Monday, March 14, 2016


     One of the comments by Prognomore on the recent column "Trump, Chicago and Rahm-bo" struck a hidden chord. 

 "Donald J. Trump truly took his message and his supporters to the very doorstep of his fiercest, most insidious opposition, and the country is all the better for having some light shed into the morass that ferments in Chicago and wants to infect the entire country"

I realized that what Trump did in Chicago was as audacious in politics in the mold of air strikes into Hanoi on December 26, 1972.  Here is a clip with actual transmissions from Lilac 02, a B-52 taking part in that raid.  Listen to the cool intent in face of the world's most heavily defended airspace

In this, Trump going to Chicago was exactly like the Hanoi raids of Christmas 1972 - they forced a political solution.  At 09:05/06, you can see the strings of high explosive rippling off the racks.  We are at that point in American history today, between ordnance rippling off the racks and the gravity powered aftermath.  As immutable as gravity is, so is Donald Trump.

What the American political scene from now until November will probably closely resemble this somewhat more chaotic segment from the same mission:

What I want the reader to take away from this is that we are in a titanic struggle for the future of the Republic.  There will be casualties in careers as well as other, more final ways.  Do not underestimate the gravity of the times, for they are a'changin.

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