Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prepper Roundup: A Review of Posts of Interest to those Getting Ready For "Whatever"

We will be out of pocket today, so here is a reprise of some of our most recent posts that would be of interest to those in the Prepping Community:

When Bugging Out is Not an Option - Part I

When Bugging Out is Not an Option - Part II

When Bugging Out is Not an Option - Part III

Home Defense - A different view: Pest Control
Outlining how pest control management and planning is a significant consideration for SHTF prepping with respect to health.  Especially timely given the recent concerns over the Zika virus invading the southern US this year.

Creative Home Security Ideas
Suggestions to start you off on a journey of creatively repurposing things easily found at your local big box store or online to passively up your home security defenses.

Home and Personal Security, an Ongoing Saga
A look at how other people are reinforcing points of entry inexpensively, and a discussion of the need to guard personal information as a personal security measure.

Starting a SHTF Prepping Garden? A Guide to Hidden Dangers
Starting a garden and learning what to grow in your soil and geographic conditions is an important skill that takes time and patience.  The time to learn is "now", before it becomes necessary!  This introductory post talks about some of the health hazards that most people don't consider when planning their SHTF garden.

Doomsday ... or something else?
Reminder from a military officer on "Lessons Learned" in places where the SHTF, on the benefits of remaining low-key.  Some good suggestions on stealth vehicle plus-ups.

Vehicle Borne IED's (VBIED) and Perimeter Security

An introduction to Counterintelligence
A brief overview of counterintelligence, and why you should begin incorporating these techniques into your daily life and make it part of your daily routine.

SHTF Book Review:  Wolves Among the Sheep by Rev T. Craig Isaacs
A book written principally for churches and ministries, but the information contained on understanding, identifying and mitigating evil and dangerous people to build a safer, more secure personal support network, is of value to prepper families of all types.

SHTF Book Review:  Jim Cobb's "Prepper Home Defense"

SHTF Book Review -- A book to avoid
An honest critique of a popular SHTF e-book, and an explanation of why some of the "advice" isn't good advice at all.

Armored Vehicles for Preppers in a "Come as You Are" SHTF event
Learning to think outside the box for "What If" events

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