Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump, Chicago and Rahm-bo

The 2016 Presidential Campaign is beyond being a poker match, it is approaching 3D Chess in complexity and depth.

The Progressive People's Militia (what else would you call it?), which is composed of dozens of front organizations and controlled by a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy (plain as day to those who can see, and read...) is admitted to in public forums, by communists who see no need to keep it covert any more:

Given that it is openly acknowledged that dozens of groups and thousands of people were organized by an overarching construct, this should concern Americans.  The grinding of the wheel of history can be heard in the background - if it is not sending chills down your spine, I don't know what to tell you.

However, in keeping with the "You can't STUMP the Trump" clips, the protests may have been judo flipped against the communist organizers.  How so?  In reading the mood of the population.  Trump gains supporters every time they see some angerclown with no job acting like a crybully in the public domain.  The actions of the protesters reinforces to Trump supporters and generates within the still undecided a sense of anxiety that drives them further towards what they perceive as the best odds of stability, security and a reasonable shot at prosperity.

This is all taking place in an environment of economic disaster, institutional discrimination against blue collar white males specifically and knock on effect oppression and even suppression of white families (wives of those blue collar men and their children).  America has seen decades of this.  It started slowly, then has almost gone moon-shot asymptotic during the last 8 years.

Into that milieu, the protesters descended upon the Trump rally in Chicago.  Chicago is not a friendly town for Republicans, or Donald Trump.  The cultural miasma that chokes Chicago in layers of swirling crime on the streets are reflected in the halls of power that are lorded over by Rahm Emmanuel.  Consider this - do you think that such large protests (thousands, dozens of groups) could be planned, assembled and mobilized without at least a nod from Rahm Emmanuel?  If such events can happen and he did NOT know of it, then his days in office are numbered as a more professional and capable Communist power broker be ushered in by the DNC.

How would Rahm have known about all this?  He would have gotten the folded note from DNC central or ValJar of what was going on.  Perhaps as a "writ of assistance", where he would be obliged to provide support for the larger cause that he has ridden astride for so long.  Perhaps he even was in on the planning sessions, knowing that such a day was coming.

The judo flip of the event by Trump has several aspects to it that deserve attention.  The most glaring is that Chicago is deemed so out of control, so dangerous that Trump cannot go there like a normal candidate.  This reflects very badly upon Rahm Emmanuel and the Chicago branch of International Communism.  Can any official even guarantee the safety of Trump or his supporters?

Why is this not an issue for the other "contenders"?  Good question.

They either CANNOT control the violent, seething crowds or they CAN.  If they CAN control it, it means that they are behind the planning and execution of the embarrassing travesty that unfolded on television and across teh innerwebs.  If they CANNOT, we are in a wholly uncharted territory.  The scenario where they lack the will or ability to control the lumpenproletariat masses of useful idiots is the more concerning of the two.

The visual presented to the world is not a good one.  Here is a video from the past as a point of comparison (Chicago 1968 riots)

And here is something else that may offer a visual from the past (October Revolution) that may offer a glimpse of things to come in America.  It really is not too far a mental leap.  The fear in this old picture is palpable as people flee for their lives.

Let us compare and contrast the known chaos and abject suffering of the past with the even, measured tones of Donald Trump as he cooly deals with issues:

There are several branches of what the planned events can become.  Although I may miss some wild card event or chain of events, consider the possibility of and likelihood of each of the following:

1)  Events as seen reflect genuine conflict between the entrenched establishment political structure and a bona fide insurgent Donald Trump.  The conflict is heating up and has manifested in the fictional report of a killing of a black Trump supporter in Chicago by "parties unknown" that quickly started to become viral in social media. It is telling that there are entities out there that find it necessary to plant such memes into the collective conscious (most people do not take the time to verify sources - if it's in print, or "on the internet", they accept it as factual at face value) and the undercurrent of warning that is implicit in such a "news story".  How many people will believe (incorrectly) that a "black man was killed for being a Trump supporter"?  The waters are becoming increasingly murky, and citizens need to be cautious and discerning if they are to wade successfully through the false narrative and psy ops land mines that are clearly being laid down.

2)  In the interest of full analysis, is it possible that Trump is merely part of the larger establishment, and is being used as a foil to lend some legitimacy to the so-called "electoral process".  In such case, is he pre-selected to take a dive?  Or, is he to be the selected shape shifter to assume the office if Hillary gets indicted?

