Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

The Long March continues ... China checks off another item on their "Must Do" List, and fulfills a 15 year long dream to secure a majority stake in the coveted US domestic market, with the Chinese-owned conveniently Western-sounding "Haier" group completing the purchase of GE Appliances.  However, the true motivation for the purchase comes at the end of the article:
"The price tag also makes sense from a foreign exchange perspective, said Zhou Qun, general manager of the China business consultancy GfK China.
“Haier sees overseas acquisitions as its most efficient investment,” he said. “The U.S. dollar is likely to rise more, so it’s reasonable for Haier to spend US$ 5.4 billion.”  No word on a future "taxpayer cash for (appliance) clunkers" program just yet.

Barbarians inside the gate:  three men (no further physical descriptions provided) were arrested for a murder in an "asylum center" in the central Swedish town of Lindesburg. 
"Three men, all aged 25-30, are suspected of murder after the victim was stabbed in the throat. Police declined to release the nationalities of the casualty or the three alleged attackers."

 The Awakening is slowing down the complete capitulation to evil.  SFC Martland, a US Army NCO who witnessed the rape of a young boy while deployed to Afghanistan has earned a temporary reprieve and has until May 1st to argue against his dismissal from active duty.

Now that some parts of the US are enjoying warmer weather, thoughts turn to outside grilling.  "Inside Out" burgers are always a favorite.  I make mine with bacon, sharp cheddar and roasted garlic cloves.  Burgers need a high fat content grind, otherwise they dry out - and, it's important to not handle the meat too much when forming the patties.

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