Only 4 out of 10 are from Syrian, the balance are other economic refugees who see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exploit a regional crisis into a Western lifestyle of comfort and economic security that they have not contributed to, nor do they have the skills to make any meaningful contribution to.  Europeans are already existentially aware that these recent arrivals are not only incapable of assimilating into Western culture and ethos, they are actively opposed to doing so.

The Big Lie Continues.  The Master of the Big Lie, the Russian press, reports that the Russian middle class (identified as a person with at least secondary special education, non-physical employment and an average income level for their residence and identity) have not felt the effects of the economic crisis.

Active Pushback against the "Black Lives Matter" faux front for yet more Soros funded chaos continues.  Politically, Trump responds that "All Lives Matter", and Clinton has Black Lives Matter activists removed from a campaign stop by police.

Foodies claim Koji is one of the next big food trends for 2016.  Rice that has been deliberately inoculated with Koji mold to ferment, yielding a "funky, fatty umami flavor" without added salt, sugar or oil.

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