Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A brief comment on the ongoing revelations regarding the killing of LaVoy Finicum

     To start this off, understand that the FBI's "HRT" (aka "Hostage Roasting Team") does not operate in a vacuum.  By this, I am not talking about an orbital path, I am talking about command climate - the leadership atmosphere that the HRT operates within.  All leadership positions provide the opportunity for the leader to shape the mood and temper of his or her workers (for lack of a better term, let's call them that).

     A command climate or leadership atmosphere is a fickle thing.  It may provide a sustaining wind that allows each to achieve their best, or it may operate more along the lines of that around Henry II
         "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?"                                                                                    
Such an environment and climate may lead the worker bees to assume what the leadership wants and act out upon those assumptions.

     In the case of the 5 LEO who lit up LaVoy Finicum, inquiring minds would ask about this issue.  That sworn LEO would lie, waffle and hide their actions is not a confidence builder.  Sadly, this is not an isolated case as the Federal Regime continues to autodelegitimize itself.  Would a leader create and feed an environment where agents/LEO were encouraged in many small ways to make the mental leap to extrajudicial kill squad?  Would the leader be held responsible?  How?  If they never "gave the green light", but set up an environment where people such as LaVoy Finicum were (and are) marginalized, dehumanized, other-ized and victimized... would you or I as the public ever know it?

     There are many parallels in the Henry II / Thomas Beckett story.  You are a literate and creative bunch, half the joy is in finding them oneself.  I posit that a similar situation may have prevailed in Oregon, as well as across the entirety of Leviathan.  These are weighty issues and deserve your consideration.  If this is the correct (or close enough) interpretation of the fact pattern at the macro level, We as a people are now in post-Weimar Germany.  Watch the words and compare with the actions.  Do they match?  Is someone pissing on your leg and telling you that it's raining?

     Is it conceivable that the "shooters and looters" were deniably encouraged?  Is it realistic that the HRT made the mental leap on their own to become a kill squad?  Will so-called "leadership" hang them out to dry?  Is it a plan to start some deep unrest?  In this, given that there is some history in American politics where inconvenient people end up permanently inconvenienced (reference the term "Arkancide") and at ambient temperature, pray for the safety and even handed justice that the HRT deserves, not the cold blooded fate that they delivered unto LaVoy Finicum. America deserves better, but we need better Americans than thinly disguised political assassins with badges on the ramparts.

"Death Squads in Global Perspective:  Murder with deniability"


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Arkindole said...

Good points that should be considered. It relates to motives of one team relative to the other.

Sometimes, however, there is a limit to what social psychology and social dynamic theory can accomplish in the classroom. In reality, it is post hoc analysis; behavior theories are never predictive. Ask any psychology department in a college of science--the dean doesn't want them there.

Thomas Kuhn correctly made this observation; there are only two paradigms in psychology. Those being reinforcement theory and psychoanalytic theory. Both specify at their core that the killings of Levoy should be met with equal justice against the offenders. The outcome of which will establish a "mutual assured" state between opponents--sooner or later.

That's the way it works when people don't overthink things. Consider thousands of years of culture that can be recalled by the manner in which it works.

The festival of "Pig Slaughter" in the Tsembaga tribe of New Guinea marks the time on the calendar when internal restrictions on warfare are removed. War with neighboring clans breaks out almost immediately, and conflict usually continues for a year. The main objective of warfare is to redress past grievances, and conflict continues as each side attempts to "get even." Inevitably, warfare does not produce the desired results, and the warring parties negotiate a temporary truce. The Tsembaga may experience 12% fatalities by the time the truce is declared. The truce allows them to return to routine life. Internal restrictions against warfare are reinstated, and they apply until the next pig festival.
Roy Rappaport, Pigs for the Ancestors

The so-called behavioral theories that are analyzed by Psyop experts are the very same theories that have attenuated a balance of justice and prevented what must ultimately be done to balance forces. Artificial constrains on R-complex emotions and behaviors.

It's getting to the point where we are overthinking what a black and white painting really means.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Taking out the Spokesperson who was making gains in educating the public was an "unspoken expectation" with "plausible deniability".

Emily Grace said...

An official investigation into the fatal shooting of Oregon militia leader LaVoy Finicum has raised questions about whether federal agents lied about their actions and removed bullet casings from the scene, adding to accusations that the FBI engaged in a cover-up.