Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Morning Roundup

As the economic situation continues to devolve in Venezuela, an opinion piece published in El Universal theorizes that Leftist hegemony in Latin America is tied to the cyclical nature of commodity prices and a "reset" to open market reforms and a reversal of socialist policies is predictable.

Corruption in the "Refugee Resettlement" scam knows no bounds; a Chaldean Catholic priest confesses he gambled away $500,000 intended for refugee resettlement expenses.  He was whisked away to a "rehabilitation centre" that markets its services to fallen priests.  How such serious moral corruption is to be resolved in "several days" of "voluntary treatment" remains to be seen. 
Saudi Arabia doubles its land holdings in the Palo Verde area of California as part of its long term food security strategy, setting off fierce debate over water usage and water rights in the parched California and Southwest regions.

Easter/Passover season brings with it recipes for classic comfort food, including crispy potato latkes.

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