3)  Assuming Donald trump is a legitimate insurgent candidate, and that Hillary is the pre-selected nominee for the Democrats and what we see playing out is indeed a legitimate contesting for political power, the GOP establishment will run against their frontrunner with some plausible loser like Mittens Romney.  Expect a brokered convention, followed by the terminal shattering of the GOP... followed by the evaporation of the DNC.... replaced by something monolithic and sinister that will probably mimic the Stalin era (and all that it implies).

I ask each of you to keep your head on a swivel and take note of what is going on with these events.  Do what you can, where you can to help America avoid a slide into state-run terror against its own people.  I have a gut wrenching feeling that we are already seeing that.  Whether we recognize it or not is up to us. As Trump has now used this event to gather yet more free publicity, show the system to be anti-American and as well reinforce his message with his adherents to garner yet more support, the 3D chess match is more like this...

If you are interested in 3D Chess, understand that in your lifetime, you probably will not be able to play enough games of it to determine if you are getting better at it or not.  I suggest something more useful, such as this set like I used to use in school:

Tournament play needs timers like this, which also keep recreational games from taking all day.

Post script- a note for parents:  Chess is an excellent tool to teach young minds the basics of long range planning.  It is far more than a game, it is a tool to sculpt young minds to have depth and complexity way beyond their peers.  If you don't play, now is the time to learn.  Teach your children.  It is a transferrable mental operating system that will give them an advantage in what is coming... As such, it is pretty inexpensive and a way to give outlet to competitive drives and gain a sense of achievement.

Political Analysis authored by StopShoutingBlog contributor and #FAB50 Blog Award Winner Partyzantski, coolest cat on teh inner webs, retired Mustang, former FID embedded military Advisor, SASO trainer and scenario developer, Electronic Warfare Aviator, PME instructor, certified Force Protection and Anti-terrorism officer and combat seasoned USMC (0202) field grade intelligence officer. When not blogging or maintaining weapons proficiency at the range, he enjoys cat herding and travel to off-the-beaten-track locales. You can follow him on Twitter @Partyzantski  

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Anonymous said...

Great analysis.

One personality generally overlooked in the Chicago mess - because he wanted it overlooked - is probable ghost-writer of President Obama's bestseller "Dreams of my Father" . Well after co-founding the Weatherman, he had a long career in academia that allowed him to become a "retired professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago"

How it must have enraged him that those of us at the end of the line attempting to redeem our tickets for a seat at that rally to support our candidate were directed to snake back and forth for hours one block east of the UIC Pavilion around and in between the College of Education buildings at UIC!

Donald J. Trump truly took his message and his supporters to the very doorstep of his fiercest, most insidious opposition, and the country is all the better for having some light shed into the morass that ferments in Chicago and wants to infect the entire country.

Ward Dorrity said...

Fascinating analysis. Things are certainly not as they appear; most media and organs are completely untrustworthy and unreliable.

Gravy said...

I live near Shitcago. While I did not go to the rally, I'll submit two forms of evidence that Emmanuel was knowledgeable and complicit with the protests.

On Friday am on WGN news, the coverage of the rally briefly mentioned Trump was in town, but then proceeded with an entire report on the protests, complete with actual on-the-ground interviews with protesters. I heard reports that implicated the other network channels for similar coverage. The local media was responsible for promoting the protests, surely not without the approval of our Landlord, and maybe by his personal directive.

I talked with a retired LE officer who attended the rally. He was there early and ended-up in the fourth row. He reported that the police/security at UIC were not scanning tickets for entry. "Anybody with a piece of paper was let in." Being an expert on profiling, he claimed there were dozens of protesters inside the rally, and that the situation was ripe for fights. The police, of course, are always under orders, and in a case like this the orders surely ran the hierarchy right to the top.

IMO, these protests were approved if not directed by Emmanuel, and promoted by the communists that control all of our local media.

Stop shouting... said...

@Gravy: Thanks for your feedback. I hope we can collate some more field reports.

Keith Pearson said...

Secondcitycop (blogspot dot com, he's a Chicago cop) had a report that the officers assigned the event had a surprisingly small number of officers there, no riot gear, no pepper gas, etc. The on site commander repeatedly insisted 'no arrests', even as people are assaulted, car windows smashed, cops assaulted, and ambulances prevented from access. He and other local cops were *pissed*.